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  1. Coming up next: Jamie: 'I never wanted to be her conservator' Jamie: 'She forced me to do it' Jamie: 'I always opposed to the c-ship'
  2. It all became this feeling/thoughts dumbster, and it's addictive, people do it without thinking. That's the scary part. Before this, we weren't taking anything this seriously. We used to get offended and then get over it, or we would feel something and get over it, but now it's become this never ending chaos and noise and it's always there, you go back and forth with it and it has the snowball effect, people join and one minor stupid thought gets the headline. As a person I am trying to find a way to stay out of the social media and internet addiction, because that's something real and very dangerous, thinking that one of the thousands of thoughts we have in our minds in a second gets out by an impulsive addictive finger move (most of which are garbage) gets so much attention to change culture and police people's behaviour. It doesn't make any sense at all. And it's very impulsive and it's triggering. One of the most dangerous human tool I guess. We gotta learn to live without this insanity. Here's a little clip of Joan Rivers on PC culture:
  3. I think maybe people were always sensitive but they didn't have an outlet to pour their anger, nonsense out. But in today's world they have social media and they are on it vomiting their guts out. And even though the reactions seem too big and too overwhelming, I don't think the reality is that intense. Mostly keyboard trolls are doing the work, commenting hundreds of times to the same thing, and I blame the ignorant and moronic news outlets for spreading the feelings of individuals on their articles. For instance what is the point of all those news articles adding 'twitter user themoronic******getsoffended2001 commented: 'She seems weird, eeww' kind of nonsense? How come that one person's feelings get relevant and gets exposed to millions who read the article? I think that's the part where people are making a huge deal out of nothing, but unfortunately this stupidity causes stupid results as people gets cancelled. I don't believe the hypes and trends on social media, it's a 'who clicks more' race. It's better to not pay any attention to anyone. And I hope these people who are getting offended by everything gets offended by themselves at some point and cancels themselves and we can finally live in a star wars future where we can be witty and funny without those people who take everything too seriously. Having said that, I think people should be considerate of serious situations when they make fun of stuff, it requires a level of intelligence though. Joan Rivers was harsh but she was harsh on herself too and she was never a bully, there is a fine line with it, where everyone is laughing together. But there are bullies and abusers who should be put in place. Interpreting something as offensive and actually having someone saying hateful evil things are different. I am so surprised of some of the stuff people interpret as offensive and it's weird as F. I think the worst thing in world is the people who has no f-ing sense of humor, making the world a dull and joyless place, just like themselves, unbearable. Let them rot in their misery. Block, delete, and don't take everything seriously. But more than the offended people, I think media is playing a HUGE role in this cancel culture situation by exposing these people's feelings as if these are facts.
  4. Yupp! I hope this inspires them to turn back to lipsync for your life in the following seasons. This was epic and the eagerness to win and the fight is something else to watch. And for once the judges, top four and Rupaul enjoyed themselves, it was really fun to watch.
  5. This was HERSTORY! All Stars Season 6 - Game within a Game, Silky slayed the lipsyncs and proved herself. I would give her a crown just for the performances she gave in this episode. 6 consequent lipsync wins!!!! She even competed against herself, does it get any better than that? 😂😂😍😍 You can see at 1:55 Rupaul giggling like a little girl enjoying herself like we've never seen before. I felt the same way. This was epic! Also check this: https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/culture/heres-how-silky-nutmeg-ganache-just-made-herstory-for-drag-race/
  6. Yeah, after I wrote this I read somewhere that it's the payment methods pressuring OF. Isn't it weird banks are deciding where people can spend their money? What next? They'll say you can't use your money at all because they don't feel like it? And with crypto, I was a little out of context but I wasn't talking about paying with them or anything, I think they are a big scam and cause for the economies to collapse. In my opinion you shouldn't be able to earn thousands over night with a digital currency that has no really value whatsoever, the world shouldn't function as a big casino. But that's for another topic. My comparison was a reach but seeing s** work as this devil thing that's ruining culture and banning it because of that but allowing any kind of thing that actually ruins livelihoods and economies and the world makes me sick.
  7. Tabloids... We shouldn't give any voice or power to these parasites. They will write or say anything for money and clicks. I wish there was a law to ban all tabloids and paparazzi.
  8. I understand some of the anger towards how people get so rich so quickly by using OF, social media platforms, instagram, whatever, 'influencers' and all that. It doesn't feel right, but it's not the fault of these people, it's the fault of the culture and the capitalist system we're living in, that's the ugly truth. And as in all industries capitalism uses you and spits you out, and I think that is disgusting. s** workers have no health care or anything, they are not protected most of the time and they are humiliated for what they are doing in the society, and working with companies, most of the time they were getting ripped off, and Onlyfans was a platform for them to be their own content creators, and that's a big deal for their financial & personal freedom. Of course some might have had bad experiences, which you can have in all freelance jobs. I never got an Onlyfans subscription but what these companies are doing is disgusting. Talk about using Lgbtq+ communities to get coins and turn your back against them when you are done with them, almost all brands are doing the same thing. Idk, but I think it's not a subject to laugh at. I never used tumblr after their change of policy and most people won't look at OF after this. They should cancel crypto currencies instead of f-ing up people's income, if they really wanna help the world.
  9. She quit Onlyfans months ago, stating she won't post new content anymore with the marriage and all that going on. Smart girl made millions before all that. Good for her.
  10. I think there is no source (if Britney's grandma was leaking it to the British press, like wtf?) It seems to me The Sun interns read the comments on twitter and created this 'news', knowing that it will satisfy Britney Army since we are all for it. Having said that, I believe Matt will take whatever direction necessary until he makes sure Britney is free.
  11. Also Paparazzi being crazy and all, let’s not forget 2007. A megastar like her should have close security (who works for her!) all the time. I’m sure most if not all do have.
  12. Of course he is not gonna admit anything that would potentially harm him. What were you expecting? There is no point to be surprised about this. Important thing is he is going to resign, resentfully or not, begrudgingly or not, the action of resignation is all that matters. And Matt is investigating it, so we know that there is an active lawyer doing his job at Britney's side. I hope she gets out of this soon and gets away from all the negativity as well. Fly Like a Bird Gurl
  13. I don't understand the attacking, the mocking, the negativity. I support Britney 1000 percent but I really don't understand this social media lynching and how people get satisfied by pouring so much negativity at someone. At the end of the day Britney is to decide whatever she does with her family and it's non of our place to put any blame on anyone without knowing the details and the truth. Is it that hard to not say anything? Britney, who has lived through this c-ship for 13 years, kept quiet as the person who has lived this nightmare and you cannot? Britney is still posting the 'kill them with kindness' and you cannot? This negativity even made Britney to decide to spend less time on social media, can't you see the harm of what you are doing? These attacks are making things worse, not better and they are only for your own satisfaction. Britney will one day write a book or speak out and we'll know the truth but meanwhile what is the point of these attacks? I really don't understand how can someone be satisfied by this, truly don't understand. Have a lovely day.
  14. I'm gonna quote Zach Campbell : 'Perfume is my s-h-*-t' And I'm gonna post this amazing fan edit of the song which I live for 💜
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