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  1. The hearing on June 23 will not be postponed because of this. Cuz if an investigation is initiated, then it will be not earlier than in 2 months (period of pending).
  2. Someone on Twitter noticed that these videos are not intended to be used as videos. Britney clearly makes poses, that is, these videos are implied to use as a photo shoot.
  3. It could create an opportunity for Britney to finally hire a new lawyer, who didn't compromise themselves from the start and who doesn't need to save their *** now by keeping all their illegal actions from being exposed. With all the information we have now, it should be clear that Ingham did not represent Britney's best interests all these years, but instead was an accomplice and yes-man for team Con. And, actually, now in order not to be exposed and face legal action against him, it is in Ingham's best interest to keep Britney in this fraudulent Cship for as long as possible. Also if an investigation is initiated, the tangle of illegal actions of not only Ingham, but others as well will begin to unravel... since it is all interconnected.
  4. About 3 weeks after Brit was placed under temporary Cship. Which once again confirms that Cship was all a fraud from day 1.
  5. This. 100% all of this! Yeah(( I have read so many comments à la Britney does not want to get rid of Cship, she only wants to remove her father. Even if we assume that she wants to keep it (though we still didn’t hear what she wants from her directly, we only heard what she wants from other people, questionable people). But, as @Persona said, we have to ask ourselves why she might think that way. Is it her real, sincere opinion, not imposed by anyone? Or is it because she is being unduly influenced all these 13 years to believe she needs it?
  6. Congratulations, you fell for team con's propaganda, which Vivian, Ingham(through LFB) and media were and still are hammering into us. The problem is a rotten corrupt probate Cship system. Sam and Jodi are part of this system... And their questionable past records support this, they cannot be trusted. Leaving Britney in their hands is much more dangerous. - And the thing is, termination of Cship does not equal the destruction of the structure. You sound like she will be left all alone and she will have to do every little thing herself. But this is not true at all. She literally can hire managers, assistants, caretakers, life-coach trainers and etc to re-create a similar structure, or maybe even more flexible one. And it is important to note that there are alternatives to Cship that are less restrictive, do not violate her rights, and can help her to actually transition into an independent life. And it's also important to note that Britney is in the most restrictive conservatorship of all... The type of Cship, that she is in, does not imply giving independence to conservatee, actulally, it does imply the opposite. It is for caring for people who are so ill that they can't feed or clothe themselves, can't even wipe their *** on their own, or for those who are literally in a coma. Ultimately, Cship is not meant for managing high functioning individuals and their business. If Britney isn't qualified to be under Cship, then it must be terminated, and it doesn't matter if Britney wants to keep it.
  7. I'm sure she knows a lot and knew for a long time. But this is a double edged sword. If she knew, but was silent all this time, doesn't it make her an accomplice too? And Lynne also was receiving money from Britney's estate on an ongoing basis. I think, maybe, it's one of the reasons that she and her lawyer are tiptoeing around, instead of taking more cardinal actions. It's been 2 years now, but James still has 100% power as Britney's conservator.
  8. Here is a great thread as well, it's from the same user
  9. It's interesting that prior to that post on Britney's insta, the reviews were pretty positive.
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