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  1. For the first time in the award show’s history, less than a million people watched the 2021 Video Music Awards on MTV. The ratings dip brought the 2021 VMAs -- held last weekend in Brooklyn, N.Y. -- to an all-time low of 900,000 viewers on MTV, though overall viewership was several million thanks to the ceremony being aired on 13 channels in total. Before the "M" in MTV ceased to stand for “music,” the VMAs was a gigantic ratings spectacle for decades. The awards show racked up its highest rating in 2011 with 12.4 million viewers tuning in, beating its previous record of 11.95 million in 2002. https://loudwire.com/2021-mtv-vmas-lowest-ratings-history-social-media-smash/
  2. Her case is so very sad. She also started out as a child star so her parents dug into her finances back when she was underage.
  3. A lot of artists choose to not show their personal side with their fans. Britney was very open with us from the start and even wanted her career to get to a more personal level. We know very personal details about her through the media whether Britney liked it or not. Recently she chose again to hear her out on a personal level when she asked for an open hearing. It is completely healthy to discuss her personal life especially when one of those discussions led the courts to investigate her cship, however it is completely wrong to spam her comments with "pre-nup." That's similar to how Taylors instagram was spammed with snake comments.
  4. I don't see how looking out for her best interests is hurting her. She always showed support for the free britney fans. If something was the matter she would have commented about it. Her taking a break from Instagram was a long time coming. Sh'e enjoying her moment so just let her enjoy it.
  5. I stopped reading at Sam's friend. Do you really think she wasn't prepared for the pre-nup comments? Her deciding to deactivate her account was a long time coming. I doubt that all of a sudden she decided to deactivate her account just because of some pre-nup comments when she had worst things said to her on her account in the past. Dont fall for "Sam's friend"
  6. Bryan needs a lot more than Popeyes as comfort food to cope with the trash that he is.
  7. I have a feeling that the movement gave her the push that she needed because without it she probably already came to terms with the cship being in place forever. It's similar to when someone gets forced into human trafficking. They adopt that identity because that's all they're forced to know. Don't think that Britney's finances weren't controlled back when she first came out and made her millions when she was underage and in control of her parents. Her parents groomed her from an early age so Britney didn't know any better. When the movement caused the courts to have a hearing was when the door opened for her to get out. Many children go through a similar situation as we are all sponges that absorb everything at that age that I think Britney it touching on with that article. Children are all influenced by the ones around them like their parents or friends. I can relate to that because as a kid it was really hard to find my identity especially when there were bad influences around me. You just got to remember that you're your own person and as Britney said it best when asked in an interview what she would tell her younger self which was to be true to (ones)self.
  8. Good for her! A prenup is the best thing and it doesn't mean that Sam won't get anything if the relationship doesn't work out. She could put in clauses that allow Sam to get some money depending on if they have any kids and how long they stay with each other.
  9. I'm so over the moon happy for her. She looks GLOWING. Everything's just happening so quick
  10. I really would have liked her to be a free woman without any commitments after the cship. Him trying to snag her post cship doesn't sit well with me.
  11. Honestly Circus - Glory part 2 don't count. Hope they just name it Glory: B Side and get it over with.
  12. I hope not. I hope that it's just a B Side release that Britney has nothing to do with. We don't want to give RCA anymore money.
  13. This is the best for RCA too. They were enablers of team con. If they put their foot down then team con wouldn't have been so brave. Britney is letting them off the hook too easily but at least this way she can move onto a new label.
  14. I like seeing her be normal and do normal things especially without a bodyguard or bf.
  15. It looks too representative of how she was treated in the cship which is probably why they didn't officially release it. Plus she looks like Katy Perry here.
  16. I wonder why she just looks and smiles at the camera at the end of the performance instead of what she did in the rehearsal. She was definitely trolling us. I feel like that was her version of this gif
  17. Wow she was really dedicated to her craft back then. I just know if her label let her release OG and let her creative direct her art she would have continued to bring this level of work.
  18. Now this is a performance! So much thought and effort went into this. The camera crew used many different angles. No one shot was the same as another. The end product was pure bliss and now I can appreciate that even more than I did before watching this. I can now hear everyone involved holding their breaths for the final performance.
  19. The outfit was good, but the camera angle that was pointing up towards her made her look like she had a belly. Whoever directer that show should never work again. The camera should have been strait ahead of her or slightly above her like with normal televised performances.
  20. I'm sorry she was just posing a lot and making random thrusts. Some aspects could have been kept, but this was not the performance for her.
  21. 1. The choreography sucked no matter what. 2. The long hair changes EVERYTHING. She was serving here. She wasn't feeling herself with the short hair in the official performance.
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