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  1. This was so surreal to watch, I felt like I was in an alternate reality of 2007
  2. I'm so happy that this leech is backing down But also, the audacity?! After fighting tooth and nail, trying to justify the conservatorship for YEARS, now they're just like "ugh fine, stop being so dramatic, here's control of your life back loool"
  3. This really hit me hard yesterday. Girls Aloud were a major part of my childhood and their music was always pushing boundaries - their discography is immaculate. Even though we knew how this was going to end, it doesn't make it any less devastating. 39 is way too young to go. Sleep well, Sarah.
  4. Have they been confirmed to be fake though?? Some people are surprisingly consistent with their signature, I've seen it before It's a weird move to have them on top of the jewel case though
  5. I wonder who's paying for this little PR stunt hospital trip... Is it... ??
  6. The devil works hard but these girls work harder, always here for more Little Mix music! I need more Heartbreak Anthem type bangers Although working in physical music logistics, just looking at all those million different formats gives me puuure anxiety
  7. Yeah I was being shady towards you teenagers! My point is that teenagers' knowledge shouldn't be the reference point, it's applicable to you but not everyone, and mostly because there's a whole 40 years worth of music for yous to still be discovering. I'm still discovering songs in my 20s that have transcended through generations that might not have got to me in my teens. Do you get what I mean? I'm not saying POM is or is going to be one of those songs, I'm kinda on the fence, but I think it has potential!
  8. The "younger generation" have just about learned how to wipe their own *****, it's a big reach to put this kind of status in the hands of them, they're the future but they're not the epitome of everything I feel like it's in this mid-point of actually being a well acknowledged song with the subject matter, the time it was released and she had a residency named after it. On the other hand, it's eclipsed by Gimme More.
  9. Omg! The sarcasm didn't translate to me - I genuinely thought Lou's assistant had created an account to debunk theories ffs
  10. Omggg I remember Apple uploading all the live audios from their performances that year and it was literally just the songs with added crowd noise
  11. Yeah agreed, had things been executed a bit better by her team we definitely could've got some stronger sales! Unfortunately she's now in the nostalgia category hence why TSC is popping We've actually had a few updates, but I can never keep track of previous ones to know how much roughly is being shifted annually: ...Baby One More Time – 1.210.000 (December 2018) Oops!... I Did It Again – 917,000 (January 2020) Britney – 477,000 (December 2020) In the Zone – 540,000 (November 2018) Greatest Hits: My Prerogative – 1,032,114 (August 2018) Blackout – 300,000 (October 2020) Circus – 353,451 (March 2011) The Singles Collection – 300,000 (August 2021) Femme Fatale – 100.000 (June 2016) The Essential Britney Spears – 36,623 (August 2020) Brocolli Jam and Glory have had minimal updates, but like you said their streaming is relatively weak so I can't imagine they've done much over the years bar WB and MM
  12. Oh wow yes you're right, June 2016! FF was the beginning of her decline commercially in the UK, can't imagine many units get shifted in comparison to anything before, along with the fact it took 5 years to go gold, I can't see platinum being anytime soon
  13. FF was certified Gold (100k) in March 2020 I believe, so I feel like we'll be waiting at least 15 years for it to go Platinum
  14. For real, Selling Sunset is my ultimate go to!! Yessss we definitely need more of these shows from Paris!!
  15. O M G I've been waiting for something like this, her lasagna ep on Youtube was brilliantly awful - we tried to make it and it actually banged It ain't no Selling Sunset Season 4, but it'll definitely do!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention @Invitation
  16. Weird thing to be trying to argue about but okay... The trauma is relevant because it shows their neglect in duty of care during that time, it all goes hand in hand, but sure go off about how it's "irrelevant"
  17. This whole era feels very dark to me now, looking at this video you can clearly see she was dealing with trauma, she needed some real time to heal and was never allowed it
  18. One minute we're mad at people capitalising on Free Britney, next we're encouraging Pepsi to *checks notes* capitalise on Free Britney I can't keep up with y'all!
  19. Yes it's a legal requirement, however, this is more about the concept of an absent father suddenly jumping in. This paired with his comment that his daughter was going to buy him a horse some day. This just further proves that he's only an active and interested father when money is involved.
  20. On a serious note, people will always categorise based on their experiences "We're humans not of logic, but based on emotion, ego and prejudice" The white people getting triggered by this just don't like being confronted about their **** because nobody used to do it before, period.
  21. Waiting for that PettyGal user to come in and call Cardi and everyone on this thread coming for white twinks racist
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