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  1. Every single one of these is a BOP and improvement on the demo! Would somebody please DM me a download link?
  2. Maybe he should consider working extensively to minimise the harm done to Britney caused by keeping her captive for 13 years.
  3. She posted something on Instagram (I think she was in the back of a car) about how she had just been to therapy in 2019 or 2020, so she does (or at least has been) go to therapy.
  4. Britney has been stable and productive for 12 years. She has been in serious relationships, raised two children and been engaged to be married. She has toured the world four times and held down a four year residency. He has kept her in the conservatorship for all of that time. Britney is not a child. Whether Jamie sees eye-to-eye with her or not, Britney should ALWAYS have the final decision on what she does with HER life. I hope this is because he's working on the case but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Blatant LIE. Remember when he tried to reappoint Wallet and to change Britney's decision to go with Bessemer? Regardless, the mere suggestion Jamie Spears has even half the capability to handle Britney's estate at Bessemer is nothing but delusion. How many times has be been bankrupt? How many businesses has he ran into the ground? How much of Britney's money do he and his cronies pay themselves? The court has kept the conservatorship in place because Britney has not filed to terminate it. Britney has not filed to terminate it because she has not been given the opportunity under threat of having her children taken from her or being held in an institute against her will. Twisting words to fit the narrative. Britney has a lot more family than Jamie "I have never had a good relationship with my daughter" Spears. "Love" is an unusal way to describe taking away your adult child's autonomy for the duration of their prime years. Maybe he wouldn't have had to "miss" her if he didn't abuse his grandson. Then show her some respect and give her autonomy and space. It really is that simple. "Any other family" does not depend on one person being held hostage in their own life to earn them a fortune while the sole breadwinner is controlled and confined to keep them in line. When was Britney last allowed to leave her home without being closely followed by a handler? January 2008? So he'll try and slander her in the press instead to save face. Daddy? DADDY? To make all of her personal and financial decisions against her will, abuse her children and spend her money. We'll see.
  5. It would be a disaster because of the movement. People chanting, wearing FreeBritney merch, banners - there's no way it could happen until she's out
  6. I think she would be, they can still make money from her brand. She’s not working right now and Jamie still isn’t going down without a fight.
  7. One of my favourite Britney videos! HOW is it ten years old, though?! I still consider this to be recent Britney music
  8. I don’t think you earning revenue from a site you put work into is icky - it’s journalism, isn’t it? I think the way you report is done in a respectful manner, especially since the revamp of Exhale; it has turned into a much more positive environment than it used to be (for the most part!) and lest we forget the trouble you got into for advocating for Britney at the end start of the conservatorship. If you’re feeling between a rock and a hard place morally, you could maybe donate a percentage of the BH revenue to a human rights / guardian abuse charity? In fact, I’m sure if you pinned a fundraiser for something like that, a lot of us would donate. Obviously that’s just a suggestion and no judgement here if it’s not plausible for whatever reason. At the end of the day, you misjudged the situation and no harm has been done. It’s just Exhale being Exhale - don’t beat yourself up too much.
  9. This one: I only ever listened to him casually so he hasn’t been on my radar enough for me to have seen all of this before now
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