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  1. Imagine being this pressed, probably on a daily basis? Couldn’t be me.
  2. Went to the light and saw Jesus! Jesus said listen to Slumber Party! Just doing the Lordt’s work! A truly flawless song!
  3. I appreciate your explanation and perspective on this! I’m going to make a blanket statement, which is that I think most gay men (maybe most LGBTQ people) have dealt with internalized homophobia at some point in their lives. And deconstructing that takes time and intention. There are definitely people farther along in that journey, and others who for whatever reason have not even begun to do so. I do think maybe some comments directed at Shawn Mendes are linked to internalized homophobia, but not all. Shawn appears very comfortable in his hetero***uality. He has claimed and proclaimed time and again that he is straight, has a girlfriend, sings about hetero***ual love interests, and has most likely gone through 95% of his life without having to defend his hetero***uality. Given this, then, why does it matter that people make jokes or point out things Shawn does as “gay”? These comments should really be considered insignificant, since they obviously don’t change the fact Shawn is a straight man. Him saying “It’s giving Cher” literally sounds like any gay man at a gay bar on a given night. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because Shawn is comfortable in his ***uality, and there is nothing wrong in calling the way he delivered that line gay… since there is nothing wrong with being gay! I guess it makes me wonder if he does these things (subconsciously or not) to bring attention to himself? He knows there are gay people out there that are convinced he’s gay, but his little hetero***ual self just keeps doing them anyway. It just comes off as annoying, tbh. He gets annoyed by people questioning his ***uality, and gets bothered by people questioning his expressions or looks or whatever… and it’s all the gays fault? Make it make sense.
  4. From Tri-Star to No Star! She’s probably texting her husband about all the people they could target!
  5. At the same time though, Shawn is well aware of the outside perception that people think he’s gay. And while he has always defended his hetero***uality… it just seems that he continues to utilize gay/queer/LGBTQ lingo or expressions. I guess it comes across as if he knows what he’s doing by using those expressions, but then continues to defend his ***uality. Idk, he occupies a strange place in public discussion.
  6. It’s happened to me sometimes, but I’m unsure the cause! Sometimes I think it could be the advertisements trying to load or zapping energy which may make the page reload… idk!
  7. I didn’t know what to think of him at first, but ever since he sent the Christians spiraling I had to stan! I do like Montero and the video, along with the other songs he has released for the album thus far. I appreciate that he stays being himself despite what the naysayers do! A true unbothered king bringing the powerbottom representation we deserve!
  8. I’m not complaining! I support the list, just think it needed minor tweaks!
  9. I like this ranking, because there are some pleasant surprises like Man on the Moon, Quicksand, and And then We Kiss that makes you think they actually listened to her discography! I still think Gimme More should’ve been a tad higher! And donde estas Do You Wanna Come Over y Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know?
  10. Those are important considerations! I wonder if people can submit their suggestions via Google Forms, and then if there is an easy/automated way to identify duplicate responses. You can either assign point values to them as you suggested in the OP, or just rank them based on how many times they’re duplicated. Also, I’d encourage participants to maybe select between 25-50 songs each. Even if 10 people submitted 25 songs, that’s already 250 responses. Many of them might not be duplicates and therefore you run into the issues of having to make an executive decision about what to exclude (having the point value assigned gets rid of this problem). Maybe recreate this thread with an Exhale poll asking who will participate; if many Exhalers say yes, then the number of songs to submitted may have to change so you don’t have a massive database to sift through. In the OP you said any song released between December 2020 and November 2021. So unreleased tracks are disqualified off the bat, and people should deal!
  11. https://www.thedailybeast.com/twitter-denies-suspending-nicki-minaj-over-covid-vaccine-tweets-white-house-denies-inviting-her-for-a-visit
  12. Can one of the Barbz please take Nicki’s phone away? She’s out here gladly sharing a video segment of white nationalist Tucker Carlson supporting her… And she defends this?
  13. Have insiders leaked what your next era might entail? I dig your current era but if it’s going to be remixed, reimagined, still iconic, then I might be here for it.
  14. The delusion is strong! You can just be pressed by her comment without making this embarrassing reach about Octavia Spencer being a nobody!
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