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  1. Ofc the one time a baseball player publicly supports britney his name has to be lynn
  2. Unfortunately proving britney doesnt need a cship would be a way bigger deal involving a lot of players which makes it a long and complicated process even more considering jaime would ofc contest it proving jaime isnt the best fit to be conservator of the estate is a way easier thing to do as theres no evidence that suggests he should be considering even the doctors are now saying its not good for britney. he didnt earn this position based on credentials or anything it was just an agreement and for that same reason it shouldnt be so hard to remove him now that britney stated thats her wish. as rosengart said this whole thing is supposed to be only about britneys well being so removing jaime shouldnt need a trial, once he is out he cant contest the termination if they try to terminate while hes still on board not only would he play a huge part in the decision but he would also have access to all of britneys resources to fight back i think this is the smartest decision tbh i just wish it didnt have to be til december, penny gave jodi her hearing a week after she asked for it smh
  3. Im all up for wtvr britney wants to post, but people on the shade room insta are going in on her 😫 help me fight some comments we need the gp on our side they were super supportive to the whole freebritney movement before this post mF***ers are hypocrites for saying she needs the cship for this pic when half of them post this kind of content on a daily basis
  4. Well idk if the same but everyone keep saying britney live is team con, lufti even went as far as saying they were LT herself
  5. I honestly think had it not been britney starring on this film the critics wouldnt have been so harsh on it, it was like a general rule to hate on britney back then as framing britney explained
  6. Its worse! The court and everyone involved in this mess heard everything britney said at the 23rd hearing TWO YEARS before the rest of the world and absolutely nothing happened! No one quit and the judge didnt lift a finger about the very same claims that made the whole world shook. Its like she didnt say a thing 2 years later Britney said the very same statement with the only difference that the world could listen to her this time and suddenly everyone is quitting or finally doing their job?? that alone proves that the whole cship was a fraud since day one period!
  7. Its particularly scary knowing courtney love said jaime abused britney when she was young
  8. She isnt held hostage rn we know through sams stories, but she was for 4 months and forced to change clothes in front of nurses and take drugs she didnt want. Idt he understands the severity of that let alone the dui part, but im glad shes ok right now
  9. They do realize they are arguing about a world tour of a person they said had dementia? And theyre defending their point saying this same person wasnt forced to do a ww tour because she wanted to do it herself but then she changed her mind so the way they made her do it was making the person with dementia sign contracts cuz just like for any sane person that would be enough to let her know she was obligated to do the shows lets cure all people with mental diseases with contracts forbidding them to go “crazy” then, that should be enough for them to be able to respect and fulfill contracts and work responsibilities, provide money, etc
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