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  1. Christina invites Britney over to her house. They are in Christina's living room, 5 feet across from another, staring at each other with a heavy silence between them. Christina tries to apologize. Britney isn't taking any of it. Christina then tries to sing words of sorry and remorse, but Britney doesn't feel like it's genuine. Plus, Christina's singing isn't urban enough for Britney. Christina then begins to yell-sing. Pained by Christina's screeches, Britney runs to the door only to find it locked. Britney tells Christina to, "Hush, just stop" but Christina sings even louder. Britney knows she cannot escape Christina's house. But then she is reminded of her superpower: the ability to spin with tremendous speed without getting dizzy. Britney starts her iconic spinning. Christina, stunned but still yell-singing, realizes her voice is not powerful enough to serenade Spinney. Britney's spins gain so much momentum and speed she propels her way out of Christina's house and makes a circular punch through the roof. The military is alerted by an unknown spinning force in the atmosphere through their Radar.mp3 (now streaming on all major platforms). Onlookers squint. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Britney, b***h.
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  3. I might get hate for this but I disagree with Britney in this case…I don’t disagree with her message, but last night was Christina’s night. I can understand Christina’s point of view…She finally released Spanish music and she hasn’t been to the Latin Grammys in forever…So she might have expected fo be asked about her music, not Britney.
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  4. she’s wearing a $500 dress to hangout at home; she’s fine boo.
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  5. not britney casually mentioning her mom like she didnt drag her yesterday
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  6. So dramatic 😂 she can say exactly what she wants, she’s been silenced for 13 years.
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  7. Love to hear Britney is choosing who visits her or not
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  9. Y'all, seeing videos like this gives me a big dose of perspective. Was moping around the other day about life and yet I had the ability to go out for drinks with friends. I could buy myself a candle if I wanted to. I sat around streaming HBO and just poured a glass of wine. All little things she was deprived of for so long. It's unfathomable what she has been through.
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  10. She can keep it. When Britney was down she never spoke up. I said what I said and I meant it so fume all you want!💗
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  11. I love her ability to find so many different topics to drag her family
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  12. Also Christina is about to get more press than she has gotten in a decade thanks to Britney
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  13. Britney has a right to her opinion. A LOT of people have been purposely ignoring how critical this issue is for women and conservatives around the world. This is important. This matters. This is 13 years of abuse and NOT ONE person with a significant platform did anything. Or gave visibility to the abuse.
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  14. OK. For anyone who thinks Britney Spears's life was not being threatened, ponder this: Why the **** is a 60-something year old man arranging his daughter's finances in a way so that he retains control after her death? In 99% of natural scenarios, he would die LONG before Britney would ever. Does this not rub people the wrong way?
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  16. We need to stop messaging these people on their social medias. This is almost as cringe as when fans bombarded Cassies Instagram. Whatever they're hiding, Rosengart and Brit will take care of it.
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  17. She’s so ******* strong! I love how well and coherent she looks, is amazing how in a couple of days she’s able to speak about not being a victim and how her “little” story may change others people lifes in the corrupt system. I’m so proud of her, we are so proud, this is it guys, Britney is back and not necessarily with music and shows, she’s back as a real person who works her *** off for 20 years and deserves to be happy. ps. Inthezoneney makes a last minute appearance in the last 2 sec of the video.
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  18. Im sorry is this person not aware that they eventually HAD THE BABY? THIS BABY IS ALIVE AND CAN READ THIS? WTF?? This is incredibly damaging for the child to know, let alone read it on written papers by her MOTHER? Gurl
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  19. Britney Spears is reportedly furious at her mom Lynne and refusing to see her. Britney recently put her mom on blast claiming she was the one who gave Jamie the idea of a conservatorship. “She secretly ruined my life," Britney said. According to Page Six, Lynne flew from Louisiana to L.A. to visit Britney and extend an olive branch. Britney reportedly wouldn't let her in her house prior to the conservatorship hearing on Friday. “A few weeks before the conservatorship ended, Lynne flew to Los Angeles to try to reconnect with Britney,” a source said. “But Britney didn’t even let Lynne into her house. She is furious with her. Lynne tried over a number of days to try to visit, but Britney just shut her down.” Following the hearing that terminated the conservatorship, Lynne posted a graphic that said "Where the spirit of the lord is, there his freedom." Meanwhile, Lynne's attorneys are requesting Britney's estate pay for her legal fees.
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  21. Brinni them brown heels been all over LA's restrooms gas stations floors, why are they on your couch
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  22. We live in a society where most celebrities almost seem to compete with each other about who can be the biggest victim. So many people seem to use their struggles as a way to get attention and pity. And then there’s Britney, who really was totally abused and yet she doesn’t want to be a victim. She doesn’t want pity. (I wonder if that’s her British heritage showing, stay calm and carry on) She is such a strong person and I admire her spirit so much. I am so d*** proud to be part of the Britney Army. We stan an awesome Queen.
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  23. When she started with "I'm here to answer all your questions and the first one is..." I totally expected something "what's my favourite shampoo brand" THIS WAS SO REFRESHING AND REAL IM SHOOK But when can we expect Oprah?! That's one I'll watch! Who cares about Adele
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  24. Constantly refering to Britney and Britney's "condition" - JL STFU and go away. Releasing a book for $ because you CAN- BECAUSE of your sister. Always seeking pity and if I'm honest I don't believe a word that comes from that families mouth apart from our B
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  25. Still calling out her family on their bull**** on her birthday. Love her. Also **** you, Robin. You can’t force Britney to work on her birthday this year.
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  26. I wish she posted about Cher or Miley who kept supporting her even before she was free. Did gaga speak about it or bring any attention to the case before britney was free? No. So no matter how many times brit posts about gaga on her instagram, it is "Cher&miley&mariah > any other artist" for me. At least cher deserved an instagram post more than any other artists
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  27. I hope she's on the phone with the local prison talking about which field Lou will work in
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  28. britney reigniting this nearly four decade long feud
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  29. meanwhile lynne disguised herself to be a part of thanksgiving dinner
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  30. This better not have 73 pages when I wake up
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  31. Not so smug now are you Vivian? Your words didn't age well sweetie.
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  32. Incase Britney doesn't attend I feel like people will be posting 'why didn't she attend??' and moan about that. Please do not expect her to attend. I said this in another thread but there is really no need for her to be there, tomorrow should just be a formality for it to be terminated as she has said all that needs to be said. Rosengart has said everything that needs to be said. I'm pretty sure her being freed would be insanely overwhelming, imagine she found out that news and then was immediately around HUNDREDS of people including the media. If you think about it, she has not been around a large group of people in a veryyyyy long time and we know how anxious she is. I personally hope she stays at home and has her own moment to herself to celebrate, because that'll be such a MOMENT for her. In worst case scenario, image she wasn't freed, imagine how upset and angry she could be - it is best she doesn't attend. Obviously it'd be amazing if she did attend but in reality there is nothing more for her to say, tomorrow is literally just about the judge ending it or not. I think we just need to remind ourselves that Britney doesn't owe us anything to attend. Sending Britney nothing but so much positive energy and good luck for tomorrow. This will be one of the biggest moments of her life, this is quite literally life changing and will be insanely overwhelming. I thought it'd be best just to lower people's expectations. I'm sure whenever she is ready she'll talk to us about how she feels once she is freed.
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