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  1. I love it. It really makes you feel like dancing. Idk if you remember this scene from THE HOT CHICK where Rob Schneider is at the club with the girls and he (or she lol) hears a so g and suddenly he starts moving to the rhythm. Slave kinda makes me feel like that, it's immediately contagious. As a single, it was the right move in terms of artistry. Teen pop was already DYING. Actually, I feel like the album Britney should have gone into that urban R&B direction rather than the Max Martin catchy pop sound. It's weird for me to say that because my favorite song ever of hers is Overorotected but being objective and unbiased, a more urban style would have made a major impact in the long run. The music video cannot be any more addictive, ***ual, sweaty, hot and dynamic. She really gave us one of the most iconic dance routines in pop history. It's a big yes to me.
  2. Well, in my case, I feel like it's more because I have listened to her music for soooooooo long that now it's like ok, it's a great song, cool and skip it. When Glory came out I used to listen to it a lot because it was new and fresh. Now, I really need to be in the mood to say, lets listen to BOMT, OOPS, and so on. The only music of hers I currently listen to is Femme Fatale when I work out, some random Blackout songs and songs from here and there.
  3. This. Btw, when is it the due date Sam Ignham was told to File for termination, otherwise they will be inveestigated? wasnt it in May?
  4. Cinderella was a Stronger 2.0 Im not sure how successful it could have been since teen-bubblegum pop was at its end (of not finished already) by 2002. Slave and Boys urban sound was the new thing and I actually wish she had followed that path. Yes, the Britney album was great, it's actually in my top 4. Many songs out of it had the potencial to be a single. Althought the teen pop trend was done, the catchy sound was still good. I love Cinderella but I would have chosen What It's Like To Be Me, I just imagine the kind of slayage of choreo we could have had.
  5. Both tracks are more inclined to the R&B style, that's why their instrumentals are kinda slow.
  6. This is me basically with her entire discogrphy. Ofc, I still listen to some random songs from random albums, I have been lately working out to Cant Make You Love Me, Bombastic Love, and some of those but overall, I need to be in the mood to actually listen to her music as much as I enjoy other more current music. Yes, I love her but after all these years it has become.... you know, weird.
  7. So they telling me she felt embarrased by the NYT doc but still she watched this new one No one is buying their bs anymore, specially when they try too hard to make us believe it is her.
  8. This thought has been in my mind since forever ago. I cannot imagine how many music gems we could have get had she been in control of her career. Yes, Womanizer, Circus, HIAM, and some other songs are great but there is always the question: how different would it be? Assuming she would have followed the Original Doll artistic path maybe we would have a more solid kind of an artist. Ofc she would always stick to her ****, catchy, and sometimes sassy essence but in general terms, there would definitely be more variety in her catalogue.
  9. As a Madonna stan ofc we know there wasnt any other female as impactful as she was so people started calling her the queen basically because she was one of a kind. About Britney it was almost similar to Madonna, her impact was so big but calling her "the queen of pop" was not only inappropriate because there was someone bigger than her in terms of success but because "princess" was a more suitable nickname because she was very young. Back then, it wasnt even about ranking them in a pop 'royalty' scale, they stood out by themselves without the need to be compared. Ofc comparisons have always been there among peers, Madonna, Janet, Cindy and Britney, Xtina, Beyonce, etc but I remember at the time, most people, if not everybody, agreed that they 2 (M and Brit) were on the lead of their respective generations.
  10. Totally agree. Deserved to be the lead single. It portrays perfectly the ***ual electronic vibe of the album. A music video similar to the Curious commercial would have made her THAT ***** The song demanded a ***ual, moody, suggestive and artistic music video.
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