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Britney forum and downvote - are you insulted if somebody downvotes you?

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Also,  Do you sometimes feel bad if downvoted? Do you sometimes refrain from downvoting but wanna?

I sometimes see these great people on Britney section and I don't agree with them. But my face gets all sobby thinking about downvoting.

Maybe this section is relevant - the Britney section cause even though I actually don't go to all threads, I am sure I would like to downvote many here. But I am like - these people are like my friends so friendly and I just don't wanna fight. But I could find strong disagreements

HINT: this has not happened to some people like this, but it has happened with some people still yet.

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I never downvote people unless they’ve said something truly offensive or vulgar.   People are entitled to their opinions    I am, however, petty enough to downvote a bish back

Yes. It's insulting. Because all of my posts are flaw free

I don't downvote unless it's really offensive or disrespectful. But if someone is being aggressive with me, I will not only give it back without hesitation, I will cut a biech.

8 minutes ago, nwonder said:

I never downvote people unless they’ve said something truly offensive or vulgar.

People are entitled to their opinions 


I am, however, petty enough to downvote a bish back


it is funny

i mean sometimes people feel the urgency to think everything they think is gold

but they hurt truth

and make everybody uncomfortable

i believe worms grow in length in this forum

not gonna say more, just in case somebody feels bitter

world is a funny place but truth about some things comes out sooner or later

i want people here to remember that some stories have sides that people don't even think about

however, now i shall probably use the right to remain silent - for the best and better

nevertheless, i think i pulled the right strings rn

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If someone says something offensive or flat out wrong, they deserve a downvote. If someone is trolling and it’s repetitive, then I’ll also downvote. If someone downvotes me then I don’t really care, unless I notice a pattern. Also, if someone downvotes me and then quotes my post/replies to me, I’ll consider responding if it seems they want to engage in a conversation. If they just want to tell me I’m wrong or they disagree with me but don’t have facts or an argument of their own, then I’ll just keep scrolling. :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

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Y'all shouldn't feel bad.

To me a downvote is just a way of showing you disagree / someone disagrees with you, without wanting to engage in a useless fight by quoting the user to say something even meaner.

Same with upvotes. Sometimes you don't have anything else to add, so you just upvote to show you agree or like what they said.



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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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Nah, I don't care. Furthermore, I pretty much never use the downvote button even if I disagree with someone - opinions are opinions. I would only downvote something that is downright toxic and hateful. I'm sure I've thrown around a petty downvote or two, but for the most part I don't downvote other users' posts at all. I don't dislike videos on YouTube either unless it's something genuinely awful or something that spreads misinformation. If I don't like a video or song, I just don't watch it again. I don't see the point in disliking. :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:

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No. I’ve been downvoted a few times (for posts that IMO weren’t even that bad) but I can understand some of my opinions might not please people lol. 

I’ve never downvoted anyone. I only use the upvoting option cause I wanna spread joy, not negativity lol 

but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop to say what I think (in a respectful way) 😄

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