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  1. We know that she hates the media telling her story as if they know anything about it... Hmmm at this point I do not know if another doc would be of any help to her legal battle.
  2. Maybe some of these songs are the initial demos/recordings of B10 they started in 2018. I want the conservatorship to end and to get new music!!.. we need this.
  3. Sour Candy - Boring Free Woman - Its OK Bablyon - Its bad Sine From Above - Its experimental but ACTUALLY GOOD AND INTERESTING !! (not a pop commercial sound if you are looking for that) 1000 Doves - Boring Rain on Me - Experimental but kind of boring... (wtf with METELO.. SACALO.. METELO.. SACALO ???A MOVER EL CULO?? B! TC WHAT? ) Have no intention of listening the rest of the songs tonight, maybe during the weekend. Overall I think its not that bad (At least it is not BLACK MADONNA FUTURE NOOSTALGIA REMIX ALBUM UGHH )
  4. God she looks 20 in those birthday pics!!! I ENVY HER SOOO MUCH!! hahahaha
  5. I can´t wait.. just CAN´T WAIT fot this new lawyer to drag CONTEAM and Jamie in court and get back all those millions!!..
  6. ***** I'm so happy!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😆😆😆😆
  7. Oh Nor.. honey I know industry has been hard on you and you are really talented but.. come on!...
  8. Well at least Dua has some nominations on the main categories this year. Maybe we can hope for a performance 😍.
  9. eww horrible article, horrible newspaper and horrible journalist (from what I saw on the link)...
  10. If im not wrong thiss MUCH MORE than what KFED receives, hmm this is just TOO MUCH poor Kelly.
  11. Omg omg omg I want to believe it! but I don't know, it's been SOO LONG.
  12. Great, I guess any type of support is welcomed now that Jamie lawyers are creating a mess with the case. Come on Gaga, don't be afraid!! Join the party
  13. Suddenly all the family Britney said she wanted to sue they live in trailers and in modest houses.. GOD, the hipocrisy of it all.
  14. this is kinda boring .. still better than those things she released last year with maluma
  15. All I see is the "not extremely bad guys" leaving.. when Jamie? when Lou?... Im sick of this
  16. I noticed exactly the same!! haha Tini seems to be digitally added to the whole video but Belinda and Lola were more likely together cause we can see them interacting with each other in the thumbnail picture scene. I would assume Belinda used that original full pink outfit and filmed that scene with Lola in Spain. The question would be why she decided to changed it to the green and pink outfit, if she already filmed those scenes with Lola? Also the tone of the pink set where Belinda is using the new green and pink outfit is slightly different to the pink tone in the original set. I love Lola since Ya No Quiero Na and I really liked this new collab, will give it a listen to the full album later today .
  17. He will have a lovely retirement... AT JAIL! I don't know, I just think that after all the abuse Britney has gone through he would be some how implicated. Even if he just shut up and didn't say a word of the abuse he saw from Jamie and Lou. He looks afraid of the situation.
  18. and Alaska as well!!... hahahaha I CANT!!! Btw, I watched theLola Indigo and Belinda video several times and Belinda originally had another pink outfit, but most of the scenes with that outfit seem to be edited, even her kid version on the video has that other pink outfit as well.. whats the tea?!.. i need some "insiders" to spill the teaaa
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