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  1. I think Hawaii probably has a lot of Cship memories for her… there are stories of her being super controlled by her team there. It was one of the only vacation spots she could go to bc the conservatorship was extended to Hawaii. She seemed much more excited in her recent trip since she actually got to choose where to go.
  2. I think it’s one of her best songs and a basically perfect pop song
  3. When did he say that? More recently I saw him saying on TikTok they saw her pretty often. Was that a live from 2020?
  4. Other than when they were really little (and even then) their life with their mother probably involved going to so many shows and having the cship listen to their convos and paparazzi showing everything she does. Like their mom has been in a cship since they were toddlers. So they probably do associate their normal every day life being with Kevin. Although I know during Vegas she went home to them all the time. I think there is a lot we don’t see about her relationship with her kids, and Jayden recently said on a TikTok they see her a lot and she’s happy. Hopefully she gets to have another kid if she wants and live the full family lifestyle.
  5. I’m not a kfed fan (who is) but it’s very possible he’s become a better father since 2008, just like I bet Britney has become a better mother. At least he seems very involved with his kids lives and they seem to have turned out pretty well.
  6. Yeah but Britney has 35M followers and everything she does/posts is in the tabloids. That’s way different than some of her more dedicated and online fans circulating these pictures among themselves. That’s like maybe a few thousand people max vs 35M+ and global reach
  7. Yes exactly this! I totally understand the feeling of wanting Britney to be the same person she was in the early 2000s, that we have this image of the perfect pop princess. But it’s not up to us. Britney is Britney and she posts weird **** sometimes. She’s been through a lot in her life. I can tell a lot of fans are struggling to admit to themselves that the image of Britney they have would post something like this. But it’s just an Instagram post.
  8. What tabloids do with the posts Britney makes herself is not really worth worrying about. It’s annoying yeah but it’s not going to affect her legal case, and it’s pictures and captions she’s putting out there by choice. It’s not worth worrying what others think about her, there’s always going to be people trying to make her look bad and unhinged.
  9. If you really think Britney didn’t post this you’re in for a rude awakening
  10. There won’t be an official transcript for at least a few weeks. It takes a while for the court to post them on the docket because they have to be proofread and finalized.
  11. Probably best that she let Rosengart speak on her wishes in this case. It would be extremely emotional for her and imagine if Penny didn’t suspend Jamie. After all that has happened, I am sure it was hard for Britney to have hope that the court would do the right thing. That would have been so difficult for her to hear. I get why she chose not to go.
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