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  1. I’ll say it again here. Max, Danja and Bloodshy are the holy trinity. I love Britney working with new producers but I’ll always welcome these producers back.
  2. Max Danja and Bloodshy & Avant are the holy trinity to me
  3. Like someone said before. 2012/2013 was the EDM era. The Britney ***** line definitely helped!
  4. That’s difficult but I have to give it to …Baby One More Time. That song can still give me all the feels. It’s also definitely because of the nostalgia
  5. 2000 2001 as a very close second 2003 1999 2016 2007
  6. I do! I ******* love that song haha I know a lot of you don’t like it but I think it’s a fun song. I also think it’s much better than Rock Me In
  7. Honestly beside King of Rock (Elvis) King of Pop (Mj) Queen of Pop (Madonna) and Princess of Pop (Britney) are other titles even relevant and used as much? I know Britney hasn’t been called the Pop Princess for a while but like the others I named, wasn’t she the first one?
  8. I try to forget it exists tbh I genuinely can not enjoy that album anymore. With the exception of Don’t Cry. I used to be able to listen to Alien Work ***** and Perfume as well but they’re kinda meh to me now.
  9. “It’s ok not to care” wtf this guy deserves to be dragged. (Disclaimer: No death threats tho)
  10. All of Britney’s albums are better than BJ which means so is Glory New Glory cover > BJ cover > old Glory cover Glory has better singles although both are not fantastic choices Invitation is better than Alien. Alien is one of the somewhat better tracks on BJ though.
  11. I think Rock Boy and Don't Keep Me Waiting are pretty underrated. I like Britney and a rockier pop sound.
  12. Blackout (I love this album form start to finish whereas I love about 60-70% of ITZ) Blackout (this is basically a tie because Toxic alone kinda beats Blackout for me but then again I love all Blackout singles and I only love 2 of the ITZ singles so I voted for Blackout after all) In The Zone (Allthough I don’t hate the Blackout cover anymore. It has become quite iconic) Blackout
  13. Yeah, I agree with you that “real fans” also acknowledge the greatness of non popular or well known Britney songs. So I’m with you on that. The only thing I’m saying is that a song like Toxic, Baby or Oops can still be considered (one of the )the bests for a “real fan” as well. Despite its success and legendary status. But yeah, there’s so much great stuff to chose from! I totally agree 😉
  14. Britney herself has named Toxic one of her all time favorite songs. So claiming “real fans” should agree it’s not her best song makes no sense whatsoever. I mean you can prefer Gimme More all you want cause we all have different taste but your statement on “real fans” is something I don’t agree with at all. - - I feel like fans in general should be able to love hitsingles. Singles being overplayed often result in fans not loving the song as much anymore but IMO they’re singles for a reason. But I guess it’s cool not to like them and call them overrated lol.
  15. I think Toxic is suffering from the fact it’s so popular. Which is not fair. It’s a fantastic and unique song and Britney sounds amazing on it. It’s quite different from anything else. Gimme More is great too. Both songs are in my top 5 Britney songs. But I have to vote for Toxic in all 3 categories. The music video for Gimme More is a disaster and Toxic is more iconic obviously as well. So the only one I was hesitating about was the first question. But still had to go for Toxic.
  16. Agreed! It’s such a good song. Has been one of my all time favorites for a long time
  17. I understand being a fan of Britney music makes you wanna do this but I really feel all we should do now is care for Britney the person and get her out of this conservatorship. asking for music makes us seem selfish (even though we’re just fans enjoying our favs music) now is not the time.
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