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  1. I used to LOVE this, I think it first came up in Ugly Betty
  2. There's only a few comments that I've sourced - To a group of British students in China "if you stay here too long, you'll all end up slitty eyed" - Asked an oboriginal person in Australia "do you still throw spears at each other?" - He mocked the president of Nigeria's clothing, saying he looked like he was ready for bed There was also a comment about Indians at the embassy, can't quite find that one atm. But I think the two latter are more sheer ignorance, something that white people still openly adopt. The "slitty-eyed" comment though
  3. Another subpar generic white boy for Exhale to thirst over
  4. I'm no Kardashian fan but they didn't create the standards currently imposed on women? If you think this type of pressure only came about in the last 2 decades then you're....naïve Butt lifts have been around since what feels like time began, same with **** jobs, botox etc. Hollywood and glamour / model culture have always promoted an unhealthy attitude towards bodies. Like damn TLC were spittin bars about this in 1999, Britney posted untouched photos of her Candies shoot in 2008/9, etc. etc. The Kardashians are just another family that have fallen victim to the cycle.
  5. I always loved Rockstar, I went out of my way to download it from somewhere to put on my iPod 10 years ago, so to hear it in even better quality actually makes me so happy!!
  6. Yeah, this isn't surprising at all. This was always going to be a costly battle, and I can see this continuing for at least the duration of this year before any kind of settlement is reached. There's too many eyes on this now though, so their days are numbered
  7. You are reiterating points that I've already agreed with. Therefore you're not actually paying attention, but more fixated on two sentences I've written. My points can be taken into context whether it's specifically on the thread you're referring to, or the conversation on this specific post. From the comments that I have read on this situation, wherever they may be, my points still stand. You can't force people to see things your way (not aimed at you, talking generally), and people disagreeing doesn't mean they stand firmly on the other end. Yes we can condemn words and yes it's right for him to be no longer part of Gaga's team. I've agreed with this twice. What is wrong is to form an entire ideology on someone through one video, which was done in bad taste, but in the grand scheme of things isn't the most offensive. We have a tendency to think our way of thinking is the only way and unfortunately it's not. LM aren't the only group of people in the world that have experienced prejudice and discrimination. At this point, we've come to a middle ground of agreeing on the same points so I don't think there's much left to discuss. But in terms of the rest, whether you choose to see it or not, there are people out for blood, further than him being out of Gaga's band, and that doesn't sit well with me.
  8. I don't think you're paying attention to what I said. Not at any point have I claimed that people shouldn't challenge what he's said, but there's a difference between calling someone out and acting on anger and cyberbullying and "ruining his life". People aren't open to being challenged if you're being just as malicious. I do commend the people trying to reason with him though, and good on them. I think most people here are in agreement that working for the likes of Gaga isn't in his best interests, and he should be removed. That doesn't mean he can't work elsewhere. If people like Morgan Wallen can still have a career (because let's be real, he will bounce back) after using disgusting explicit remarks, so can this man. Out of curiosity, what is your ethnicity? Because while your idealistic approach is great, some cultures are simply still behind. It takes generations to undo those traditions that are drilled in. Perhaps this is where systemic racism comes in because people aren't willing to give a black man compassion for his background and upbringing than they are a white man. I see a lot more acceptance in white communities than I do in asian and black. So for many white people acceptance is now just a given. So many of my POC LGBT friends have had issues with acceptance, amongst close relatives. So some have to live with the fact that we live in a world where half the people still aren't in agreement. People don't know what they don't know. Educate them, don't villainise them.
  9. As someone who has not had a good relationship with the gay community, I can see how aggressive some of you come off. You can defend your right to express yourselves without aggression and bullying. Hurt people hurt people and it's fighting fire with fire. His comments do seem completely out of line, but I don't see any malice in them comments and we're still torn between two worlds. The younger generation have been exposed to more openness with *******uality, which is amazing but something I think a lot of us older (ew) people didn't get a chance to see. Some people will never agree with *******uality, period. I've had conversations with these people where it's not a hostile or malicious environment. Their intentions aren't always malicious, and that's important to realise. People can disagree with things wihout meaning harm, you move on. Not every opinion matters. It's something you have to accept and not overload your emotions every time someone disagrees with your perception and your way of life. Otherwise you're gonna age like milk and we too pretty for that. On the other hand, him being involved with an LGBT star like Gaga isn't a good look for her brand, as much as he's just a paid musician, which he is.
  10. Why is everyone coming for @OnlyBeyonce Is he Lou? Omg, he's Lou isn't he. I cracked it guys, I'm a genius Lou wouldn't be a Britney fan because she thinks she's possessed, so who's the next best and also a squeaky clean christian saint?
  11. I think she's a very talented and committed artist and that should be respected. Her fanbase ruins it for a lot of people, and her PR team are extremely skilled at making her look like she's at this unreachable magnitude of power. She really went from hosting red carpet shows to being the main person on the red carpet. She definitely put in the time and work and paid her dues. She also never trashes other artists, just like our Britney. If you're smart enough, you'll put your own personal preferences aside and realise she's actually just a person and appreciate her set up for what it is. It's pretty insane the illusion she's created for herself.
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