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  1. I wish she could work with someone that could help her boost her confidence at the hearing, not because her testimony is less valid if she speaks one way or another, but mostly for her, so she's not as anxious and nervous (as anyone would). It's obvious the past hearings she didn't trust Ingham enough to tell him about what she wanted to speak, but maybe with Mathew, he can help her to give it a little bit more of order to her ideas, and maybe even advise her about how to react or prepare about any comments Vivian or Jamie, etc could make to try to put her off balance. I'm not saying she should come and speak like a robot or like a politician, but if she could have an expert in speeches that could help her rehearse her words, could be very beneficial for her. It's like presenting in front of the class, when I didn't know what the hell I was talking about, I'd be very nervous even if it was just exposing for my classmates that didn't give a damn and knew even less than the presenters, but when I was fully prepared about the topic and I had rehearsed at home, I'd be very calm and confident and was much less stressful.
  2. I think longevity implies a constant success/popularity that lasts through the years, like Toxic or BOMT, but the songs you mention I think they're a different phenomenon. I mean, I love those songs, don't get me wrong, but years ago, and for a long time, nobody cared for them. In the case of Sometimes, it's benefiting from BOMT, it's like a side effect of the amount of views it gets. Around 2015 or so, the classic songs like BOMT, Toxic and OIDIA started to receive a huge amount of views, after years of the likes of Womanizer, I Wanna Go and Work ***** ruling her channel. It was mostly due to all those "teenagers react to X song" kind of videos that became trendy/viral. Rapidly BOMT grew exponentially in views, and the first suggestion you would always see was Sometimes or Crazy. Inevitably, these songs started to receive a lot of attention too (though Crazy took more time to reach 100M). BOMT doesn't stop and keeps at #1 in views, and so Sometimes keeps growing alongside it, though at a lesser extent. In the case of Criminal, it's been part of several "viral-ish" trends, first with that Joker movie or something, then with the tik tok videos, and the latest one I don't know why, but it seems to be a recurrent track for this kind of things, thus its current popularity. And apparently something similar happened recently with If U Seek Amy, and I think Gimme More as well, but I'm too old to keep up to date with that stuff. In terms of "longevity" I think Ooh La La was one of the songs that for some reason kept getting a constant, even though lower, amount of attention through the years, reaching the 100M views a few years later, compared to other contemporary videos, like Perfume or Make Me...
  3. because since the conservatorship, every new era was received as "the comeback" even if she never left in the first place, until RCA came in it was like, Womanizer "she's baaaack!" 3 "she's baaaack!" Hold It Against Me "she's baaaack!"
  4. I don't think anyone thought that was good, but it's more about, most people didn't know or understand what the extents of the conservatorship really were, the illegality of the process under which she was placed under that, and of course the abuse she was living with her father, that plus the charade they put for the public and the narrative they controlled with the help of the media.
  5. What I understand, is that she retired voluntarily, nobody kicked her off. She was either running away before **** hit the fan, or was being charitable with her peers to let others make money off this case besides her
  6. a friend of mine was given a pig that was supposed to be a miniature one, but then it grew up to be almost 2 meters long as far as I know, she kept it though
  7. I don't think it's sad, it's just another proof of how deceiving or meaningless the charts really are. HIAM and 3 aren't bad songs by any means, but are far from being Britney's best songs, despite topping the chart.
  8. On August 02, 2003, Britney Spears and The Rock presented the Choice Movie Comedy Actress award at the Teen Choice Awards, which took place at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California. She was also nominated for Choice Female Hottie, but lost to Beyoncé, and Choice Female Fashion Icon, but lost to Jennifer Lopez.
  9. On August 1, 1999, Britney Spears attended the Teen Choice Awards at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. She performed a medley of Sometimes and (You Drive Me) Crazy. She won some awards, and was nominated to other categories that she lost: Choice Female Artist: lost to Brandy Choice Music Single: ...Baby One More Time Choice Music Album: ...Baby One More Time Choice Breakout Artist: lost to 98 Degrees Choice Music Video: lost to Backstreet Boys' All I Have to Give Choice Female Hottie: lost to Jennifer Love Hewitt (picture from the rehearsals)
  10. yeah, if Britney is not a co-writer of the song, she doesn't have to be credited for it. Also let's not forget she also covered I'll Never Stop Loving You for her first record, which is a single released by J'son only a couple of years prior.
  11. well, this is the site I mentioned https://giladcollection.blogspot.com/2011/01/thats-where-you-take-me-phillippines.html
  12. were you able to research into the Philippines channel that supposedly played the That's Where You Take Me video? I think it's called MYX. I do believe the CD was fanmade, in fact there's a blog that explains it was made and distributed by the official fan club in the Philippines, but the video, a lot of people really remember seeing it on the channel, and not only watching it, but it was actually part of the official countdowns of the channel, according to local fans (I can't testify if it's true or not myself). According to our very own @Roxxy , the That's Where You Take Me video came out as late as 2003, it was the video they had between Anticipating, which was huge in 2002, and Me Against the Music later that year. It could very well be put together by the channel, as an unofficial thing though. According to the fans, the channel was a huge supporter of Britney, she was just really huge in general in that country, so maybe they just wanted to have something to play in the months before the release of the next album. But anyways, thanks for doing this, I wanna check the other episodes you've released
  13. yeah I remember I searched for that congressman letter or something, but there was a thread last year about someone who posted these same images of the radio lists, telling the same thing, that Britney wasn't banned, and that it was just fans' excuse to justify she flopped
  14. I'm looking for the same thing, all this stuff was pulled in the thread I'm talking about, but I can't find it
  15. basically it was that, it's not that she was completely eradicated from radio, but they were giving her significantly less airplay. It was because she toured with a different agency
  16. there was a thread about exactly this same topic last year or so (even based on the same ATRL post) but I need to find it
  17. no, but there is a particular guy that has been attacking Jordan both here in the forum (before he left), and recently on Twitter, mostly since the freebritney movement started. Every time that some media mentions Jordan as the person who coined the free Britney phrase, they seem to have a meltdown over there. They're the same people that claim Jordan is paid by Team Con and that sort of things.
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