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    Tbh I see no harm on fantasising about a comeback after all of this is done and if she wants it whenever she is ready and if she is ready, after all we love her music, we love her videos, we love her legacy and we know how much she loves to dance and sing and how happy it can make her feel so the feeling is mutual Also especially now we know she is depressed, we know she is traumatized and can't sleep, etc, because she said it, but at least to me now there is a new spark in her eyes fighting the cship so I'm not sure if she's dead inside and that might be a very insensitive assumption to make in my opinion. Although I agree with "fighting for her freedom just so she can go back to her career" would be very very selfish and wrong I really haven't seen anyone ignorant to the point of fitting in this description 👀 Just because some people are willing to discuss and fantasise about a comeback doesn't mean that that's all we care about.
  2. What U See is 100% in my top 5 all time Britney songs. It's SUCH a bop
  3. I can literally see it so clearly in my mind I think y'all that say that she never had a red tail are crazy tbh it's so clear to me
  4. If after it all she still wants to release new music and go for it with hunger I think it would take the world by stormmmm. Let's see what happens after everything is well finally ❤️
  5. The fact she's looking over her shoulders on 90% of it is so funny whiplashney
  6. For this and every other question DWADT is always the answer, thank you and have a nice day
  7. Cinderella Virtual J Remix is a bopppp Song.link/https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=uweKSbZueBM&feature=share This Can't Make You Love Me remix is also bomb Song.link/https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=oM-I4sxHgZ4&feature=share
  8. Shouldn't the actual thing be just "not be an ******* doesn't matter what your opinion is"? Like now I myself am kinda on the fence about the IG thing but I was convinced it wasn't her until not too long ago and I've been vocal about it and just haven't fought or caused drama with anyone about it... Everyone should be able to share to their views on the original threads as a lot of other way worse and more damaging opinions about Brit and the cship have been thrown around in other original threads and nothing happened to those people... It's more about character than it is about the opinion itself, at least for what I see...
  9. She also said she won't be working until her father is conservator of her estate so yeah do as you wish but I'm not hitting it a single play until she's free
  10. It's Mariah Carey's favourite day of the year
  11. It really tells us nothing new tbh and it would be stupid for them to keep painting the "everything is fine" narrative, and it's not bull it's just my opinion on the matter. You can call your friends opinions bull bb, not mine
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