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I'm Not Crying Are You Crying? Britney Bursts Into Tears At Final 'Piece Of Me' Show

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If she really doesnt want this, but she has to, I feel really bad for her :wontcry:

Tbh, i would act like this too then.

"Be wary of others
The ones closest to you
The poison they feed you
And the voodoo that they do
But in rebellion there's a sparkle of truth
Don't just stand there
Do what you got to do"

We need to free her sistrens. Shes giving us hints since 2007. Someone needs to kidnap her at the next M&G:demi:


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You have a really good attitude, it was an interesting read. I know you knew what to expect, but I'm glad you got a second, better experience.

I really hope Britney invests time into healing whatever is going on with her because from all the stories it sounds like she's struggling massively with things at the minute. Until she does I hope she stops holding M&G, I find it so unfair to take such a huge amount of money off a fan only to act like you don't want to be anywhere near them.

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I bet the entire time in her mind it goes like this “ what’s my sons up to today” “cant wait for this to be over” oh hi! “Urgh when is this over” thank you “urgh cant wait to watch that movie!” Hi! “Wait i need something...” k bye thanks! *goes talk to photographer completey ignoring the next fan “why they keep on coming urgh!”

i dont think any fans should be offended by it, it’s exhausting and she’s probably zoned out.

i had a photo op with a drag queen and she was the same, totally zoned out, not looking at me at all and the entire time just looked at the camera.

Fans really expect more than what they get lol

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47 minutes ago, Britney x Irene said:

first of all, very nice reading your story! I've never had an M&G so I enjoy reading these posts!!! :makeitrain:

regarding the reason of her crying on stage I also thought it was smth else rather than the obvious "last tour night". She had her normal/scripted voice before messing up the name and I think some people can really cry of embarrassment, especially if anxious because it'a s form of release. I don't want to speculate more because I'm not in her head but she left the same impression to me...


Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this. Not for a second do I really think it was a 'last tour night' moment either, and neither did the friends I was with. And I definitely agree, nothing makes me closer to tears than embarrassment. But I also agree with you, we shan't speculate! 


9 minutes ago, Hypnotherapy said:

You have a really good attitude, it was an interesting read. I know you knew what to expect, but I'm glad you got a second, better experience.

Thanks so much. I'm not here to share negativity, just the story. Overall I had a great time, and I love every part of her. She's a great, inspiring lady. And thanks for the kind words - I was also grateful for the second experience!

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2 hours ago, stephenn said:

I walked in, began my walk around her, looked her in the eye while walking to the other side of her and said "Hi Britney, Im Stephen". I knew from the beginning I'd want to greet her with my name straight away to be more comfortable. I don't even remember if she said anything to me.


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1 hour ago, Steel Magnolia said:

This all reminds me of her episode of Carpool Karaoke...

It's as if her Team doesn't tell her what she's signing up for before they go ahead and book her. And then they have to deal with her afterward when she realizes she doesn't want to do what she's already committed to.

The thing is...she's not even the person signing the contracts for this. It's her conservators signing on her behalf.

Her team works for her

Their not making commitments without her approval because she's the one that pays their salaries

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57 minutes ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

Yeah she has admitted in the I Am Britney Jean documentary that she is not cut out for this business. So it's really no surprise she acts this way. It's rather sad that she's forced to do something when she doesn't want to and doesn't really have a voice. 

She's not forced into anything

Her team works for her and I think you misunderstood what she meant when she said she was not cut for this business.  She obvipusly can handle it or else she would not still be here.   She's just not obsessed with trying to stay on top like most in the business are

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Just now, Cappycorn87 said:

I hope you don't think that Britney has ever worked for them and recieved her salary from their money

No, I've never thought she received a salary from THEIR money.

But under the law, her conservators sign all contracts on her behalf. Her conservators pay themselves, with court approval, and pay every single one of her employees, with court approval.

Britney has not signed her own name to a contract since February 2008.

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"The curtain opened. She was already in photo position, hand on hip... with her BACK TO ME. Her back was to me, already in posing position to get the photo." - IDK why this reminded of a scene in Silent Hill where they arrived in a hospital and the zombie nurses are in mannequin-like poses :demi:

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