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I'm Not Crying Are You Crying? Britney Bursts Into Tears At Final 'Piece Of Me' Show

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I’m sorry but I laugh everytime when she’s crying and then the perfect playbacks starts and ruins the moment HAH when will the others 

For everyone who is still wondering why she’s crying- the full video.  I hope Austin isn’t scrapped 

I just come back from the show and I loved it. I was by the catwalk and was so close to her.  She slayed it tonight. I love her so much.  I have Britney blues now 

8 hours ago, Arckangel said:

It literally says: "Meet & Greet Package", and that includes that photo op w/ Britney. And it also includes an "Official Britney Spears VIP Meet & Greet laminate and custom lanyard". 

To meet whom? Britney Spears! To be greeted by whom? Britney Spears and her VIP team!


8 hours ago, 2K16NEY said:

It’s literally sold as a Meet and Greet Package. 

But in the description posted, it says Photo Op. Meaning you get to take a picture with Britney Spears thereby meeting her. It does not say “have a several hours long in depth discussion with Britney” it does not say “hug Britney” it does not say “be Britney’s new best friend”. Do I think the m&g’s are a mess? Yes. Would I buy one? No. Do I wish they were longer and more intimate and/or more consistent so every fan gets a good experience? Certainly. But when you buy the m&g package, it says you get a picture and a tour. A picture. And a tour. That is what you buy. Granted, many people probably expect more interactions than they get, which sucks, and that should be fixed. But they are not advertising anything you’re not getting. 

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Ok.. so I know this is mainly pointless but.. Am I the only fan that doesn´t know whats next for Britney?

Its POM finally over for good? If so, why she didn´t make an instagram post or something... 

Im so confused.. somebody show me the light pls haha (at this point even gossip is welcome) 



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Well, she will be chillin, maybe going to Hawaii, but the last POM this year will happen in October in Austin, we don't know details if it's the same POM show or more like the ones she did in 2016 like IHeart Festival.


No news of new album this year.

We basically know nothing.

Rumors about a new residency next year.

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Yes about that F1 concert.. 

2 years ago Taylor was the performer and in 2017 was Justin...Both had a setlist of 15 songs...So I guess we should expect a "reducted" form of POM... but if so.. why she was crying in her last concert of Europe? 

hahaha im sorry im just trying to share my confusion :) 

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Easy answer!!They saw it worked well on the Apple Festival in London,so they decided to emulate the show,without the props to keep the costs down and maximize profit.Kind of shameless,but they thought the experience would be fine,and it turned out they were quite right,as most fans enjoyed the show,plus the tickets,in Europe at least,weren't that expensive.

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It could be for few reasons. Either Planet Hollywood owns it and could not give them away for whatever reason... But it's clear that Britney is now in control where the money goes and stuff. Remember her interview last year she gave while she was touring in Asia. She says smt like "They put so much money into the shows and then you're like where did all my money go?".

I think it would have cost them a lot to take all the props and even tho she made millions out of this tour that doesn't mean she gets all the money. Also millions goes away to people who were part of this tour and there's quit few people involved. I mean a LOT ! So it makes sense to me why she's saving every penny.

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It wasn't so cheap to be fair. Of course it cost a lot less than previous tours but she still had a lot of things that have more value: 14 backup dancers, a giant screen, platforms, a decent sized stage with a catwalk for Europe and New York, lasers, fog, confetti, it all sums up. Today we see performers with less production, Shakira has no backup dancers at all and her stage is boring af, others like Demi, Ariana or Camila had basic stages too that consisted of one big screen. Beyonce and Jay's stage was basic too and not innovative at all, she's the one that's scamming her fans :jj:.

 The only one that had a big stage but still boring af like her entrance (pomney beats her entrance) is Taylor and that's because she's the biggest pop star currently (What happened to this world?).


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