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  1. Whatever they're doing, I hope they're scared and miserable, just like Britney was under their schemes.
  2. This is what makes me sick. They're recording in her bedroom. Is Jamie listening to her having s**? Having Britney time? Watching her change? It's so much more disgusting and disturbing than I can put into words. Give the recordings to Rosengart so he can get a prosecution out of it and then let Britney herself destroy them.
  3. This would be a brilliant thing, but who knows how much they've deleted or hidden. Alex managed to make a copy of 180 hours of recordings but 180 hours out of 13 years is nothing
  4. Thank you, back at you! I agree with every word you say. Obviously all of my anger and disgust lies with the monsters behind this, and for the suffering they have caused Britney, but they have also made us a part of the entire thing by twisting the narrative to fit their agenda and turning Britney into their cash cow, even though she was fighting to be free from it the entire time! Meanwhile, they're going on the record to lie and say it's a "voluntary" conservatorship and even flex about how lucrative their "hybrid business model" was! We've all been manipulated by them but we're no longer blind to their games and thankfully the movement and, more so, Britney's incredible strength and resilience has given her the tools she needs to get out of this and make everybody involved pay for what they've done. We can't change that we've helped line their pockets and keep this thing going, but this fan base has certainly helped change the course of Britney's life for the better and I just hope she knows how much all of us genuinely care about her. It makes me sick to think at this point we might have been waiting for the 11th album and two years into Domination with more extensions to come if that paralegal hadn't blown the whistle on the entire thing.
  5. The day she spoke with the court investigator (07 September 2016) to say the conservatorship was taking advantage of her was the exact day of my meet and greet... I feel so gross knowing what she had been doing hours earlier and then had to deal with my fan *** and countless others when she was going through god-knows-what that day. She was so cheerful, too. The strength that woman has is out of this world.
  6. Princess Diana talked about this when the royal family did it to her: "There's no better way to dismantle a personality than to isolate it" - and that's exactly what they've tried to do with Britney. Sucks for them, because Britney is stronger, more loved and more intelligent than any of them have ever given her credit for and it has come back to bite them in the *** big time.
  7. Felicia has the purest soul of anybody I've ever known, including people I know in real life. She's the mother figure we all never had. I hope more than anything her and Britney get to reunite and be a part of each other's lives again.
  8. He was hired by Jamie (after being fired by Britney twice) and has at the very least sent Britney to rehab against her will in 2007 / stood by while all of this was being done to her, so he's just as complicit as the rest of them.
  9. If they're reading this, I'd just like to say: May you never experience a moment of peace again. Enjoy your freedom and privileges while you can. This isn't going away until you all pay for what you have done and justice is served. Britney will have the last laugh as a free woman, exposing every part of the abuse you're all guilty of inflicting on her. Your reputations, careers, respect, financial opportunities and very likely your freedom are all gone or soon to be gone. You took 13 years from Britney but she can and will take so much more from you. The fight is lost. It's over. You're done. Was it worth it?
  10. From what I can tell, it looks like there's going to be some pretty damning evidence against Team Con in this documentary. I hope they're scared.
  11. She’ll tell us soon enough, the clock is ticking for Jamie and co.
  12. I don’t know but I just think it’s important to point out and understand that she has absolutely no obligation to. She is a victim of this corrupt system and it could be triggering for her. She deserves to live her life as fully and best as she can without the trauma of what these people have done to her - if she doesn’t want to be the face of the anti-conservatorship movement once she’s free, then good for her. She owes nobody anything.
  13. Well at least she's being honest for once. We know she feels nothing but resentment towards her more successful, more talented, more famous, beautiful, rich, universally loved big sister.
  14. Honestly watching her downfall is one of my greatest pleasures in life. They’re all going down, one by one and we LOVE to see it
  15. Probably scared that Sam will run off with the money that is Britney’s but she thinks is hers. The sooner she gets it through her thick skull Sam is probably the only one close to Britney who is trustworthy, the better.
  16. There’s an interview from the Britney era where Britney is asked what she’d name her future children. She said “Preston” for a boy … can anybody remember what she said for a girl?
  17. I thought she looked beautiful in this picture. Plus it would be so sweet for them to recreate this picture (but Jayden would probably need to lift Britney this time!)
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