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  1. You dont need proof. That's simple logic. Her name is a brand, and as I said, it's absurd but being under a c-ship her brand belongs to her conservator of her state. As easy as it is. I mean, yes, she could go to Ophra (just an example) and record an interview but Im not sure if the tv company and producers were willing to deal with a lawsuit by Jamie claiming they used Britney to get a profit without his consent. Remember, it's stupid but he really owns her legally. He would be in his total right to sue whatever tv company who dares to do such thing because, again, he must give permission to use the Britney brand.
  2. The driving/marriage/having babies, etc. sounds abusive with no doubts. About performing, singing, signing contract and ofc giving interviews under the name BRITNEY SPEARS is definitely illegal. Remember public figures register their names as brands so (as absurd and sad as it sounds) Britney cannot give interviews under HER OWN NAME because is a registered brand which belongs to a person who happens to be under a conservatorship. Yes, it boils my blood.
  3. I havent heard about them. I just know He belongs to a firm of lawyers but aside from that I know nothing about the people he works with. Is there any info? Are they known for something specifically?
  4. Kinda agree. Maybe Lynne never did anything straightforwardly against Britney. But being silent contributed A LOT to her abusers to damage her. Now, back to Jamie ofc he's the villain here but a freaking DUMB and ignorant (as Brit refered to him) villain. Everyone has run away by now, from Andrew, Lou, Larry to Sam I. They left already and Jamie remains the only idiot holding the entire guilt. I am not defending him, I am actually pointing out the fact he is so mentally sick that he let anyone involve in Britney's life in order to control her because he couldnt do it by himself. He ofc is a maniac who followed instructions from other people who actually used him for their benefit and got away with it. Now, legally, he is the one who must be sued because he was Britney in papers. Now, I finally understand Britney's anger.
  5. Well, tbh I dont expect them to go out and tell details of their private life. That is not of our business, we are willing to hear Britney IF she decides to speak. What I meant is that Lynne wasnt involved in the case until now, or at least we dont know if she ever was. Britney has tried to get out of that severa times, this is not the 1st time, so where was she? She is her mother, not her friend, not her collegue, not her aunt, etc but her MOTHER, a mother is supposed to protect you. Remaining in silence wasnt helpful. There's a quote from the Divine Comedy which says something like 'hell has a place reserved for those who remain neutral in moral crisis'. Remaining in silence is giving permission to her abusers to keep doing the same.
  6. Has she? 'obey daddy' doesnt sound like she was protecting her. Not saying she has mean intentions as Jamie. Actually Lynne was the one supporting Britney since her early career and we appreciate that but doing nothing in 2008 to avoid getting her daughter into that hell of c-ship speaks so much of how submissive and and unfit mother she was. Her current involvement is great, that's the minimum you would expect from your mother, but doing the minimum 13 freaking years later, really?
  7. You mean protective, not protected. I wouldn't say he's protective, because the last thing hes doing to Britney is protecting her but harming her. He is the kind of man who is frustrated in life for not achieving anything for himself so when people like him see an opportunity to get a benefit (specially an economic benefit) they do anything to get it, and if you add the fact hes an alcoholic mentally unstable sick person, the result is a trash of a person. Gross. Edit - oh, I just read the entire OP, I got it. Well, I can rephrase something Lisa Maccarley said. There is so much lack of trainning when it comes to c-ship procedures, the court is not prepared enough to properly carry these cases so that gives a huuuuuuuge range for making mistakes aka 'corruption'. And if you combine those factors to the fact that Jamie had access to the massive Britney fortune, he could make anything with money. Silencing people for instance. At the end everything is about money and exposure. How convenient everyone started quitting and things started to work on Britney's benefit after she spoke up publicly.
  8. What are you talking about? Look at her, she looks nice, her eyes are sparkling, she's a bit thicker than usual but overall she looks great to me, Look at the video the OP added, she looks really good. What other pictures would you want media to use? The 2017 Clive David party? She does look kinda bad in those pictures but I think or assume she would look way better in person, just a theory.
  9. Well, she looks great here idk what other pictures you all want them to use There's actually a video, idk who posted on Instagram if it was Britney Cassie or Sam where they are in their car on their way to the event, she looks flawless in that clip.
  10. I thought it was something Chromatica related drawing Sorry, I know nothing of anime or super heroes
  11. So they are running out of new content since she stopped doing their stupid 'weekly routine' I see
  12. Personality wise - that she gives 0 fvcks about other people's bs Career wise - she can wipe the floor with anyone when it comes to putting on a show.
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