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Britney wants Jodi to stay post conservatorship to help her re-adjust

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23 minutes ago, KrisJ said:

She can/should hire a life and wellness coach and personal assistant to help her get things on track again and be happy and healthy. 

She already has coaches, assistants, etc.

Jodi does way more than that. You go run Britney’s life for a day and then come back to us lmao.

I think this is a good idea because Britney would be able to fire Jodi if she sees fit.

Most of us don’t like Jodi bc Britney didn’t get to pick her and Britney couldn’t get rid of her.

I’m tired of giving these random people the benefit of the doubt. Lynne burned me way too hard.

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This is so smart. By keeping Jodi around she has someone still around her that is already familiar with what has happened and needs to be done. Britney is showing that she can make decisions for the better of maintaining things. She's basically showing she's gonna make sure she isn't just cold turkey getting rid of everyone around her and can make decisions to prevent things from becoming a mess after the c-ship is over. Britney can always get rid of her later but this is smart for now. She has a plan!

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Wanting to have help with the transition only makes her more rational!

By the way, most celebrities have assistants that do absolutely everything for them and that’s what she wants, someone that does everything for her but when she wants and the way that she wants! I totally support that.

But she should call Fe! Not someone who worked with team Con lol.


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She can hire suitable assistants for that, I don't trust TMZ. She also likened Jodi to her dad from her own words in court.

"It’s not okay to force me to do anything I don’t want to do. By law, Jodi and this so-called team should honestly – I should be able to sue them for threatening me and saying if I don’t go and do these meetings twice a week, we can’t let you have your money and go to Maui on your vacations.''


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47 minutes ago, ol123 said:

I mean,  it's a smart move for sure. I think somebody new would be the better option but whatever Brit wants i guess. :tbh_britney_nod_yes_yas_ftr_for_the_record_vma_2008_circus:

I agree, I guess they kept her so incredibly isolated that she probably literally has no one else. It's also going to be hard for her to find someone to trust since the track record of people in her circle has been dismal. Someone has to take care of all the peasant stuff so I suppose Jodi will do, though I hope it's made clear to her who is boss.

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Even if Jodi does stay on, the relationship would be different as the power dynamic, in some sense, would be flipped; Jodi would work for Britney, and Britney would have have no obligation to work with her beyond her wanting to; If Jodi pisses her off, she could fire her. Britney is smart, she knows this and this is in Britney's best interest if it is true; She has said it in court.

Interestingly, Jamie's petition focuses on ending the conservatorship of the person before the estate; pretty much reading as 'I'll let Brit have her freedom, control her career etc. but I'll still gain financially for sometime....''. This strikes me as odd, because it tries to get Jodi out of the picture before Jamie, almost as if Jodi, as of now, is very much supporting Britney....

...removing Jodi before Jamie would create a situation where Britney wouldnt have a support team she has stated she wants, for the time being, and everything comes back to the estate.

Frankly, if Britney wants Jodi as a life coach or personal career assistant, she should hire her if she desires, but the current situation is flawed.

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I don’t trust this but more importantly I don’t trust Jodie. I don’t believe for a second that she’s never worked with Jamie together or that she’s been clueless towards him. Maybe I’m just paranoid. But I fear if anyone from team cship as a whole stays on, they will just try to get Britney back into one. 

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If this is true I’m so proud of her, she understands that it’s going to be an adjustment from being locked down to having total freedom and she might need somebody to help her out. Which is probably something her dad failed to take into account… Britney’s at a point where she understands herself and what she needs and that is huge!!!


Jody is trash tho maybe pick somebody else mama :gagacrash_driving_run_hit_lady_sunglasses:

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I love all the people making decisions on whether they trust Jodi when it’s britneys own decision which is what we wanted.

yall never happy with her boyfriend who is with her all the time and the team that she likes that clearly do more than we know because we don’t know her 

And to put in perspective wouldnt you want someone who knows all the stuff going on and she needs help personally for the last few years than someone brand new to extort her again

i can’t with some of you 

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