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  1. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!! She sounds like she's really feeling it and having fun. But it sounds so different. I know the original by heart and all it's inflections. Like, this is in a different key. But I still like it. @CJMCH Miss you! Thank you and your entire time for this. As usual, doing the Lord's work. 💛💜
  2. EEEEEEK! Thank you, Isla. I knooow. I've been busy with gaming / work again. I missed you. Giiiiirrrlllll thank you bee. Missed y'all so much too. EEEEK Bunny, are you unstanning Femme Fatale now.
  3. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A TWICE THREAD I'M HEEEEEEREEEEEEE LUV I have to say I was a little underwhelmed when I first heard the song. I watched the comeback primer special and when Jihyo said the song was "bossa nova" I was like, oh no this NOT IT. But I watched all the live performances during the first week of course. I still had to do ONCE duties even if i didn't like it. And one day I just found myself singing "champagne or wine my tequila margarita mojita with lime sweet mimosa piña colada" constantly. I kid you not I couldn't stop singing that part. I love it now. TEEHEE 💛💜 I missed you so much @iAlwaysSingLive. I am forever grateful you turned me into a ONCE. I can't imagine myself without FEEL SPECIAL and I CAN'T STOP ME still getting plays and is still on my weekly top charts.
  4. It's a big, big day for Britney fans around the world! I thought I'd drop by Exhale to see how everybody's doing. HIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I just finished the leaked audio recording. I'm so grateful to my love @PokemonSpears who always gives me updates on all the latest news about Britney while I'm a slaaave 4 Wildrift. I cannot hold it. I cannot control it. Hello to all my lovely Exhalers and all my husbands. I missed y'all. TEEHEE 💛💜
  5. Great! It's like my Netflix concert film documentary that's not really a documentary except for 6 or 7 short backstage clips. Watch excuse me, i love you on Netflix ok byeee
  6. Just dropping by here to say y'all aren't the only ones who got fooled. As I previously mentioned, it sounds fake and ugly. Sorry Jordan.
  7. My momma told me when I was young, we are all born superstars - and lemme ask y'all... did she lie?
  8. Oh my gawd thank you. It did. It aged better than evermore. But i don't mean that as shade to TS9 cause I also like that album although not as much as folklore.
  9. I don't know about force cause knowing the bich, no one's gon' be forcing him to listen to no album he doesn't like. But i'm relieved he's actually giving it a chance.
  10. He's about to listen to my album positions deluxe which is out on Feb 19 so points for life choices.
  11. Hey the songs on the The Re Up EP are good! The entire Roman Reloaded era + the album itself is my fave Nicki album.
  12. I wish I can call myself a Barb cause I want to believe I am but I also can't stand Pink Friday (except for the singles) and I know that's problematic.
  13. Get Britney on Billie on the Street when she's free!
  14. ...come thru yooo get you this type of blow if you want a Minaj i got a tricycle hey-eh-eheh-eh-heyyy~
  15. If Britney Spears didn't exist, i'd probably be a Fighter who becomes a part of the Navy, and then a Swiftie, and then an Arianator - 'cause young Ariana run pop.
  16. The original Boys remix military-esque performance. Boys remix Circus Tour could never.
  17. My OnlyFans is my IG account which is set to private and if you're lucky, I might send you some pics, a video or two of me singing or using you as my microphone howboutdat.
  18. I'm changing my last name to "Love" so call me Roxxy Love from now on.
  19. Can't wait for this interest in Britney Spears spike or renewed interest in Britney or the discovery of Britney's situation or however you wanna call it - to 1.) actually free her from this conservatorship, 2.) translate to more views and streams for her catalog online, and 3.) lead up to a successful B10 era. Her 3rd peak is coming! #FreeBritney Also, omg my album positions deluxe is out on Feb 19 and mv for 34+35 remix out on Feb 12.
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