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  1. Britney no escogió a su abogado, ella no tiene control alguno sobre el y cualquier petición que ella haga puede ser ignorada completamente por el. Sam Incompetente ha sido parte de esto desde el inicio, no le conviene que esto termine en ningún momento. Si hizo algo en un inicio es para pintarse de manera favorable frente al publico , pero con todo lo que ha pasado es obvio que Sam solo responde a Jodie y sus necesidades. Y si algún dia llegaría a terminar esta situación la van alargar lo máximo para exprimir hasta el ultimo centavo que puedan. Nadie esta peleando por Britney, todos ven por si mismo pero no por ella y juegan con nosotros. Los únicos que tienen algún interes en su bien , son los fans. Sin el movimiento no hubiéramos llegado hasta este momento, estan tan desesperados que mienten a diestra y siniestra. Que coincidencia que todo este rollo empezo el dia de ayer cuando se filtraron documentos legales que muestran que Britney debe pagar dos millones de dolares a sus abogados y a los de su padres con quienes esta peleando por su libertad.
  2. No joking here, we should definitely do some magic. What else do we have at this point.
  3. I have tried some magic and it worked! but never malefica or hexing someone, but we can try. We can do some research, maybe something more positive like road opening spells or spells that help discovering lies or make them fall under their own clumsiness. There are few psychics in here and astrologers so we can all work together.
  4. But absolutely no one asked you to spread hate to her family members. I just suggested you, sharing about the free britney movement on your social media can be a way of showing support to her, and that not only following her on instagram can be. FreeBritney info is no conspiracy theories, is all public legal documents. Nothing about it is fake or speculative. Britney herself asked the judge to open the case to the public. I dont understand why you are so fixated on her father when the conversation is not even about him yet you keep bringing him up. Which is why in a joke manner I called you Cassie, because you cant stop defending a man, which not even Britney wants around her life.
  5. Damage control! They are on damage control mode. Is not coincidence, yesterday captions and now this??? They are going to tell their side of the story. I despise Loucifer so much, she is pure evil.
  6. Oh please who are you to tell anyone what they can discuss or not on the internet or even Exhale .So authoritarian. The internet is a free world and if I want to talk rubbish I will. You just sound like someone from Team Con who just got discovered. Don't come with that gaslight bull****. There are official court documents that states Britney doesn't want her father to be in control of her life, she is afraid of him and he has been abusive with her and her sons in the past. Her mom even stated he see her as a race horse. This is all facts, stated in official court documents, no conspiracy thories. And I seriously doubt Britney would even care what people think or say of her drunk *** father, who has a restraining order against his grandson for assaulting him. Makes some sense Cassie.
  7. Is her money, they care about the money and the money only. They see her as a race horse. If she had some kind of mental disability she wouldnt be doing world tours, or performing on a Vegas residence.It will be impossible. They claimed she had dementia, yet as years go by she doesnt seem to get worse, as other dementia patients. Is not that hard.
  8. Demi Lovato does not have the iconic status Britney has. Probably if she did she would be in the same position.
  9. They will always found a way to show themselves as victims and the fans as toxic.
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