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  1. I love this bop I think she just wanted to add texture and layers to the song tbh. I don’t know why MATM gets so much hate
  2. For someone who allegedly stole $600 million allegedly, she looks rather poor.
  3. I’ve had a hunch this whole time. The posts are too infrequent/not direct enough to the point where it’s believable. The account doesn’t follow or interact with anyone, and only posts stories. Very subliminal stories…That leads me to believe the account isn’t there for clout. It doesn’t mean it’s Britney but idk. It’s interesting
  4. This is all so scary I have a feeling we’re going to hear some pretty disturbing things over the next couple of weeks….In the event that we do, B-Army brace yourselves and be ready to show our girl as much love as possible. We have to stay strong for Britney
  5. I’m a hair stylist and the way she worded it makes me think that the color just bled out in the shower, not meaning it completely faded out of her hair. Vibrant “fashion” colors like that tend to bleed out in the shower. I always warn my bright red clients that the color will probably bleed and to not worry! I don’t think she was meaning it faded out in one wash.
  6. If Jodi stays on post-conservatorship, she will have no real control over Britney. Britney can fire her at any time if there’s no conservatorship. If Britney trusts her at that point, that’s up to Britney.
  7. Rosengart isn’t going to let all of this go imo…He acts fast too. Just wait for his response.
  8. This is so sad. My heart hurts for Britney and anyone else who suffered in that place. Disgusting. **Side note I am 100% OVER the apple music Gimme More pop up. I came here to read this and was redirected 3 times to Apple Music just trying to X out of the freaking ad. Ok sorry Jordan.
  9. I’d be here for whatever she wants to do honestly. If she wants to sit down and talk about it, I think it’d be incredibly powerful. A book would be great too because she could take her time to really express herself the way she wants. I’d prefer something I could watch but if a book is what she wants then so be it.
  10. My man loves Britney too (not the way we all do) but he’s been to Circus & FFT and he always buys me Britney shirts when he sees them at stores
  11. Maybe Britney wanted to sing live and they wouldn’t let her so she refused and let them use her vocals from 1999 instead just kidding I imagine Britney just didn’t care to record new vocals or she wanted different mixes and they weren’t willing to let her call the shots
  12. A lot of the short styles during the 2014 intimate collection promo were so gorgeous
  13. Why does it matter? Her “worst” performances all occurred during a time where she was either personally struggling, being controlled or both.
  14. Confirmed where….? edit: I’m the clown. I misread this and thought you were saying the Britney feat was confirmed. I’m cancelled. Sorry OP
  15. Brit slayed - but I really can’t believe they had her doing all of these shows without props…replacing the pole from Slave with a PERSON i’m sorry that is so funny to me there’s no way Britney wanted that same with them holding onto an invisible pole in DYWCO…what were they thinking???? Britney said herself she takes what she does very seriously which leads me to believe it wasn’t up to her
  16. Whoever wrote that doesn’t seem to empathize with Britney. I don’t like the way that was worded at all. It wasn’t outright mean but not being outright supportive of her right now kind of feels like a dis. They could’ve chosen to bring more awareness to her abusive conservatorship but instead they wanted to theorize about her discography? Please.
  17. Instagram is clearly a place where Britney doesn’t feel the need to put on tons of makeup, have her hair done, serve looks etc. To me it seems it’s more of a fun thing and a place where she can be herself/not have to try so hard to please people like she’s done her entire career.
  18. for years we’ve watched stars relinquish to the control of their team and we’ve watched them suffer tremendously. MJ, marilyn, judy garland, amanda bynes etc. But the thing about all of them is they never escaped. Britneys freedom will set a new standard and I think it’s a sign of the times. Am I making any sense? What do y’all think.
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