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  1. Wow idk it was gonna be a serious quote, I thought it was gonna be one of her funny ones. But yeah I totally agree. That quote defines her and her situation perfectly. Here's to more iconic and powerful quotes to come
  2. Wow its been around for 17 YEARS?! Shi! 17 years ago, I was 11. Lol its interesting seeing how it looked in the beginning, it looked so 2000s. And even though I joined Exhale barely 2 yrs ago, its the best place to talk about my faves including Britney. Sometimes people online are more compassionate than people irl.
  3. Same although im straight.. Love is SO hard to find nowadays cause now people (ESPECIALLY men) only want to fk! I want to have love in my life, im sick of being alone
  4. Oh wow. Now personally for me, I dont think I would cause I would be bored to death but thats just me. I just find it interesting how after Britney's residency, all of a sudden everyone has one! The only other residency I've been to is Mariah Carey and THAT was incredible! I also have seen Donny and Marie Osmond. So as u can see there is something for everyone, not everyone's taste is the same.
  5. I dont mind it but then again im probably being biased cause if it were any other popstar, I would think they were trashy however I guess I love Britney so much that I favor her no matter what. I will say though that man do they both look SO hot in the pics!
  6. Just cause she likes a post doesnt mean she supports her. She's still the enemy. I just hope some fans realize that.......
  7. Aww she looks so pretty here! Man she was the most beautiful girl on the planet at that time. I wish she still looked like this but obviously things never last forever
  8. Omg wow its been 3 yrs already?! This was the last active year in her career before the whole #FreeBritney movement down.
  9. YES! SLAY Rosengart SLAY! He has done so much more in a month than Ingham has done in 13 years! I really do see potential for Britney to get out now!
  10. She's not even allowed to have her phone or go on social media. What makes you think she has access to this website especially when its anti-conservatorship?
  11. Jesus she looks like she's being held at gun point here. Seriously how did her team let do promotions like this when she obviously was out of it?
  12. Whoa did not expect this but man she looks hot! Also anyone notice how her b.o.o.bs look whiter than the rest of her body? And also I find it hilarious how we cant say the word b.o.o.bs yet a pic of Britney topless is ok
  13. Not all religious people are like that. I grew up in a religious family and I dont act like that however you are right that some do act like that cause I have some family members who think they're better than everyone cause they're "christian".
  14. Well I guess that makes sense now that you mention about all her years of silence. Thats probably why it seems like a zillion random topics all at once. If it is her, im glad she is writing her posts again even if they seem like alot
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