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  1. Yes she did, teeth have memory & if you don't wear your retainer they shift back to their original placement. Smoking for over 20 years likely contributed to it getting bigger + she used to get dental bonding between her front 2 teeth to close the gap, she probably hasn't had it refilled in ages.
  2. I tried upoading this to CLYP in actal decent quality, but they're charging now. The alternative I found has a download link which isn't allowed publicly, so if anyone wants this in HQ (271 kbps) dm me
  3. I remember when she first said this 12 years ago, some things truly never change https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/megan-fox-listens-to-britney-to-prevent-671910.amp
  4. Live or Die baby! A classic, the original is the only one I listen to, the "final mix" doesn't compare. Mariah lyric at 1:30
  5. Nothing at all, some people are just strange & manage to find correlation between the most random ****. Lana was in several abusive relationships, she's a recovered drug addict, & one of her boyfriends died when she was very young of course she's gonna be "weird" & have a ****ed up perception of certain things.(especially ****ty men) She's always been a Britney fan & she also knows Sam Lutfi. For this user to call her a pe** over a photoshoot Kevin willingly did for Steven Klein shows how disturbed THEY truly are for that to even come to mind.
  6. Just discovered the ignore function:clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:

  7. I'm not giving them the view, but the one lady with brown hair is GOOD FRIENDS WITH LOU. That tells you all you need to know.
  8. I definitely do not miss working a regular 9-5. I've come to realize most people who are given authority in a work place let it go to their heads. 2 of my of my bosses tries **** me, one of them also used to smoke m*** in the bathroom & shoot up ****** in his office it's crazy. Managers in general tend to be lazy as **** & often put all the dirty work onto the employees, but when their manager boss around they take credit for everyone else's work. You should definitely try finding a new job or a form of self-employment. Life is too short to spend at a job you despise.
  9. "Creepin" -BS (2010) ;) tenor.gif

  10. People who have been trading Britney material for years don’t just sell it to anyone, that’s how **** leaks
  11. The fake Madonna gap is still so cringe. It so so wild seeing that melting dress from the Born This Way Collection artwork in motion, I always thought the effect was mostly photoshop
  12. Cringe, Larry hooking Britney up with Paris is TMZ fanfiction. https://www.tmz.com/2007/04/17/did-britney-give-manager-the-axe/
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