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  1. If she actually does end up getting to speak, I think she’ll discuss why she wants her father permanently out from all her affairs. And then ask for a plan to be set in place to start lifting restrictions from the part of the conservatorship that controls her personal affairs. I don’t get the feeling that she’s as upset about her financial estate being managed and chaperoned by others. I think she mainly wants to drive again, pick her own doctors and date/marry/have kids with whoever she wants without needing permission.
  2. I’m not sure why so many fans seem to be suspicious about this being open to the public. Britney’s lawyer recently said in court that Britney welcomed the informed support of her fans and was tired of the conservatorship being treated as a hidden family secret. So it makes sense that the judge would now be less concerned about restricting things from the public. Most court room affairs are open to the public in the US, so I think this is pretty normal. I don’t get why she isn’t attending court in person though, especially since the system crashed the last time she spoke to the judge virtually.
  3. Right?? I hate how people give women an expiration date. We don’t know what is in Britney’s future. Maybe her best work is yet to come kid.
  4. I was in the audience for a few of the X Factor shows on the east coast. I just went to support Britney, but it ended up making me sad because it was clear something was wrong. During the breaks, she never turned around to talk or interact with the audience like the other hosts. She would quickly leave the stage until it was time to film again. And even when they were filming she was very quiet. A lot of what they tape gets cut so by the time it was edited and shown on TV that wasn’t really noticeable. But watching in person all day — she was def very subdued. Side tangent: I brought some little white flowers to give her but I got pushed out of the way while they were doing the red carpet walk-ins. But I bumped into her then-fiancé Jason outside later that day and asked him to pass them on to her. It was hot and they were all wilted by then 🥀 🤦‍♀️ I’m sure he just tossed them in the trash but I hope he at least let her know that she had fans in the audience who will always have her back.
  5. And for God’s sake, you don’t get the death penalty for breaking an NDA! They won’t spend their life in prison for speaking out. **** the NDA and do the right thing. And besides, if you’re sharing information about potential crimes being committed, concerns for someone’s life, that becomes a different situation.
  6. I hope she has fun in Hawaii 🌊 🌴 🍹 ☀️ She needs to relax and rest and come back all refreshed for court.
  7. I just traveled for the first time since the pandemic. I am fully vaccinated, I took a covid test before just to check, I wore a medical-grade mask on the plane, at the airport, and in the taxi. I only ate at outdoor cafes and spent time on non-crowded parts of the beach or by the pool. And now that I’m back home, I’m quarantining until I take another covid test. I really think if you are vaccinated and very careful, that it is pretty safe to travel within the nation again. I hate to say it but it appears covid will be with us for a long time .... Britney has encouraged the use of masks and getting vaccinated. I’m sure she followed any Covid rules Hawaii has in place with testing or quarantines. I really don’t see how her trip was problematic 🤷‍♀️
  8. While Britney is obviously going through a lot of awful legal issues and painful struggles with her dad .... maybe her day-to-day life right now really isn’t as bad as some of us have feared? Maybe Jodi Montgomery is giving Britney more space/independence than her dad did and she’s actually getting to enjoy having a career break for a bit. I hope she really is doing OK. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Also, isn’t it amazing how so many celebrities will complain about everything in their life and desperately want pity and attention for their struggles .... Meanwhile Britney lost her basic human rights as an American citizen and she tries to publicly focus on what she has to be grateful for and tells people she has no use for pity. She’s so awesome ❤️
  9. Britney needs to be able to pick her own d*** attorney! Her lawyer is not truly fighting for her. Serial killers and rapists have the right to pick their own lawyers, but not Britney. It’s so infuriating. Conservatorship laws must change.
  10. Honestly that’s kind of what it sounds like, he probably did some lawn work for one of the Spears properties in Louisiana
  11. Oh that is really something .... Jamie has to protect her brand from #FreeBritney aka her most devoted fans who pay hundreds or thousands for front-row seat tickets and backstage passes, who buy her albums and upload all her songs, who wait in line to be in the audience while she was on X-factor ( I waited outside for like 8 hours in North Carolina on one of the hottest days of the year) who purchased her perfumes and who cheered her on even during her darkest times. But yeah we’ve been bad for her brand. Go to h*** Jamie
  12. It happens. We all want to think there is SOMEONE decent around Britney who maybe has made mistakes or dropped the ball before but wants to do better. It’s just so hard to understand how this woman who had so many friends and family and boyfriends and employees around her ... has seemingly ended up with hardly anyone around her who really seems to fully have her back. 😞
  13. I don’t even know what the president could do! Presidents can pardon criminals from their prison sentences, but (as far as I know) they do not get involved with conservatorships.
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