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  1. Buy tickets: https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/06005CA2044E36DC
  2. Lil Nas X’s dad posted on his stories about not getting hold of tickets to his own son’s first ever tour. Montero’s dad is a Gospel singer and did background vocals on “Dead Right Now”. Do we need to sign a petition? What happened to Respecting your elders? 😆
  3. Este fin de semana arrancó el Perrísimas Tour de Alejandra Guzmán y Paulina Rubio con sus dos primeras presentaciones: el viernes en Orlando y el sábado en Fort Lauderdale. Continuarán su recorrido por Estados Unidos con otros veinte conciertos más a lo largo de abril y mayo, culminando en Los Ángeles el 22 de mayo. Aunque expresaron sus intenciones de llevar el concierto a México y otros países de Latinoamérica durante las ruedas de prensa, aún no se han anunciado más fechas hasta el momento. Abrieron el show con el cover de Ni Tú Ni Nadie, el sencillo que fue cancelado en 2020, cuando el proyecto originalmente estaba planeado para estrenarse. Los conciertos no estuvieron libres de polémica, al parecer Alejandra se burló de Paulina al ovidársele la parte que tenía que cantar, al final de su interpretación de Hey Güera y Mío.
  4. According to deuxmoi podcast, Britney was invited for a Q&A with Vogue at her home but declined because she wants to keep her home life private and is in the process of scouting for a new home with Sam. Britney allegedly said to vogue "Not until i'm in my house, I don't want to show my prison to the world." Listen at 10:49 in the podcast for this topic
  5. After delaying the tour due to the pandemic, Dua Lipa kicks off her first date of the tour in Miami, Florida. From what I've seen so far, it looks like she killed it. Production for her first arena tour is absolutely incredible. She kicked off the show with her hit Physical, which lead into her first lead single as an artist, "New Rules". I saw her reschedule a few dates in Canada already due to restrictions. I am crossing my fingers that the Vancouver show is good to go. I cannot wait to see her live. I know everyone has different opinions on her performance, but let's be real, y'all can be quiet cause it appears that the tour is selling quite well!!! This is going to be my first live show since the pandemic started, I cannot wait to lose my voice. ANYONE GOING TO THE VANCOUVER SHOW? IF SO, I HAVE FLOOR TICKETS? ANYONE DOWN TO MEET UP? Are any of you going to any other dates? Which one?
  6. The pic of the CD showtape was taken by Lufti, it includes the songs she performed for the M+Ms tour, it looks like Britney was going to perform a longer set with blackout songs. Original zoomed out image https://twitter.com/samlutfi/status/1122222461460697088
  7. One answer only. Since all her tours are wrapped up (afaik, nothing about Domination revealed yet) I thought it'd be fun to see what people on here like the most. I'm gonna wait a bit with my own answer because I have a top three and can't decide on which one (For the sake of not having 100 options I left out the promo tours, like the BOMT mall tour)
  8. I know I had a thread a while back about the WTF looks in general, but let's divide it per POM section now since I know there are many choices . These are mine: POM 1.0 WB section "Gothic" section BO section Neon section Slave section Circus section Jungle section POM 2.0 WB section MATM secion "Gothic" section Neon section Slave section Circus section Jungle section
  9. Here's something fun, in November after Britney's free she decides to does something spontaneous, small and intimate like her M&M's 2007 Tour for the fans. Comment your ideal setlist for the show and why Here's mine: Liar (Dedicated to Jailme Spears) My Prerogative (Dedicated to getting her make her own life choices) Lonely (She was jamming to it in the car a few months ago and she stans it as much as we do) Overprotected (Because team con banned it and we haven't heard it live since Onyx) Stronger (It's symbolic of everything and it's Sam's favourite song and he'll be going off to it backstage)
  10. Hi, i don't know if anyone has already done this thread, but i wanted to choose the best performance for each Britney Tour. Let's start with the baby one more time tour For me, the roll call and Crazy are incredible
  11. I'm amped! good to know was SERIOUSLY underrated. Let's give Jojo her flowers this time if she brings it like she did last time around! JoJo says: t𝘳𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘪𝘵 • exclusive tour dates 💙 SO 👏🏼 ******* 👏🏼 grateful to have the opportunity to perform these new songs + some of your favs on 6 intimate ✨ LIVE dates in October along with my incredible talented friend/ special guest @tiara_thomas. to everyone in these 6 cities who purchased tickets to the *good to know* tour - ur getting early access to tickets & VIP packages TOMORROW 8/17 @ 10am local time. check ur email for the code. a second presale will happen on Wednesday 8/18 at 10am local time. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSpQceDpqEO/
  12. So we all know it's not 2003 anymore and she can't put on a show like she used to do. But what if she stopped touring at all and started to release music more often. Imagine if she'll release album every other year with 4 singles at least with music videos who needs touring when you can have music.
  13. Well, this didn't age well. Last year, Gaga announced the Chromatica Ball would be moved to summer 2021. It's been postponed another year, to summer 2022. Earlier: Lady Gaga's #Chromatica Ball tour is rescheduled to summer 2021. She'll kick things off July 25 in Paris before making her way to London on the 30th. On August 7th, Gaga will perform in Boston, followed by shows in Toronto, New Jersey and Chicago. Check out the dates below. Exhalers, do you plan on going?!
  14. I've always wonder what really happened with the Mannequim original choreo , why never saw the light, it was one of the best she has done since 2004 here she still had technique, was synchronized with the dancers and looked genuinely happy doing it and the original choreo of circus was great, oh God, why she never made it complete on any perfomance??? in the end she kills!!!
  15. Since the other thread did so well how about one for imaginary Halftime shows. P!nk: All of the songs are shortened obviously. First Section starts off as a Rock Section. Black and White Stage. Then For Stupid Girls its changes and gets very bright and colorful. During the line "What happened to the dream of the girl president, shes dancing in the video next to 50 cent" It pans to Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson in pantsuits as president and vice president (like Pink was in the music video) Get The Party Started Just Like A Pill U + Ur Hand So What Stupid Girls Stage turns into the shabby house from the Try video and she does the choreography. House burns down as she sings Just like Fire, before Sober starts a giant Chandellier comes down from the ceiling and she does the acrobatic number she did during the Truth About Love Tour. Try Just Like Fire Sober Chandeller drops her off at a set of stairs and she does Choreography with shadow figures for What about Us. During "Wild Heart cant be broken" she does a silk routine similar to the 2010 Grammy one. What about Us? Just Give Me A Reason Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Perfect Finale: Lady Marmalade with all the other women.
  16. • UPDATE • In the past few months, we've been working on something very special to celebrate halloween and also to relaunch our tour with a special thing. I introduce to you The Sleepover Tour - Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat is our special halloween edition of The Sleepover Tour, coming with a different setlist, new remixes, and a spooky new act. We've been working on this for at least 3 months now and it's still uncertain if we're gonna be able to release it on the day we planned, but we're doing our best! Sadly we won't be able to launch the show today (Oct 30th) as we planned, Tokyo Teen have some personal stuff to solve and couldn't finish all the mixes in time for our launch, so we'll postpone it to november. We know this will most likely kill the ''halloween'' vibe, since we wanted it to be a special halloween concert, and it really makes us sad that we can't put it out in October, but we'll try to get it released in November! When we have everything ready, we'll come back with the livestream announcement and you'll get a new date as well, don't worry. Meanwhile, thanks for understanding and we cannot wait to share this special concert with you guys! We are thrilled to share this new step of our project with you and i can't wait to see your reaction at our livestream. The Sleepover Tour Welcome to The Sleepover Tour project! In this topic you'll find all the information about our new tour project, all the details and all the concepts, and some exclusive information! Please, take a seat and enjoy, because not everyone was invited to this party.. • • The Sleepover Tour • Are you on the list? • • What is the Sleepover Tour? - Sleepover was thought to be one of Spears' most ambitious tours, a tour aimed at promoting the album "Glory". The setlist was defined with the utmost care by two fans who already know the best that Britney has to offer, studying her past tour and patterns for over 20 years of her career, creating a story throughout the show that will keep everyone entertained for at least 90 minutes. The Story The concept of the Sleepover Tour was created around the music and video of Slumber Party, a pajama party at millionaire level, where everything on stage is set like a grand mansion. Large, window-shaped LED screens, as well as circular screens similar to the ones used in The Circus Starring tour, designed to act as giant chandeliers. The setlist, as said before, was carefully thought out to tell a story: Act 1 - The Arrival: Britney wakes up from a late-night dream where a mysterious man was looking for her at a party in the 40's, then she decides to call some friends for a pajama party at her mansion, and soon the party is packed with people, including some romantic interests, the first act revolves around Britney flirting with a man who showed up at the party. Act 2 - Pool Party : In this act Britney is playing with her prey, playing a game of seduction while everyone celebrates at a pool party. She has to convince the guy to stay with her, and this is told in the course of the songs Change Your Mind and Hard To Forget Ya, which will include a participation of one random fan from the audience. Act 3 - Midnight Mood: All her seduction paid off, and Spears takes her newest ****** to her bedroom, it's the **** act of the tour, with remixes totally geared towards sensuality, typical of Britney's tours. Top moment of the act being Mood Ring. Act 4 - V. I. P. Lounge: After much sensuality, Britney decides to speed up things a little bit, the guy is sleeping in her bedroom so she decides to go back to the party and do what she does best: dance. It is the dance act of the tour, with remixes quite agitated that will not leave any fan standing still at the show. Act 5 - Who's That?: In the midst of so many people and drinks, Britney ends up seeing what she doesn't wanted to, the guy with whom she went to bed did not want anything at all, and she sees him kissing another woman at the party (that looked just like her). She gets extremely hurt, but soon the guy tries to sort things out and she says: thank u, next! Act 6 (Encore): Britney realizes that she does not need any man in her life and from now on she is an strong independent woman, she get along with her friends and ends the party to the sound of Slumber Party. On the main stage we have LED screens that simulate the entrance of a mansion, a transparent lighted platform where the band stays during the show and occasionally Britney climbs to perform, and also a staircase with LED screens that can retract to become a single screen. On the main floor of the stage we have two steps that delimit an area where the team prepares the scenarios of the tour, each act has a different scenario that is mounted in that place. At the end of the last step there is a special waved screen that comes out of the floor during the interludes, giving a better visibility of the videos of the screens while the team prepares everything behind, it connects with the retracted staircase, forming a single and big screen with height of 2 and a half meters. At the end of the main stage there is a curved walkway that gives access to the secondary stage and the secondary walkway. The secondary stage has a circular platform that can reach up to 3 meters in height (similar to the one used in the Femme Fatale Tour and The Circus Starring tour), at the top there is another circular LED screen. In the secondary walkway there is a mat where Britney can do some choreography, as well as a ladder for access of fans in special moments of the show. The stage has an approximate height of 30 meters, with about 65 meters wide. As said before, the setlist was carefully thought to contain most of Britney's hits, and even if they're not listed here doesn't mean they're not on the tour, we added little special samples in every song! The Sleepover Tour • Are You On The List? 1. The Arrival • Prelude [Contain elements from "Womanizer"] 2. Intro [Contain elements from "Invitation"] 3. Do You Wanna Come Over? 4. Hold It Against Me [Contain elements from "How I Roll", "I Wanna Go" and "Toxic"] 5. 3 6. Pool Party • Interlude [Contain elements from Danja's remix of "Hot As Ice"] 7. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) 8. Love Me Down [Date Of The Night • Fan on stage] 9. Hard To Forget Ya 10. If I'm Dancing 11. Midnight Mood • Interlude [Contain elements from "Coupure Électrique" & "Kill The Lights"] 12. I’m A Slave 4 U • Break The Ice 13. Radar 14. Make Me... 15. Mood Ring 16. V.I.P. Lounge • Interlude [Contain elements from "Scream & Shout"] 17. Boys • Baby One More Time 18. Gimme More 19. (You Drive Me) Crazy [Contain elements from "Gimme More", "Big Fat Bass" and "Stronger"] 20. Who's That? • Interlude [Contain elements from "Lucky"] 21. Just Like Me 22. Liar 23. Shattered Glass / Me Myself and I 24. Stronger 23. Encore • Interlude [Contain elements from "Toxic"] 24. Slumber Party Here you can check out the teaser trailer with some previews from the actual 3D stage lighting and backdrops! Don't worry, you guys will get a full trailer really soon, with the previews of some other mixes, as well the stage lighting and backdrops, stay tuned! The Sleepover Tour wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the team behind all of that magic you just saw, a work of more than one year is finally coming to an end and we cannot wait to show you guys everything we've prepared! Sleepover Tour YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrfW8-H0STQr8A8Gv9IILIA Sleepover Tour Soundcloud Channel https://soundcloud.com/the-sleepover-tour • THE TEAM • Tokyo Teen - https://soundcloud.com/tokyo_teen & Stuff - Creative Director, Stage Concept Designer, Backdrops, Setlist and Tour Marketing. Tokyo Teen - Music Director, Tour Mixes, Setlist and Tour Management. Special Credits Allan H. - 3D Stage, Stage Concepts and Lighting Ricard - Tour Outfits Thank you guys so much for all the support we've been getting in all of our social medias, and the best is yet to come, don't miss the tour launchment! We have plans on launching the project until the end of January, when that happens i will be making another post with all the download links and everything you need to know to improve your experience while listening to the tour! Thank you so much! xoxo, The Sleepover Team
  17. Congratulations! Hope they're staying safe and healthy! As for the 2021 tour, Jessica says: “To all the people thinking the tour isn’t going to happen and spreading negativity on one of the most beautiful life events for me, that’s simply not true… “This show will go on once this global pandemic subsides and it’s safe to do so hopefully by this summer/fall. “I plan to come back 100% but if I can’t participate for some reason, the girls can go on without me until I can.” The Daily Mail says that the Pxxsycat Dolls 'are reportedly close to signing a new management deal:' 'It has now been claimed that the girl-band have peaked the interest of Madonna and Britney Spears' management company, Maverick, as well as being in discussing with other big firms. A source said: 'The pandemic has hampered plans for The *****cat Dolls but as far as they are concerned, they're all raring to get going as soon as it's safe to do so. 'This new team is great news for them and they've got a handful of songs which they are plotting to release when they can all safely get together again. 'With half of the group in the UK and half in the US, it is tricky, but they are determined to release some singles in 2021.' Meanwhile, don't forget the BOP that React is and check these rehearsal videos Why are they so good omg!?! Dolls, we need more from you this year!
  18. Britney recorded the performance for Boys (The Co-Ed Remix) with Pharrell at the Dream Within a Dream Tour date in Buffalo NY. This was broadcasted for Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. The performance is HOT and the TV rip was restored with AI by our staff member @itzjake*****
  19. So I met her in Paris yesterday (29th). I had no expectations at all since I met her during the FFT and my experience was great (hug, kiss, little discuss). But still, I prepared a fun pose to ask her, and a little word. During the FFT I was 22, I was young and nervous, and even more since it was the first time meeting her. But I could ask for a hug, introduced myself etc Yesterday, I was way more relax and prepare, but... When my time arrived, it was so f**king rushed. Bodyguard stopped me before I entered the room because I had chewing gum in my pocket... Then he told me "No touching Britney, No asking her", so I walked in, she looked at me in the eyes, and I told her "Hey Britney, I'm really happy to meet you" she just said Hello and photographer screamed "PICTURE!!" I didn't even know where I was supposed to be, I just pose next to her with no pose, then she said thank you, I thanked her back. Before I get out I turned my head to see her a last time, she was looking at someone of her team, with scared eyes I never saw some eyes that scared before. Another fact, in the waiting line we saw some dancers, they smile to us and everything. Then behind me there was King Alex, and Larry came and discuss to him. Larry didn't tell anything to the fans, I looked at him and smile to him but he didn't even replied. He is such a ********* clearly here to milk fans. Then Alex was asking him about that Marta drama, and he said that she touched Britney many times without asking her and that now Britney doesn't want someone to touch her body anymore. That's it for the picture experience. All I hope is my picture is fine... I'm happy with my night cause I met some super people during the MG, and the Paris team gave us a standing area in front of the stage. I'm not disapointed cause I had no expectations, and I already met her. But I understand the people who are. Also, I won't buy any Meet and Greet for Britney anymore while she doesn't cure her issues. UPDATE: Pic.
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