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  1. Cinderella (Virtual J Remix) and THIS song.link/https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=oM-I4sxHgZ4&feature=share
  2. The way we all died when this came out and the theories about the performance referencing the original Make Me music video ughhhhhh those days were everything
  3. im not sure to what extent shes worked with other songwriters and on recording sessions on songs that are this personal since the cship started for obvious reasons of always being supervised, but im pretty sure she has some poems, verses and/or unrecorded potential songs about how she feels about all of this
  4. I've seen people saying that he was the voice and even comparing audios of him on another thread ages ago so that's why I said that but yes it makes sense if Cade was involved somehow. And noooooo I'm not saying it was a team con move, what I said is that he basically knew the information from team con side for a reason or another and obviously clocked the injustice and did the voicemail. But all to justify that it couldn't be Cade as some people were thinking. Agree with you with the last paragraph, that doesn't make Cade the enemy if he actually did that for some reason.
  5. I don't think Cade is the is the one in the voicemail and also I don't think it has anything to do with Britney, but it might actually be a paralegal that heard too much or been told too much. Simply because he basically told the whole story correctly but from the perspective of team con. Remember how he said that Britney stopped taking the meds? Well on her testimony Britney said she didn't and that team con was suspecting she stopped. Also the paralegal said she wasn't cooperating with the new medication when she actually was put on lithium and I think that if it was actually Cade or if it had anything to do with Britney the voicemail would at least make a remark about how the new meds were so much stronger than the first cocktail. What I mean is that the voicemail even though it was pro freebritney it was told from a team con optic or with information they would be able to provide, not Britney. I still believe Cade was the one that threatened the gram girls out of fear for project Rose or smth
  6. the way you only used britneys MVs and live performances and still got the FreeBritney message across amazed me. Very good job
  7. Me fighting Vivian and Jamie trying to snatch the award from their hands to give it to Rosengard
  8. I can definitely see the point when people say to compare both photos because they are DEFINITELY different in a lot of aspects, but at this point at least for me most leads point to her controlling her Instagram and I think that demanding "high quality"/"artistic"/"tasteful" pictures from her at this point where she is on work strike and probably is just trying to have fun and maybe talk to us somehow is kinda mean and out of touch. Also "high quality", "artistic" and "tasteful" are totally subjective and is it right at this point to hold Britney to magazine or digital influencers photoshoot standards? She is definitely just having fun in her backyard with her RAZR phone. Let the girl be 😭😭😭😭
  9. Me buying the heck out of these perfumes to make it a commercial hit and boycott the Britney Brand
  10. I don't listen to her as much as I used to as well, but she is 100% still my fave and I stan her hard hard hard. For me right now it's not about the music anymore or just the music, it's about her and her freedom. At least this is how I feel for me at the moment. Probably when she gets finally free I'll go back to streaming the **** out of her entire flawless discography, but for now I'll go back to stanning hard Becky Hill and Sigrid and their new/upcoming albums, so that's my party now
  11. I don't remember exactly which one was the first, but during the Circus Tour she had a few scares like when the fan jumped at her, or during Slave when she ran too fast to the platform and got it swinging, etc. Her reactions to these little moments made me think that something was off with her psique and/or meds
  12. I don't know why I thought this was not a thread about soda
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