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  1. While Britney is obviously going through a lot of awful legal issues and painful struggles with her dad .... maybe her day-to-day life right now really isn’t as bad as some of us have feared? Maybe Jodi Montgomery is giving Britney more space/independence than her dad did and she’s actually getting to enjoy having a career break for a bit. I hope she really is doing OK. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Also, isn’t it amazing how so many celebrities will complain about everything in their life and desperately want pity and attention for their struggles .... Meanwhile Britney lost her basic human rights as an American citizen and she tries to publicly focus on what she has to be grateful for and tells people she has no use for pity. She’s so awesome ❤️
  2. Britney needs to be able to pick her own d*** attorney! Her lawyer is not truly fighting for her. Serial killers and rapists have the right to pick their own lawyers, but not Britney. It’s so infuriating. Conservatorship laws must change.
  3. Honestly that’s kind of what it sounds like, he probably did some lawn work for one of the Spears properties in Louisiana
  4. Oh that is really something .... Jamie has to protect her brand from #FreeBritney aka her most devoted fans who pay hundreds or thousands for front-row seat tickets and backstage passes, who buy her albums and upload all her songs, who wait in line to be in the audience while she was on X-factor ( I waited outside for like 8 hours in North Carolina on one of the hottest days of the year) who purchased her perfumes and who cheered her on even during her darkest times. But yeah we’ve been bad for her brand. Go to h*** Jamie
  5. It happens. We all want to think there is SOMEONE decent around Britney who maybe has made mistakes or dropped the ball before but wants to do better. It’s just so hard to understand how this woman who had so many friends and family and boyfriends and employees around her ... has seemingly ended up with hardly anyone around her who really seems to fully have her back. 😞
  6. I don’t even know what the president could do! Presidents can pardon criminals from their prison sentences, but (as far as I know) they do not get involved with conservatorships.
  7. This has to be a (very unfunny) April fools day joke??? Surely? The judge already agreed to this! And they are a respected group ... certainly more knowledgeable about money than Jamie ******* Spears. Please, someone say this isn’t for real?!
  8. Yes I absolutely think she will! I think she’s just waiting for her dad to be removed from the conservatorship. She obviously doesn’t want to be around him — and you know he would be at all the rehearsals and shows and she would need him to legally sign off on everything.
  9. To completely blame this on Team Con doesn’t make sense to me since many posts are videos she’s made. And for people saying she’s being tricked into posting certain things or misled to believe the posts are well-received by the general public .... I mean, that’s implying that her boyfriend, her two teen sons, all her old friends from Louisiana like her cousin Laura Lynne and Felicia, and Paris Hilton who said she meets her for lunch sometimes ... that all of those people have just said nothing to her about it. I don’t really believe that. I think this is just what Britney wants to be posting. But like everything surrounding Britney ... who really knows? : (
  10. I like Jessica and I loved her book! But I am tired of celebs saying they went through such a similar experience ... no they didn’t. Except for maybe Amanda Bynes, no one else lost all their rights. I feel like a lot of people think the point of the documentary was to show how hard it is to be in the spotlight and to be gossiped about in the tabloids. They seem to miss the far bigger issue: the freakin 12 year conservatorship that took away her civil liberties. Britney freakin lost her rights as a mom. She barely gets to see her kids. She can’t drive or pick her own lawyer or doctor. That is a Britney’s experience and no Jessica, you have *not* lived it.
  11. I think a lot would depend on what Britney’s doctors and therapists would recommend. I wonder if she has any respected medical professionals looking after her or if they’re just corrupt quacks picked out by Team Con? The hospital she originally stayed at in Los Angelos twelve years ago was Cedar-Sinai, which is supposed to be a good hospital. But I don’t know if she kept any of those doctors or just switched to random ones picked by her dad and lawyers.
  12. I’m always torn on Lynne too. She confuses me more than any other person involved in all this. If Britney ever shares her story, I will be really interested in what she has to say about their relationship. But at any rate, I’m glad Lynne *finally* spoke out against Jamie in court and I hope that continues. 🙏
  13. I think that interview was mostly c***. Meghan was acting like the palace prevented her from getting care for her depression.... And Harry said he just had no idea what to do to help her. Yet Harry has talked about going to a therapist and being in therapy. So why was it impossible for Harry to call his own therapist and get her an appointment? And they acted like it was so cruel the palace won’t pay for their security. Why should they? They stepped down and left the nation. Meghan was a millionaire before marrying Harry and Harry inherited millions from his mom. And due to their connection to the royals, it only took them a few months to get a $140 million deal with Netflix. I just don’t see how it’s cruel to expect them to pay for their own gated community and body guards? And they went on about being trapped and controlled and how the palace even took their passports away .... come on. They were partying with their friend Elton John in France, Meghan went to NYC for a baby shower with her American friends, they visited Meghan’s mom in California, they spent time in Italy with Amal and George Clooney .... they acted like the palace was a cult that wouldn’t let them walk out the door. And everything Meghan said about how she didn’t know things about the royal family .... that is totally Harry’s fault. He should have made sure she understood what that kind of life would be like. All that said, I do not doubt that being in the royal family can be strange and challenging. I think they had every right to leave and start a new life. But I think they should have focused on promoting their nonprofit and the people they want to help instead of doing a tacky TV tell-all. I lost respect for them after this.
  14. Do we really want to attack Jodi right now? Jodi was only intended to be a temporary replacement for Jamie while he was recovering from his illnesses. Now that he’s better, doesn’t Jamie hope to take back control over Britney’s personal affairs? If people start bringing to light all the issues with Jodi, wouldn’t that just make it more likely that Jamie would get to return to that role? And Britney’s lawyer said she would strongly prefer Jodi over Jamie. Not saying Jodi is good .... just saying she may be the lesser of two evils here?
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