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  1. She refuse to work in ANYTHING that gives James money Little or not, you all are still feeding James' ***, but that's your choice, at the end, it's your money
  2. Even her new version of De Pie was so powerful. It was my depression anthem I'm so glad she is releasing new stuff. And hoping some day she attached LyndaOfficialVEVO and LyndaThomasVEVO to her channel and fix that mess with her videos and Universal moves A Mil Por Hora y Maldita Timidez to one of those channels. She deserves better.
  3. "the Conservatee has refused to engage in ANY business activities" But you all are trying too hard to justify this kind of releases
  4. In Sony's defense is that all the 4K remastered they been uploaded are from the masters... Well all record labels (including Universal which HD remasters (upscales) are awfully bad) use masters for 4K remasters they know that it would be bad upscale SD to 4K.
  5. I don't think she would be back to work anytime soon, not until James is out completely... But, I could believe RCA releasing an album with unreleased songs of her and SITS being the first "single" of it
  6. Yeah, like you said every record had a different mastered process, there was one from late 90s to late 2000s, other in 2009, other in 2010 and from 2011 there's other which is very well done by now. So, the version of, for example, BOMT in the 1999 album wouldn't be same as in The Singles Collection and both wouldn't be the same as in The Essential. And normally the singles CDs were mastered for radio that's why they sound different. With the new process of mastering since 2011 the dynamic range problem was fixed without losing volume, so is loud but with dynamics And yeah, Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean (Standard) and Glory (even the 2020 version) are the only available in 24 bits and a rip of a DVD of ITZ is around on forums. I could send you links if you wanted
  7. Why don't listen to her music even illegally should be part of boycotting her brand? The purpose is not give James money. I don't see how that is "hypocrital and pathetic"
  8. I'm not saying she will never get her money back but right now is not what happening. Money rules the world, so yeah it could make a difference, but the objective is about, us, the fandom doesn't help James, it's inevitable with the rest of the people but with us who knows all the situation could be different. I mean, is bad know this **** stuff James are doing her and still give him money, it doesn't matter is just 2 cents, but I just feel it wrong. I mean, I don't blame all the fans who want to get all this products (that's what fans do), I blame her team because they know there's fans here who wants to buy things and also creates conflicts between the fandom... The strategy is simple, easy money and divide us.
  9. I kinda get your point but BT isn't in control of her money yet, there's a transitional move to do so. James is still co-conservator so he's still getting the money and Tri Star is still envolved in the transitional moves (and I think James is still paying them even they resigned) So, why buy this if the money wouldn't be in Britney's pocket yet? But she is not the one releasing it, that's the point
  10. I know, I love the cover and like the preview (the song is already in my head) and I hate how this feels They completely ruined Glory with all the Make Me fiasco and screenshots
  11. Jamie, RCA and UO are making money from this, all three parties. Why an artist would sign with a record label if he/she doesn't get money from it? And about that UO "already paid" isn't an excuse to support this. I mean we are all fans of her music, that's why we're here, but right now there is more important things that complete your vinyl collection (and no, that you have vinyls or more vinyls than others doesn't make you a better fan )
  12. Many people here don't understand... IT'S IN COURT DOCUMENTS, Jamie is the one receiving money, he is the one who prefers give money to Lou than Britney, he is the one using that money to fight her in court, he is the one who use that excuse (that without him, she will not be successful) to still treat her like a racehorse. What the F is wrong with all of you who defends this kind of stuff? Where is your "free Britney"? There is more important things than your freaking vinyl collection And no, she is not the one who's releasing this, the new Glory cover, Mood Ring or My Only Wish, she is refusing to work because she doesn't want to give more money and reasons to her father to still treat her like a slave. All the royalties goes to James Spears, don't you get it?!
  13. Tell them... They feel attacked if you say that to them and they will say stuff like: Team C-ship already receive money before the vinyls came to sale or RCA is the one who gets the money, it would be more expensive later... And the list goes
  14. I don't know what to think... If the vinyl is free I think it's fine, there's no money to James, but I didn't see this coming like WTF?! This is outta knowhere and probably they will release the song eventually and before the song could leak thanks to the vinyl I hate them for waste Lachapelle's photoshoot and use the awful screenshot
  15. It's been very clear... Also court documents said that James is the one who's getting payed for royalties but other fans are adding excuses for still buying stuff of her brand
  16. Freaking Brenda Penny looks like she is just playing to be in both sides, like she wants to agree with both parties... I can't with her, she is so useless
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