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  1. Not the brother in law lurking on the internet to know what's going in his own family ! Hi....-insert whatever his name is- !!! We been knew you guys were reading just like the rest of us !
  2. Who is this ? (Also the shades at Jamie Lie keep on coming I see )
  3. Not you guys posting that infamous hit again, not me knowing the words now, not this being the highlight of her career.
  4. it's not a weird topic, it's nice to express yourself. Truth is it has only been complicated for me when I've seen her in person !! I saw her in flesh (like front row at her show or outside hotels) like 7 times and it was very hard each time because, I don't know if it only happens me but, when you admire someone so much and you have been busy reading this forum 50 times a day for the past 16 years or something it's very confusing to realize she's just a random human ! It's like you think she's God but then you seen her right in front of you and you're like WOOW but then you wonder "why am I wasting my time and life analysing every detail of a .....person ?!" It's the only moments I fell kinda weird about being a Britney fan. It happened to me each time, I don't know if it happened to some of you guys aswell ???
  5. oh now I undertsand why there is confusion in some people's mind, some of you think smelling w**d is good ? ooh ok Well going to work, obviously sober, and being surrounded by people who are high and who are throwing w**d smoke at you IS NOT GOOD and NOT OK. I don't think it's my interpretation it's common sense when she says her father and team had no problem forcing her into smelling drugs as she had to work but they won't let her relax at spas when a conservatorship is meant to be there for your wellbeing. She was very clear. Is it complicated to understand ?,!!! ?
  6. Spas are here to make you, your body (and your soul) feel great .......BUT THEY SAY NO ! Being on stage is making her smell w**d (and that's very wrong cuz she never asked to smell dr.gs)....BUT IT'S YES !! The conservatorship is supposed to be here for her "wellbeing" so........ I think it's prety common sense to understand why she's using this exemple.
  7. ok Here we go again : Britney has always loved the spa and all the things like sauna, steamroom, acupuncture and so on...what she is saying is that her father or family didn't allow her to go to the spa BUT had no problem letting her on stage in VEGAS when in Vegas people are not fans but random people who wants to have fun and see her show because they have a night out so they are very "intoxicated" to use her words, they're drunk they smoke w**d and she smells the w**d so basicly she's using this as "My family won't let me go to the spa but they're ok letting me go on stage with all the smoke from people smoking w**d at my show". Is that clear now ?
  8. Sometimes when I'm angry at humanity for being a bunch of sheeps, I remember myself back in the day buying Skechers, only drinking Pepsi and piercing my belly just because of Britney and it calms me down immediatly ! Ps : Bravo Skechers, that's very nice !
  9. I LOVE how she wants to express herself finally, it's a beautiful thing to do. Also can we take a second to think about all of team Con right now and how they are probably shaking while holding their phones to see what Britney is about to post next ?!!
  10. if her sibbling is "mentally ill" then how does Jamie Lynn look like after spending her life taking money from that "mentally ill" sibbling who worked very hard to earn it ? Answer this.
  11. WHAT A WEEK TO BE A BRITNEY STAN !!!!! She is giving us life, seriously, I mean Lonely live in 2021, and she remembers the words
  12. this ! Also Britney is an excellent actress, everyone go rewatch her oscarwinning movie Crossroads
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