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  1. I don't know him, but he seems very happy in life and enjoys nature so that's a plus for me. I think its good he works we cant ***** about that bc he could make it and support Britney. Unfortunately, I have doubts when younger men date older women, it's just so uncommon that your like huh he could easily date a younger woman who is attractive also, and then my mind goes to but who would turn down Britney. I am curious if he would date older women who are not Britney? But maybe hes into older women who knows anymore in this society where people are really talking about marriage with their dogs.
  2. I like it, I do think Britney probably stole the show, in the videos if you look in the background you catch a couple of people trying not to stare but they are looking. I honestly ouldn't want to go to a wedding with someone of her status there, it wouldn't be fun because everyone will focus on her and talk about her the whole time. If I am at a wedding, I'm drinking, dancing, eating, possibly *******, I don't care what celebrities there. If they are trying to **** maybe other than that go to a A-list wedding. Not hating on Britney though.
  3. I think that Hollywood and movies from the West have really had a large impact on how people perceive nudity. When you sell s** people don't understand these celebrities aren't ******* or actually showing their *****, but the consumers receive a different message from this type of marketing. By nature we are just ***ual being constantly looking to replicate our DNA, it's the blueprint of humanity. I am gay but this is the area I have always struggled with is that I should have my own kid and that's why I won't argue with anyone that it is unnatural to be 100% gay. I think their ***uality is different, but selling yourself on my only fans could be liberating as long as it's of consent and age. What we've done as a society is tell us it's not okay to show your privates but it's okay to sell nudity, the mix messaging is dangerous. Many countries view s** and nudity as a part of life, but cultures based on religion view is very different. We think nudity is bad because we teach it, that's why little kids dont always understand to keep their clothes on. At the end of the day, we would all just be like animals ******* and reproducing, but we have become civilized. What does all this have to do with Only Fans, I'm pointing out that it really depends on your view of nudity and s** and your opinion of how sacred your body is to you.
  4. No problem I dont mind people ever correcting my writing or speech! Everyone has different dialects and backgrounds and I much appreciate it! Now dont come at me for hyphens or commas bc that's just beyond my understanding and all those auto correct tools are a gift from god!
  5. I am happy maybe this will be good but I am also nervous that they may finally be more transparent and find out some dark information(mental health update, past drug usage) I'm hoping it is all positive but still always nervous because the media is already houding her.
  6. Hahaha actually its y'all lol but I dont write correctly on this form usually and usually writing at warp speed and dont read over before I submit lol I'm busy what can I say I'll work on it.
  7. I think she is sorry but I think shes right she was doing her job. Was it wrong hell yeah but at the time she was thinking about herself and her own income. Is it the worst thing ever done to anyone... no but she did it in front of a lot of people. I also dont think you always need to say sorry. Sorry shows weakness and I try to very rarely say sorry. I will say I was wrong or I wont do that again I learned my lesson but never sorry.
  8. I didn't mean to quote someone, working and breathheavy mishap. Yawl is fun and exciting word that is very inclusive. It means everyone and it excludes any type of pronouns. I've learned to use it since I was getting **** for saying you guys and girls didnt like that.
  9. I think yawl were about to actually get some answers!!! Hold on to your weaves. @Jordan Miller better make sure this site doesnt crash!!! I know I got a lot to say! Anyway so stoked!
  10. I think your right and I think this comes from her possibly and merely speculation that she was abused. That is very common for survivors of r*** and molestation, so they can pretend the trauma never took place. Scary stuff if you think about the me too movement and Harvey Weinstein.
  11. They wont do it! Remember theres a lot of inner circles at play here. We don't know *** they could be connected through 3rd parties and since the situation is so messy it doesnt help them. Remember the Kesha and someone else who supported her and when it got messy they retracted. Too much on the line sometimes I guess.
  12. I thought and still do think its cause of drugs. I know a lot of people think it was more related to a break down but I'm pretty sure it was drugs. She was definetly experimenting back then. I think the u underlying issues were there but she would probably never have done that if it wasnt related to drugs. Still love her but she was in and out of rehab and abused adderall.
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