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  1. Yeah no, the majority were saying good riddance & calling him ugly. It wasn’t until he spoke out against the cship after the breakup a few people said he probably didn’t actually cheat & James manipulated the situation
  2. Honestly they’re more protected if they speak out publicly, it would be SO apparent who was behind it if something were to happen to one of the whistleblowers
  3. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she were the one who told Brit to “stay in the bathroom” during the 5150 set up honestly, Ali was in New York- it could’ve been that nanny who got caught wearing her clothes but Brett never gave me good vibes. I do think Britney still confided ALOT in her & that’s why she was gone after they did the lie detector tests on everyone who had contact with her
  4. She posted an actual lyric sheet back in 2011/2012 it wasn’t a video, one of the crossed out lyrics was “so come and hold it against me” or some ****- I think it was in red ink. It’s probably on one of my external drives somewhere, but I don’t feel like combing through it
  5. Does anyone still have the original writing sheet with scribbled out lyric ideas Bonnie posted an actual photo of like a decade ago? I don’t feel like searching for it, but someone’s bound to still have it
  6. Lou & the MJ lawyers also tried coming for her estate as well, with an accusation like that Team B would’ve sued Courtney if it were false. Everyone knows she did a ton of drugs back in the day, team B probably figured no-one would believe her & didn’t bring any attention to it publicly to sweep it under the rug.
  7. It’s mindblowing how people think every songwriter that’s worked with Brit has dedicated their entire songwriting career to her
  8. It’s too late, his last days will be rightfully spent in a penitentiary... he’s gonna be some burly dude’s *****. #JusticeForBritney needs to be a thing after #FreeBritney if he gets away with stealing 13 years of this angel’s life
  9. There was a rumor she performed it at a BMI party or some ****, but it’s false
  10. The Rain Nightclub performances were going to be included on the In the Zone DVD bonus features (“Sippin On” was also a bonus track on the CD), but team B hates us & it never happened- the footage is in the vault somewhere- ITZ & Out all Night shows a few bits
  11. The fact that you honestly felt like your opinion on her mouth/lips were thread-worthy...absolutely disgusting. I vibed with the thread until you started talking about the Xfactor (which she looked absolutely GORGEOUS in, she was just anxious + overmedicated) & “By 2015 omg her mouth was on to something.” **** off with the negativity, she deals with enough criticism from the press & she doesn’t need it from her fans. **** weirdo
  12. The heavy involvement with this twitter fan-page obviously didn’t help since they were pissed about “live tweets”, hopefully a better news site can gain access & report back
  13. No. The original FFT with Burning Up & HATLM leaves any version of POM in the dirt. You really have to split POM into 2 different ranks, when she had the mermaid hair in 2015 & when the revamp first dropped in 2016 she was on fire, but both Femme Fatale shows I saw were still better: Dream Within a Dream>Oops Tour> Crazy 2K> Onyx> BOMT>Circus> M+M> Femme Fatale> POM late 2015/Revamp>Original POM
  14. I can, she was actually free & after the cship got put in place she still had hope for the cship ending if she finished the Circus tour. 2010/2011 seems like a pretty dark time for her, but with the forced hospitalizations & God knows what else going on post 2016 I can definitely see it being a living hell for her.
  15. It’s such a shame seeing how clueless people in this fanbase are pertaining to audio quality... Youtube rips are only 192 kbps, tons of data is lost & the audio sounds fuzzy & flat as a result. I only listen to lossless music, 256kbps & 320kbps are pretty accurate representations of what a song should sound like, but they’re not as pure as lossless files (but still alot more sharp & true to the waveforms of the original recordings) almost every track that’s surfaced after 2009 has been in atleast 256kbps. It’s very disheartening to see people not being able to tell the difference between a 24bit master file & a fuzzy youtube rip though
  16. LA is one of the absolute worst & best places ever. She needs to get away from all the spiritual warfare & yes-men 110%
  17. iPhones killed the revolver years ago, but I’m sure Brenda’s crooked *** could still find a way to be offended by a water gun emoji
  18. Baby, just say yes... :lizzie_oops_dancing_red_maguire_hillary_duff:

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