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  1. Damn, never realized how important her blonde hair actually was. She looks really good, but the brown hair also makes her look like any generic Kardashian wannabe.
  2. Not y'all constantly whining about cancel culture, but then turning a simple joke into a 5-page thread that's filled with ageism and digs at someone's appearance. It's definitely f#cked up to post something like that when Britney is fighting for her freedom, but the responses in this thread go above and beyond that. Madonna might be a clown, but so are y'all. This thread is straight up embarrazzing. And let's not act like Britney didn't benefit from the VMAs kiss.
  3. On one hand, I don't mind because these people are making hell hotter for themselves by the minute. On the other hand, every time they pull **** like this Britney loses another day of her life that she could be living freely.
  4. That commenter looks like a self-hating gay themselves. We hate to see it. Have people still not learned that when you tell someone not to do something, they will do it tenfold? We've all heard the "you can **** who you want in your bedroom, but don't shove your agenda down our throats" talking point, but the fact that we are starting to see more and more gay people who think that way too. Don't take your rights for granted.
  5. The fact that people with money get away with huge crimes because they can afford the best attorneys, but Britney is stuck with this spineless doormat.
  6. Uh... Maybe I don't know enough about hip-hop culture, but Lil Kim is so bitter and desperate. Like, I'm no Nicki fan, but she's just as obsessed with Nicki as Mariah is with J.Lo, and it's not cute. Yes, she's obviously a legend and paved the way, but Nicki owes her nothing.
  7. I don't think she's some supervillain who deserves to go to jail (ironic, lol ), but she is still an accomplice who has done literally nothing to help Britney's situation, and her attitude doesn't help either. Also, her being so close to Lou is highly questionable. I can maybe put it past her other clients, but since Jamie Lynn is directly related to Britney and consequently her conservatorship, it's inexcusable. I won't be surprised if Britney cuts her out of her life for good once she's free.
  8. No, you're not. I'd let that redneck himbo put my bussy under a conservatorship too.
  9. Lol, miss me with that crap. She basically said every single thing I predicted her to say, "Omg, I love my big sister, and I've supported her since day one." Blah, blah, blah... Go back to selling flat tummy tea and being besties with Lou.
  10. Rosé from BLACKPINK already sounds like Avril: Too bad she didn't go in a pop/rock direction with her solo debut.
  11. I had completely forgotten about the amount of money he gets from her. 20k wasn't enough for him, so he asked for 60k? I HAVE TO LAUGH.
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