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  1. Oh wow thats cool. I wish I knew about it but sadly I didnt know about Uber til 2016 lol
  2. I would say when she recorded "My Baby". IDC what people say, that song is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  3. Lol she is STILL holding a grudge against JLO? Its been 20 YEARS since the whole stealing of her Loverboy sample! LET IT GO! I love Mariah but she can be SO damn petty!
  4. Man she sounds so good here! This just shows that despite her crazy, wild and raunchy persona: she still has the talent to back it up. btw I notice how she always sounds good when she does a country song, her voice was made for it
  5. Oh wow I never seen that pic before. Is it real? I'd love to ride in a car like that
  6. Thats the only way he stays relevant and gets interviews besides being in NSYNC
  7. Wow really? Idk that. But then again back in the olden days, people didnt really think to censor certain things for childrens movies. Idk if u can read my previous post on here but I wrote about how in the 70s Willy Wonka movie, theres a scene where a chicken gets its head cut off. Idk how the heck they got away with that! Wow all of that is featured in Pinocchio? Jeez that proves how long its been since ive seen it. I wonder how Pinocchio would look in live action........ Hopefully it aint creepy
  8. Lol yeah. I definitely wouldnt! I mean its just twisted and corrupt. Nowadays that movie wouldnt fly. Im glad that its in the past but it still annoys me that they ruined that song for me and also that lots of people like the movie. Im not some crazy man hating feminist but this movie was just SO wrong on so many levels. But if you do watch it, at least you know what you're gonna watch
  9. Oh wow idk that, thats cool. Yeah I bet you can assume how shocked I was to see A Clockwork Orange the first time since I was so used to chick flicks lol. What sucks though is that the main character sings a song from one of my fave musicals from the 50s: Singing In The Rain while raping a woman. So now everytime I hear that song, sadly it makes me think of that scene UGHHHH
  10. Aw thats so sweet! Its nice to see Sam show appreciation to Britney as a mom. Love the Lioness jacket btw. Cant wait for Britney to rock it!
  11. Lol yeah I dont blame u. What state is your university just out of curiousity? Anyways I like happy movies especially romance. I love chick flicks lol.
  12. Oh wow really? Thats interesting. Well if u wanna see the movie, hopefully u can handle graphic visuals cause boy is that movie graphic!
  13. Thats true. The 70s were one hell of a different time. None of this would pass in movies nowadays
  14. LOL u got me there for a second I love Hilary especially when I was a kid. She was my first concert and album. I love those movies! My fave of course is the Lizzie Mcguire Movie! Her doing a duet with herself as Isabella is ICONIC!
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