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  1. Yaaaaas lets get Slumber Partay to the BB Hot #900 after 5 years
  2. Ofc neither Netflix nor any other media outlets are doing it for charity we knew that beforehand but these documentaries have helped to put Everyone's eyes in her case which has impacted on the pressure to the Court to at least do their job, which has allowed her to hire her own attorney and go this far in her case. Without all the awareness made from fans, media and these docs, Jamie would still hold the narrative of him as a savior father, locking Brit up as soon as she refuses to work.
  3. Well, the Framing Britney Spears doc kinda gave us those hints. Watch it again and there are 3 moments I felt they were kinda giving us the hints: - in the first minutes when they added Britney doing the voice-over, they 'casually' matched it with the grass/pink flowers as a background. - almost at the end of the show, britney destroying the pink rose-shaped soap, what a coincidence ah? -at the very end, as in the beginning of the show, they added the fact that they tried to get in touch with Britney herself but they were unsure if their request actually reached to her while, again, showing the grass/flowers background. I think those hints was their way to tell us britney was involved in the project, at what extent? I dont know but Id like to think she was. The result was amazing and no matter how shocking or viewed this new Netflix doc will be, I will always prefer The NYT documentary because it embreced Britney In a very respectful way and if it were up to me, I would prefer a Framing Britney Spears part 2 rather than a Netflix one.
  4. Mmmmmm never say never. We didnt believe how far her team would go in order to keep cashing in from her suffering and well, it all ended up being worse than what we thought, but lets expect a positive view.
  5. "I personally think it's kinda pvssyf¡ed" - Spears, B. 2004. *classical music plays in the bsckground
  6. Well, media is allowed to get in the court room and we will have access to the files and transcripts from this hearing so to me, having access to the actual audio is a plus. Ofc, Id like to hear Matthew and her dragging those rats again but as long as the procedure is clear enough for media and freebritney supporters to have access to the room and post updates, Im ok with it. *edit I dont buy this all of a sudden "interest" from this man who happens to work for a tv network. Ofc, they are looking for the exclusive info they can get but again, we wanted attention to her case, now we got it. Any help at this point, is a good help.
  7. A bit off topic but, have we ever seen actual facts or comments straight from the people involved about netflix doing a Britney documentary in the first place? We havent seen a sh1t about this so claimed netflix documentary, have we? aside from fans comments and rumors here and there. Sometimes I feel like netflix executives are scratching their b@lls at their office totally clueless about anything related to Britney. I hope Im wrong.
  8. I wonder if it ever was an official remix from him or from her? I only knew about it because the fanbase used to praise it a lot back then so yeah, just like you, I worked out to it but lately I play much more often the Work B1atch remix from the iHeart Radio. Me on the treadmill like
  9. I rarely like remixed editions. Most of them simply fv¢k up the original songs, but here's a few I actually like Her soft and subtle vocals remain as flawless as in the original version. It has always reminded me of Hold It Against Me, it's almost as she predicted her own future sound This remix I dare to say, it's as good as the original song. It not only stands out her raw vocals from the original song but the DJ added those beats that make the song sound as a completely different song. One of my favorites. I guess the author was (or still is?) an exhaler. Not sure if someone remembers this remix, back in the day it was highly praised. I hadnt listened to it since like 9 years ago tbh.
  10. So 8 years ago I spent the all night up waiting for nothing the next morning, even though I had tons of work for college. Mmmmm.... Slay I guess.
  11. I would say more like Erotica, both blue covers and overly ***ual, avant garde sound which aged well in time with controversial tours with an immense backlash ahead of their time. Literally, if you play both the Girlie show or the blonde ambition tour or the onyx hotel tour, at the time they were racy and too much of s** but compared to what we see today, it totally normal
  12. Because her facial features were 100% in balance which according to science, that's what beauty is about. Balance. QUEEN OF FLAWLESSNESS
  13. Im Roger Johnson for pop news standing outside the arena waiting for Helga Wilkinson, OMG! here she comes
  14. I just love the amount of endless themed combinations we can make with her name for every situation. Primeney, Circusney Vegasney Raccooney and so on. It's like the perfect suffix god ever created. Like she was destined to be the biggest popstar of the century since she was born.
  15. Well, but it happens that those celebrities are not STUCK in an abusive conservatorship that have not only threaten them but their sons as well. Yes, those things normally happen to all celebrities but right now in Britneys situation everything is suspicious. Not to the point of making a buzz about everything but we must question most things
  16. #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears #WhereIsBritneySpears
  17. Mmmm not sure if you are a new stan or not but this is basically everyone's reaction back in 2004 about Ktrash. Not saying that Sam is a bad guy or anything but I think once someone is as rich as Britney, these things are not just considered by her but by an entire team of people who manage the fortune, regardless if they in a c-ship or not. We know nothing is for sure, that they might split in the future, (hope they wont) but mentioning those things isnt appropriate I guess. Ultimately we fight for her to be free from doing what she wants and when she does we (kinda) complain about it. Doesnt make any sense, does it?
  18. MTV died after Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. As from then, it's been basically a reality tv channel. Making The video, Diary of, Weekend specials, TRL, Top 20, etc. God, those days.
  19. Before opening this thread I thought: I bet my b@llz there will say "tMz rEp0rtS" and right after loading the page this is what I spotted At this point we have 2 options. We either STOP SPREADING TMZ lies and giving them clicks to their $h¡tty page. OR we need to seriously EXPOSE Harvey Levin as hard as we have gone over L0u T4yl0r cause seriously, their stupid and idiotic articles get me on my freaking nerves. I cant stand reading another article from them about Britney anymore.
  20. What @Easy There meant is that there is an IG account which posts Britney pics from specific dates, appearances, performances, candids, etc. and they caption each post with the dates the pics took place in. Not that Brinti had an IG in 2001.
  21. Because great Brinti minds stans think alike And because only ugly people hate on FF
  22. God, those mtv shows were the $h¡t I remember they also did a recreation of BOMT, Im not a girl, and Im not sure about Crazy.
  23. My thoughts precisely. I feel weird towards Circus because while I do enjoy every song to death from the entire tracklist (bonus tracks included) the album as a whole looks kinda neutral to me. And it's weird because each song by itself, sounds amazing. There are only 2 or maybe 3 skips but the rest of it, is a serve!! Femme Fatale was like a love crush. Immediate attraction. It took me (for most of the songs) only 1 listen, to love each track. I remember telling myself alone in my room, I guess this is my fav song, then I listened to the next and teold myself the same, and then the next and the same.... It's bop after bop after bop. It's catchy, explosive, it makes you wanna get your azz up and dance. Im the one to think that the perception we have of a song or an album has a lot to do with what was our experience with it and Femme Fatale came into my life when I started college, so Femme Fatale was my sh1t to party the h3ll until to 5 am totally drunk.
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