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  1. He’s a wack job. He’s not nor has he been talking to Britney. Out of all the people she could secretly be talking to he wants to pretend it’s him? LOL. Britney probably doesn’t even know who he is.
  2. I think this woman is an *******. First of all EVERYONE has known since FF how post 2007 Britney M&G’s go. If you want to spend $2,000 + for a 50/50 shot of having a good experience/picture that’s on the fan. Period. Britney like all of us is human and has good days and bad days. She obviously wasn’t feeling it that night and obviously this woman did something to piss Britney off.
  3. I don’t give a ****. This isn’t a joking matter. Good****ingbye.
  4. She’s disgusting trash. An attention *****. A waste of space and good air. **** her. **** Wendell and **** anyone who supports Jamie Spears and his scumbag team. And this stupid ***** calls herself a Britney fan. HA. **** off.
  5. Uhm why are we comparing Britney to her peers when not one single one of them have gone through an inkling of what Britney endured? Put one of them under an extremely restrictive conservatorship from 27 years old until now (12 years) with no personal or financial freedom. Let’s see how articulate or mentally sound they would be. Anyone in Britney’s situation would probably be the same. She’s been used and abused her entire life. Leave the Queen be.
  6. Sorry but he’s so damn desperate to take credit for some for Britney’s legacy it’s actually disturbing at this point. Anyone who’s been a lifelong fan of Britney knows exactly who she’s worked with and who gets credit for what. His little posts sharing stuff from the past was cute at first but now it’s pathetic. He’s bitter for some reason.
  7. Listen. I love the Queen to death but in my opinion her last two eras didn’t do that well because the GP got over “lazy Britney.” I’m in no way insulting Britney but when you have an artist who literally lip syncs 99% of the time while putting half hearted effort into their performances for over a decade it’s going to have an impact outside the fan base. We all know Britney has not been fully engaged in her career since she was forced back into the limelight before she was ready and has been forced to do work she probably hasn’t wanted to do in over 10 + years. You have all these new younger pop stars who BTW could NEVER hold a candle to the power, performance and skills Britney had during her prime and STILL has but just doesn’t use them...but they work their mediocre ***** off while promoting the **** out of their material especially on social media and people eat it up. I personally think Britney went on a career self sabotage a long time ago in hopes that people would move on and leave her alone. Sadly she’ll never be left alone because of who she is and how legendary she is but I think I’m getting my point across here. I don’t think it has anything to do with people thinking MM was a “mediocre”‘ song. I mean listen to half the crap that are at the top of the charts. They are basic as **** and played to death but because those artists have a team that know how to promote their clients in today’s world they are successful. All Britney would need (if SHE wanted) is the fire in her heart again/ a brand new team and she could EASILY be the number one artist again because she always has and always will be THAT *****. End rant.
  8. California is a **** show of a state with a ****hole legal system. Courtney is correct. Britney is damaged from this. That’s completely obvious and has been for quite some years now...most prevalent since the end of the POM tour. She’s developed a bit of Peter Pan syndrome. She’s been so isolated from having a real life and real friends around her for over 12 years so it makes sense. We can all sit here and say what Britney needs and what she should do but in the end I personally think the best thing she could ever do for herself is move far far away from California once her kids are old enough in a couple of years. Hollywood and fame destroyed her. I doubt she ever wants the level of success she used to have again and I wouldn’t blame her. After everything our Queen has given us the past 22 years all we can do is support anything she wants to do with her life after of all of this. Period.
  9. It goes way deeper than her speaking out. You have to also understand she is most likely severely traumatized from what has happened to her. She has been in complete isolation from the outside world aside from who she has been given permission to associate with for over 12 years now. We have no clue what has been going on behind closed doors. She isn’t the same Britney anymore. She was harassed, beyond ridiculed and humiliated globally during her most vulnerable time and it seems nobody was there to help her. Ever. I don’t blame her for never speaking out. She probably feels it’s useless. She spoke out many of times back in the day before all of this and it changed nothing. It just got worse for her
  10. Her best look, photo shoot, album and EVERYTHING post 2007. 2016 Britney was everything. She really poured her heart and soul into Glory and they once again ****ed her.
  11. The point is this woman is a nobody. Point blank. Period. She’s had ONE hit album and a few hit singles. She’s mad because she has to put in effort to retain any sort of relevancy (which is next to none) yet Britney changes her hair extensions and it’s all over the internet. Im sorry, but which one of them received 2 DIAMOND certified albums before even turning 20 years old?
  12. While I don’t think Britney supports this, we also can’t completely boycott her brand. Britney still needs to make money. What we CAN’T support is any NEW Britney music/work until she herself makes that decision to return. We will know if/when that day comes.
  13. She is literally refusing to work because she doesn’t want her dad or current team to make any additional money off of her...which they would with this re-release. She doesn’t support it.
  14. I just hope and pray our girl can get out of this modern day slavery and move far far away from everyone and everything. I don’t care if she doesn’t release a single thing for the rest of her life. She has give us more than enough for a lifetime and she’s been taken way too advantage of her entire working life. #FREEBRITNEY
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