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  1. Hopefully thats true. Also I am wondering if he talked to Britney regarding it,like in sense if world sees you looking so unwell questions will be asked and ppl will start to dig ?
  2. @Prachi he literally explained he was hired to handle that kind of stuff. And with time they got comfortable with him and trusted him.
  3. Parading her high on lithium for photo op,confirming Team cons narrative regarding Me time. Those are the ones that disgust me. There are more but those are more of a personal dislikes and sound like conspiracies which I dont go into anymore. Is that enough ?
  4. Nope she came in after Brett was gone/fired. I mean she was there in 2011 as well but wasn't doing assistant job. From 2013 onwards she had been breathing downs Britney's neck
  5. He still has it. And it was probably given to Mathew. Hence his comment at the end they will aggressively investigate these allegations.
  6. Okay go to Dailymail (their readers are most aggressive and conservative ppl I have ever seen) in the past few weeks they turned on her and started to support Jamie. But go now on the article regarding this documentary and read the comments now. You will understand why these type of documentaries are important.
  7. Hey its alright I didnt wanna insult you. As I said Sam does have his shady moments and ppl have every right to question it. Hopefully one day we will get some answers of why he did some of the things and why he hadnt been more outspoken. But foe now we should focus on Goblin,Eden,Lou,Larry and James
  8. The problem is Lou stayed in shadows for most of the time. And had her minions do her dirty work. And she hid her traits pretty well. In the meantime she became huge business women with ties all over Hollywood. There is a reason she was one of the first ones to jump the ship. But Larry R and her deserve their own docu series.
  9. Yeah I was howling how she was coming after Goblins neck all the time Same for the gay boy not letting Eden breathe
  10. Me neither. But we shouldn't focus on him because we do not know his story. Aka why he did or had to do some things. Lets focus on 3 main **** Eden,Robin and Lou.
  11. His hostility towards all of this is weird ngl. I also dont understand why he never tried to get Britney and Fe back in touch. Also he was hella hella wrong for doing that photo op. Parading her around high on lithium and praising her stay on social media. Maybe he is mad that got some spotlight ?
  12. The fact she stayed sane and intelligent despit being on lithium and god knows what other medication whilst in that facility. Proves how strong sane and smart she is. But hey I am not the judge. Sam was wrong for agreeing on that photo op. I wonder why he agreed on it.
  13. Yeah her switch from her previous behavior to her behavior when she started FreeBritney threads and that twitter account was insane. I k ow even mods said to be careful with her. And i think she was perma banned after a while
  14. Yeah I am gonna stop commenting on him. Let me focus on Jamie and and that **** Robin.
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