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  1. Stop doing crack guys, it's not healthy we can tell Yes, they are both humans. Aside from that I don’t see what else they could share.
  2. I have the feeling Netflix only cares for the views and making numbers. The only thing I am excited for is that Netflix is a huge streaming platforn so this will reach many more people than the NYT doc which was not only a serious journalistic company but the doc was done entirely by women. That's why it was done with the respectful treatment it got. I am very skeptical towards netflix tbh. They had a chance to make something great with the I Care A Lot movie but it ended up being a weird comedy-drama-action film which isnt bad but they carried out the c-ship theme poorly.
  3. I guess some people forget that the thing here is not that if conservatees have the right to hire their attorneys by themselves or not. The thing is that Britney was declared MENTALLY UNCAPABLE to hire her own attorney, based on that infamous medical report Adam Streisand talked about. I assume this civil right was already a stablished in the law system. I don´t really see how this actually changes, helps or makes Britney´s situation any better. Dont hate me, after all that has happened I became very very skeptical.
  4. When I was younger around 2006-2015 I felt like it would be perfect if Britney did a cover of the Barbie Girl song by Aqua. She was a human barbie to me, so who else could perfectly portray a Barbie doll. Then I saw what she did for Pretty Girls and I said, nevermind, if it's gonna be that cheap, no. Watch Chaotic again, she's done it. I love shady Britney
  5. Ikr... She might refer to anyone or maybe herself with those inspirational words.
  6. All I know is that it was supposed to be a BSB track and not Britney's. And that it is an awful song.
  7. Sorry, but I dont see how this is related to Britney Random pics from google dont say too much
  8. Im all in. My point was about making a general draft we all could use since I assume most of us are not related to law's terms and vocabulary. Plus, set a specific day for everyone, I mean, EVERYONE to send their (our?) petitions so can see them all. That could be attached to a hashtag like #RequestBritneyFreedom (lol, it's just a silly example) but the main thing would be sending a petition/request. Jordan surely has contacts with Samantha Stark and Liz Day (the FBS producers) they work for the NYT that would help A LOT, I would say those girls from Britney's Gram (but after the drama around authenticity of the audio idk how reliable they are to everyone). I know there are many lore people who can help but it needs to be as soon as possible I feel like this situation isnt going anywhere.
  9. Why dont you get in contact to Jordan (cant remember what his username is so I can tag him) and ask Lisa McCarley to advice us in making a generic petition/request we all can use so when can actually do it. Next hearing is in this month (right?) we could send a massive amount of petitions the same day so they can see them all together so hopefully they put their eyes on Britney's case. Maybe a hashtag would help but the main move from the fans must be a letter. Specially for international fans like me who can barely do something aside from raising awareness
  10. So What channel should we tune in kween? @britneyspears Cant wait to see what this is all about Still waiting for her to post a red toaster picture from google images quoting the rEd pR0j3Ct
  11. Let alone the album, wasnt the Madame X dvd supposed to be out by march this year on netflix?
  12. Well, we know Brit has had some dinners with París and Mariah, althought París has made neutral comments about Britney's current situation Mariah hasnt and I feel like, before acknowledging themselves as popstars, they see themselves as humans si that means they respect each other. Not mentioning something online doesnt mean they havent tried to talk to her in private. I remember this rumors back in the day when Britney was pregnat in 2006 about Madonna reaching out to Brit to show some support after the media backlash around those years, I do remember as well how supportive both were to each other around 2003-04. I am a Madonna stan as well and I know how self centred the queen is, she has always said nice things about Britney, she has mentioned many times and she has done random covers of her as well as Britney used to do it when she was a newbie. They definitely are not these ultra close friends who go to shopping every weekend but they do keep special respect for each other. We know how unpredictable madonna is but Britney has that power over people to make them feel so at ease, Madonna just saw that in her.
  13. En estos casos, lo que es verdad o lo que es mentira ya está demás, se trata de lo que puedes probar. Tristemente, la realidad de la tutela es que cualquier documento que Britney firme no tiene validez ya que ella tiene un tutor que 'cuida' de ella y es quien debe de hablar por ella, así que acudir por ayuda legal es simplemente inútil. El juez (con toda razón) se pasa cualquier papel por el c*l0 ya que la firma que importa es la de su tutor. Ahora te preguntas, ¿por qué no habla? He estado cerca de situaciones legales y te aseguro, puedes armar una telenovela y hacer drama y circo pero lo que vale es lo que pruebas. A estas alturas, se sabe que la tutela es una injusticia, ya todos lo saben, los abogados, los doctores, los jueces, la Corte, todos básicamente, pero tristemente los casos se resuelven con pruebas. El que Britney hable públicamente, puede ayudar a crear conciencia y exposición a su caso pero de eso a que realmente le ayude legalmente a salir de la tutela son cosas muy diferentes. Pedir la terminación de la tutela a simple vista puede parecer lo más lógico pero muchos de los casos se ganan paso x paso. El juez fácilmente puede negar la terminación ya que es una petición que va por el 100%, en cambio si se va ganando terreno poco a poco por lógica es más fácil argumentar la terminación. Es como el ajedrez, no puedes llegar al otro lado del tablero al primer movimiento, tienes que crear trampas, estrategias, movimientos. Edit: a mi tampoco me da mucha confianza su abogado. O sea, 12 años después apenas comienza a hacer su trabajo? Really? Como sea, desconocemos muchos factores por los cuales britney nunca peleó antes. Quiero pensar que sus hijos son el mayor factor. Ya están creciendo, pronto serán mayores así que no hay nada con que la puedan manipular.
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