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  1. His “I respect the court system and I believe they want the best for Britney” opening line of Framing Britney was.... a way to let me know he’s not all that great.
  2. If she stood by and witnessed Osama hiding Britney’s dogs, disconnecting car batteries, and being drugged.... I don’t know why you’re searching for a redemption arch for her. She’s in the same lane as Jamie Lynn. Even worse, actually.
  3. Is it naive to believe she meant everyone EXCEPT Lynne? I mean…. Lynne got iced out of the Britney world as soon as her book came out exposing Jamie. Lynne probably knows just about as much as Felicia and vice versa. Idk.
  4. That she didn’t believe Paris was abused watching her documentary at first… and then she realized she herself was in denial or something to that degree.
  5. It’s just so crazy to hear our Britney speaking like the boss bish she is. She sounded like she did during the In The Zone era. Everytime she said “ma’am” felt aggressive to me considering she felt she was unheard last time. And her cussing in front of a judge is queen **** too. The judge almost seemed scared of her.
  6. I feel like she was given some type of false hope of everything being over in 2015-2017... The Glory era was just too powerful. Whew. But anyway, Work ***** seems like a dig directly at all of them IMO.
  7. Jamie Lynn hurts the most. That little knife wielding slore. I don’t care anymore.... she’s toast in my book.
  8. I really don’t wanna dive into conspiracies but yeah I believe it. I’m going based off the JLo movie HE signed off on and thinking he’d come out looking like a good dad in the film? Lmao very Jamie-like. The ego! As soon as these women say they need a break and want families…. Add Matthew Knowles and all of the others to the list.
  9. Yeah they were happy to hear about a new “care plan” because they all still get paid lmao They are all horrible actors? I’m glad they’ve all been exposed.
  10. Yup. Client didn’t even know she could petition…. She thought it was a life sentence as early as 2008. He’s like 100 years old and already got his check….. so he will fade into the darkness like Andrew Wallet and Judge Reva did. Nothing will happen.
  11. The same person who wrote his 20 year late apology to Brit and Janet 2 seconds ago wrote this too. This is his chance at redemption. Justin doesn’t write his own tweets, either.
  12. Do you think Britney could walk around with a bandage on her arm? What would that make team CON look like (drugging her)? What would that make Britney look like (a drug abuser)? If your veins aren’t good on your arm, you get it via wrist or hand. It’s normal. But yeah, this isn’t about “8 gallons of blood”… it’s like they could have pumped or dumped anything into her system without consent. It’s terrifying.
  13. Vivian next hearing: Jamie was told by Lou to do everything. Please give him mercy. He loves his daughter very much.
  14. This is giving me Break The Ice music video teas. And I know this is a joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s the blueprint.
  15. You can take blood from the wrist. It’s very common. But whatever they were taking, giving, drugging… those wrist bands were always weird as hell to me.
  16. Guys, remember during Piece Of Me.... she’d always have those ugly *** workout bands around her wrist while performing? I think this explains it??
  17. I liked that she kept talking and talking so nobody could interrupt and she even interrupted the judge at points bc she knew it was her only shot to speak
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