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  1. Well they should be shaking in fear they will all turn on each other and they will pin this all on jamie as much as they can to avoid jail. everyone that was involved in this c-ship needs to be pulled in for questioning and some need jail time….looking at you Lou
  2. I wonder when britney had the IUD done I’m guessing it was the early stages of the c-ship ? They obviously did it so she wouldn’t stop performing. The whole c-ship team is now falling apart and they are all now trying to save them own skin and throw each other under the bus. They all need to go to jail!
  3. Seems like she’s trying to get as much money as possible cause she knows what’s coming
  4. Maybe a long shot but maybe Madonna has reached out privately, well I hope so or says soemthing soon
  5. Jamie is going to rot in prison one day! When the lid finally comes of this whole mess Jamie will have no money and no one by his side...know that
  6. I have been silent on this forum for months just been busy with work etc. But I listened to this podcast and just wow. The gram girls have done so good with keeping the free britney movement going and still fighting for our queen. the last woman really made me sad because what she said was truth - britney has been so mentally ****ed over by this system of course it’s destroyed her, I really hope and prey she wins her freedom back and we see jamie, Lou and co all face criminal charges what they have done to britney is pure evil it’s all been for $$$! I’m also glad this no longer being seen as a ‘conspiracy’ this is real life! This free britney movement has also shown how much the fans and even the general public feel for britney now.
  7. These 2 have are team jamie and Lou they have never supported this movement at all. They don’t want to go against them because they don’t want to lose future privileges 🙄 I unfollowed them both on IG and have not listened to there podcasts at all since plus t-Kyle has the most annoying voice 😷 he tries hard to be funny. boycott there crap 💩
  8. I’m not supporting anything while she is under this c-ship her team are trash and pure evil! plus I don’t think she’s doing anything right now I think she’s refusing to work and good for her if she is! They tried to make The zone happen and look at that mess.
  9. Hi everyone I haven’t posted In months but I have been keeping up to date with everything and with what’s been going on here. I am so worried about Britney 😪 her Instagram is clearly not her anymore at all I just feel like it’s all to hard with how ‘she’ posts I mean posting so many pictures after fans were once again asking where she was after literally going ghost for so long. The pictures are awful to me it looks like she’s told to pose for some pictures and they take loads to spread over a few days. Also what made me think more it wasn’t her was when her account was posting bloody Tik Tok videos from In the zone....which Britney clearly wanted nothing to do with! The fact she was not even there to show face once again speaks volumes how much she properly is refusing to work. something is going on and it’s very dark Jaydens video yeah he might be a kid but he’s old enough to know what’s going on with his own mum. The fact he called jamie a **** and called out the c-ship speaks volumes.
  10. It’s so sad that Britney hasn’t been able to have her kids full time for nearly 12 years
  11. Pretty pointless documentary nothing new and they didn’t even have a good conclusion with how much she has turned her life around Since also was very pro c-ship yes it saved her but she’s till trapped 12 years later focus on that! But they didn’t. but I’m so glad she’s turned her life around it was sad seeing those clips of her
  12. I think it’s gone quiet because there’s literally nothing happening. The movement is still there and we are still here but we just have to wait. also that documentary on channel 5 better be good on britney cause it looks like another cash grab on her breakdown and they better focus on how much she changed her life around
  13. Also I think they were bitter that the voicemail didn’t come to them and it kind of helped grow the gram girls podcast maybe ? But the gram girls are also easier on the ear to and the fact the podcast is based on her social media posts and look at every serial Is what makes the podcast great. these 2 just come across as desperate to breakout out as stars if I’m honest
  14. The movements still around it’s just that we have to wait til January and anything else in between.
  15. I listened to the first 15mins and had to stop - they really are ignoring all the evidence that has come out. Yet they still call it a conspiracy I think they were great at first the podcast was really good but they are both in denial or on the payroll or they have some connection they don’t want to lose. T-Kyle really annoys me now lol. britneys gram girls are so much more better and they actually are fans who just want to help britney and don’t care about perks .
  16. Gimme more really is a timeless bop - I listen to it every day and it’s just such a great song. Her laugh at the start and the iconic intro that song really does release the inner hoe in me when I’m drunk
  17. Britney really is trapped 😭 she has to wait till next year for any more hope and that’s if there is a way out! I really wish there was a way someone else could help britney that could help her legally and stop people taking advance of her, I don’t think even Lyne has the stopping power because Jamie has so many people in his pockets including the media! I even feel like Britney has given up and gave up along time ago - I mean as much as she wants her freedom what can she do when she is stuck 😫
  18. I hope britney gets good news tomorrow. I really can’t stand the fact how horrible Jamie and co are it’s disgusting! Britney has been a prisoner long enough and noes the time she gets to fly!
  19. Even if Britney does have mental problems it doesn’t cater for her life to be so controlled and manipulated by her own father! Who uses her kids as ammunition to use against her to keep him in power. Although Jamie is the face of the c-ship it’s pretty clear who runs everything from behind the scenes I.e Lou, the lawyers etc. But if she really did need this c-ship then give it to her mum who actually cares and loves her daughter. It’s always been clear that Britney doesn’t really have a good relationship with her dad and it’s been like that for years. I don’t have high hopes for this hearing I think this whole thing is going to go on in Jamie’s favour once again and she’s trapped for another 10 years
  20. Is she readying a Blackout volume 2 i know people dye there hair all the time but when Britney does she does it to make a statement. Either she’s really fighting this all, giving a huge **** you to her team or she’s just having fun lol. But i hope she knows how much support she has behind her to end this messed up situation.
  21. Jamie is so desperate to stay in power and keep his own daughter a prisoner all for his own gain it’s disgusting! The same goes to Larry and Lou they all need to **** of and leave! If they think this fan base will buy anything from them if they are still on the scene then they are wrong!
  22. This is all so creepy, god I really hope Jamie rots what he has done to his own daughter for the greed of that man and the greed of team c-ship! The judge I hope frees Britney from her dad and if the c-ship has to stay then put Lyne in charge!
  23. I have not posted lately mainly due to how awful this site is to use now lol. Maybe this is team c-chip going against britney and that rumour of them threatening to use her kids against her I.e seeing them is true. Her father is evil Kevin is sick to but I really think Jamie was behind this maybe he sees this as a way to get britney to stop fighting? God I hope britney stays strong if she gets out of this c-ship she can fight for full custody!
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