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  1. you know what i dont understand and i thought this when Britney announced her first residency in 2013. what is the logic in starting it between Christmas and New Year? i remember britneys first POM date was 27th December. But surely for the artist that must ruin their christmas a bit because they probably have to watch not to overdo it with food and just generally not to overtire themselves at christmas to be fighting fit to start their residency just a couple of days later.
  2. ive said it on here before. i cant stand Baby one more time anymore. i heard it so many times over the years and everytime my dad thinks hes being nice by putting Britney on, he always puts BOMT on and it really grates on me tbh. im kinda the same with Toxic although i would still happily listen to it and doesnt grate on me as much as BOMT does, but if i wanna listen to Britney, i never put Toxic on i always listen to album tracks a lot more than singles tbh because i havent heard them so many times as non Britney fans dont know them
  3. thats what i think. after 14 years, shes probably scared of having all of the responsibility of all her wealth. Also, i read this article Britney Spears will 'not ask for her conservatorship to end' | Daily Mail Online and i know DM isnt always right, but in it it says 'She has 99% of the freedom she'd have if she weren't in a conservatorship, and the only thing she's prevented from doing are crazy things, like buying three cars at a time [something she tried to do back in the day],' a source told TMZ. and i do remember sometime last year i think it was she got backlash because she posted on IG about having a pair of heels worth $3,500 or something ridiculas like that and she admitted shes never even worn them. So now i think about it, she must have some freedom because i doubt her dad would say yep Britney spend $3,500 on a pair of heels. So, if this is true, ive kind of changed my view slightly on the cship because i suppose if you are as rich as Britney is, its very easy to go completely bonkers and spend spend spend. and even though she is a multimillionaire, shes only going to be 40 in December and so the money is going to have to last her potentionally another 30/40/50 years. The problem she has is Jamie being in charge and i do get that. its very different to a financial advisor like Jodi being the conservator than her father because shes not emotionally involved and would only make decisions based on finance and not 'well no you cant buy that because you said this to me last week'. i suspect as well a financial advisor telling Britney its unwise to buy something would feel a lot different to Britney then daddy telling her she cant have it like shes a child if this is true, i have slightly changed my view on the cship IF its for britneys best interests and shes happy. i still am against Jamie having anything to do with it. it should be someone like Jodi who isnt emotionally involved and whose job it is to take care of Britneys money
  4. well the article does say 'no plans to perform YET'. and its been 2 and a half years now since she's done anything so she must be getting bored i just want this ressolved so that Britney can finally just tell us what she wants to do. i dont mind if she wants to go back to work or retire and never work another day in her life again. i'll support whatever decision she makes, i just want to know and a line drawn under it
  5. to be honest, shes never going to beat ITZ and BO, i think even Britney would agree to that especially ITZ. Even in 2016 i think it was, she was citing songs from ITZ that werent even singles that was her favourite songs
  6. i like the song but its not a song i immediately put on if i want to listen to Britney. But i do like it and its a good song. i suppose what i dont like is how short it is My biggest problem with the Circus album is even after 13 years, i still cant believe Amnesia was just a deluxe bonus track! That should have been a single! its one of Britneys best song imo and its up there as my all time favourite Britney songs
  7. Actually just thought of another one - her cover of I love rock n roll. she released that in 2002 and was still performing it in vegas up til 2018
  8. yeh i was the same. i never heard about her until she passed. Although i was only 10 and from what i know she wasnt aimed for young kids was she? i only heard about her when she died and her music was played more on music channels because she was gone.i dunno, how popular was she before she died? i think its hard to say how popular she would be now. People have said since she died that she wouldve been massive now but part of me thinks people just say that because shes passed. she was only 22 when she was killed and so she would be 42 now and her life would probably have been a lot different now. Maybe married with kids. she might have took a career break at somepoint to have kids, or she may have decided not to have kids and concentrate on her career. she ma have got more successful music wise or her music might have lost people's interest at some point and she may have switched to acting sadly we'll never know
  9. ive found it ฺBritney Spears : The Onyx Hotel Tour 2004 [ Live From Miami ] - YouTube at 1h 22m 38s . i had it in my head it was the Dream Within A Dream tour which is why i couldnt find it
  10. she has said loads of times DLMBTLTK is one of her favourite songs. she said it in this livestream Q&A in 2013 at 5min 51sec Britney Spears MRL Ask Anything Chat w/ Romeo ‌‌(Full Version) - YouTube and shes said it many other times
  11. even if that was Britney, she wasnt exactly gunna say 'my new single is out on Tuesday, its cr*p but still buy it !' i think she must love Til The World Ends as she still performs it so annoying as i cant remember what tour it is and i tried to youtube it but cant find it. but i remember seeing a video where she going off stage and say 'oh i forgot to do Sometimes', and then as she runs off stage she laughs and says 'i never really liked that song;'
  12. Jessie J - i absolutely loved her between 2011-2013 during her Who You Are and Alive eras and loved them albums. Then the Sweet Talker era she started to lose me. I liked the album but not as much as WYA and Alive. But her attitude changed during ST and she came across as such a brat and so full of herself going on about how the UK doesnt appreciate her enough which i did think aw shut up get over yourself. Then she started promoting her 4th album R.O.S.E and released the music video for Think About It and after years of saying how awful it was people like Britney are half naked in their music videos, shes then half naked, butt showing and wearing a gimp mask in the TAI video and at that point she lost me. i hated the album Avril Lavigne - to be fair its not her fault. i loved her during her first 3 albums. Her 3rd album The Best Damn Thing was her best album. Then she took 4 years break and came back with a more mature album Goodbye Lullaby [understandably because she wasnt the 17 year old punk girl she was when she started] and i just got bored of her tbh Eminem - i liked his early stuff up til Encore in 2004. Actually had tickets to see him in 2005 at murrayfield stadium but he ended up in rehab for drug addiction and tour was cancelled and didnt get rescheduled. i was so gutted as i was 14 and it was gunna be my first major concert. then when he finally came back in 2009, i loved his comeback single We Made You as it was typical funny Eminem but i got his Relapse album and it was just so serious and every song just sounded the same then i found when he released his next album in 2010, i just couldnt be bothered even listening to it and it was obvious i was falling out of love with him. i did love his duet with Rihanna Love The Way You Lie they did in 2010 and ive loved his collabs hes done with P!nk over the last 9 or so years although his collabs with P!nk, she sings most of the song and he just has a section of the song that he raps. but apart from that, he just lost me
  13. so do i. it doesnt freak me out now because obviously im nearly 30 now. but it freaked me out when i first watched it at 10/11
  14. Well I was a wee bit late to the party and didnt hear about her between 1998-1999. i was only 7-8 at the time and still obsessed with the spice girls. so in 2000 i started noticing her and loved Oops and Stronger and i was about 9. so my mum bought me the Oops album first. and i think my earliest memory was it was someone's birthday and there was wrapping paper all over the living room floor and i had stronger on full blast and kicking and throwing the paper everywhere shouting/singing STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY!! LOL BTW I just wonder if anyone else was like this, i remember when her Live From Las Vegas HBO Special was first aired in 2002 i think it was, the dream within a dream concept really freaked me out. i was only 10/11. Especially the start where theres people in full body suits covering their head/faces climbing up the building. was anyone else freaked out by that show?
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