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  1. You think I care about that person? As an adult here, let's discuss this PRIVATELY... Something you guys don't seem to do.
  2. You may be OK with it but speak to other Middle Eastern. We Will tell you we don't like it. So Latinos may be cool with it but that doesn't mean everyone else is. Dude, just admit you learned something new and won't do it again. What is so dang hard about realizing this was an innocent mistake on your part geez!
  3. Hun, woukd you like to see how I look? I assure you, I'm not pale with green/blue eyes like how you imagine. And no, I'm not brown either. Please just stop. It's a teachable moment. Learn from it and know that middle eastern don't like it. End of story.
  4. It absolutely is racist. We hate it. I hate it. If you call me brown, I will take offense. It's no different than calling a native American red or an Asian yellow. It's demoralizing.
  5. Please don't act like you're not speaking to a middle eastern who is from the same country as Sam and knows that we hate when ppl call us brown. We prefer the proper "middle eastern" term. This is the 2nd time you've gotten something wrong in regards to middle eastern culture/language etc. And this is the 2nd tine I've had to correct you. Perhaps maybe speak with a middle eastern first to properly understand the differences before posting them on a public forum and being wrong?
  6. Charlie. They had such a Kennedy couple vibe. I could imagine Charlie and Britney getting on a sailboat in Hyannis Port at the Kennedy Compound FYI as you can tell, I'm a huge Kennedy fan and they'd fit in perfectly
  7. Interesting. I never really thought of Britney's music for my 1 student w autism. I did play the instrumental for Inside Out one time and he was jamming to it so that's a good sign! I'll try an actual song when they're doing their free-writing sessions to see how he will respond to it.
  8. There was once a movie I saw about *** trafficking... Man, I forgot the name but it was on Lifetime w Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland. Anyway, in 1 scene a teen girl is behind a glass, looking drugged, dancing as the man sits and watches and bids & competes w like 3 other men to buy a night with her. Chilling scene and that's exactly what that short clip reminded me off.
  9. Also to add, I'm so happy that Ms. Lou and Robin are always counting Britney's pennies.
  10. Gotta love Jamie for being a conservator while wearing a wrinkly white shirt and cap. Nothing screams professionalism & trust than a beer belly, t shirt and a Monster cap.
  11. God how I've missed your posts about Scam. His desperation now is becoming pathetic. Where is the biggest Sam lover of all to chime in and say something about how he makes her happy and to leave him alone? Hehe
  12. *Musk But also (and more importantly) how is she not in a cship? She's a careless driver and a careless parent who let her daughter ride an atv at... 9? 8? I just remember she was really really young. The world don't make any sense to me anymore.
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