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  1. i dont see why she would be nervous though? shes been asked constantly about it for the past 3 years by her fans and interviewers so theres clearly a demand for it. and if it did flop, its not gunna affect rihanna in any way whatsoever because shes got a multimillion selling fashion brand and is a billionaire now. so even if her next album flops, it wont matter to her i doint seer what you mean by 'her albums are never very successful', she has apparently sold over 250 millions records worldwide
  2. i love rihanna but this is so boring now. she said all this a year or two ago. Just tell your fans WTF is happening and stop teasing it
  3. yeh, BUT i read the other week somewhere that it cant all be done at once, so first Jamie will be removed completely, then Jodi, then the cship itself. Hopefully it only takes 2 or 3 months at most. But this is really good news finally
  4. TBH shes been in the news all year because of the cship, i do think she could drop an album now and do zero promo for it and it would be successful without Britney doing much work
  5. I dont either OP. i have been saying it on here for ages now, he seems like a genuine nice guy who loves Britney and she seems happy with him. whats the problem?
  6. I just saw this and rushed on here. I'm so happy for her ! I think that middle finger is directly to Jamie, good for her!
  7. Yeh so is WTFH2 a success then? Cos ok its selling well physically and very few are streaming it. so is it a 'flop' because practically no one is streaming it? it just makes no sense im jealous you met them lol they do seem lovely in every interview they do. i havent seen them live before, tried in 2017 but couldnt get tickets. just hope November still happens
  8. its funny you say that because i do remember Claire from Steps saying in this interview in 2017 ive put up below, you have to play an album 1,000 times for 1 album sale. which to me boggles my mind. i dont play even my favourite artist's album a thousand times, maybe over like 10 years not certainly not in a week and i doubt anyone else does. so its no wonder a lot of singles are charting low. its like, i looked into Steps recent chart positions in the UK and i was shocked that their comeback single Scared of the Dark only went to no37 , no 7 on downloads and then the rest of their singles since then havent even charted and most have missed the top 20. [i love Steps btw and im seeing them in November so im not bashing them lol]. so it doesnt make sense that Steps are deemed a 'success'. but because JLS' comeback single only went no76 [but went top 10 on itunes and downloads], people are already labelling them a 'flop'. it doesnt make sense lol ,
  9. yeh. tbh many JLS fans are young under 30 year old who wont buy physical copies [including me, i buy physical CD albums but havent bought a CD single in 20 y;ears at least] so its no wonder they charted low in the official chart. But what i dont understand is why people still fixate on the official chart and say oh they only got to no76 which i understand why because that looks bad, but completely ignore thats its no4 on download charts and i think no5 on iTunes which to me sounds like a success. i dont get it. But all of Steps singles since 2017 have all missed top 20 but they are deemed a 'success'. doesnt make sense lol
  10. yeh thats my problem now. people are saying JLS have flopped which i understand why because they are only no 76 on the UK singles chart which at first sounds bad and years ago that would have been end of music career. But they are no5 on the downloads charts and no4 on iTunes which in 2021 i would have thought that would make it deemed 'successful' because who buys physical singles now anyway. Majority downloads and streams. So i would think a top 5 on the downloads and iTunes chart would make the single deemed a 'success' but people are calling it a 'flop' which i dont understand
  11. PMSL yeh im not talking about Jamie Lynn haha its weird, some people on here abbreviate her name to JLS and i always think its the UK boyband that im talking about on this thread lol
  12. Yeh so do i . i just dont understand why everyone quick to label it a flop because it only went to no76 in the charts but went no4 on itunes. but most of Steps' recent songs have missed the top 20 in the official chars but they are still deemed 'successful'. i just dont understand the charts anymore lol
  13. I dont know about the law. But wont they be at the age, certainly Sean now being 16, where cship / custody or not, they can do what the hell they want? if i was them, i would be telling everyone to get lost and ill see my mum whenever the hell i wanted
  14. I'm a big JLS fan [the UK boyband, not Jamie Lyn Spears lol] and was gutted to see it only made it to no76. But tbh I honestly don't understand the charts anymore as they were no4 on iTunes and all of Steps singles recently have charted low and they àre deemed a success but according to the official charts website Scared Of The Dark only went to ño37. And the rest of their singles have missed top 10 most have missed top 20. But they are deemed a success. And I remember Claire saying in an interview in 2017 that their physical sales were tiny but their streaming figures were huge but Ed Sheeren was the other way around. And it looks like JLS Is the same as Steps which makes sense because all their fans are young and probably just stream their music now hence why they are only no76 on the official chart but no4 on iTunes I mean this isn't me being an avid JLS fan sticking up for them no matter what. I like their song but I was worried it wasn't catchy enough for general non JLS fans. But I genuinely don't understand the charts and people saying oh it's no76 on the official charts it's a flop which I don't blame them for because I initially felt the same. But they are no4 on iTunes and no5 on the official download chart (Ed Sheeran is only no4 on that chart) which I would have thought was good considering most JLS fans are young and won't buy physical CD singles anymore (it must be 20 years since I did) hence why they charted very low in the official 100. But people are quick to label them a flop even though Steps and many others are the same What exactly makes a single deemed as 'successful'? Because people are saying JLS have 'flopped' because they are only no76 in the UK charts but then i can see why as their fans are still young and none of them would buy their physical CD single now. Same with Steps. But then they are no4 on iTunes and no5 on the official download chart and it seems everyone is forgetting that, they are just focusing on the official UK chart which nowadays seems irrelevant. You could go to no1 and sell only 1,000 copies nowadays Are the charts even relevant now? Related content:
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