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  1. He is ******** and obviously very poorly educated. That’s what we get for making any trash famous these days.
  2. I can’t believe her net worth is below $100M. To think that she has worked almost her entire life and this is what she ends up with. I really hope they’re going to investigate every single cent spent during this conservatorship. Britney was robbed, pure and simple. I really don’t mind December being the next court hearing. It gives them more time to investigate, get all the documents and evidence in order, so they can DRAG team con all the way to the pits of hell and back. I think Britney doesn’t mind either, as long as she knows that her lawyer is finally acting in her interest and they’re on the way to get her freedom back.
  3. Drive a bit, sis. I think she’s listening to Journey.
  4. I only mentioned Kristen Stewart cause of the movie she’s coming out with. They say it’s going to be her best performance yet. She probably won’t win, but she definitely has a higher chance of getting nominated than Camilla, let’s be real.
  5. I really don’t give two fuxs about her, but there’s nothing racist about this and it’s not a black face either. Who would intentionally do that knowing that you can get cancelled for doing the slightest **** these days, yet alone a black face? People really need to stop throwing these accusations around. This “woke” generation is just ridiculous and **** like that takes the attention away from the serious issues we have going on daily in our society, like the actual racism, ***ism etc. Just log off for fuxs sake and get a damn life.
  6. Camilla is definitely not getting a nomination, what are they smoking there? At least not when there’s Frances McDormand, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Stewart, Penelopé Cruz, Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain releasing movies this year. Gaga might definitely snatch a nomination, though.
  7. can CNN stop pushing their ******* vaccination agenda? if somebody feels like they don’t wanna talk about it, it’s their damn right
  8. I think she’s hinting that she’ll be moving out of US after this whole circus is over. Go ahead sis, spread your wings and fly butterfly
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