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Rumor: Britney may release an album with songs from the Glory sessions to finish her contract with RCA

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5 hours ago, 601Bird said:

Should at least record two new tracks. She’s not doing anything anyways and it will help with stress, from all the drama going on in her life. 

Yet I think she has enough stress to still fight for her freedom . She ain’t free folks. Wait oh yeah she needs to be treated like a race horse 🏇. Let her be ! I think she talked about marriage and kids . Not promoting a new album.  As much as everyone wants more .. maybe we all hope for less . I just want her to live her best life and be happy . The world is obsessed with her . She gifted us enough!!! Gift her privacy and freedom . 

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13 minutes ago, Hot.As.Ice. said:

She should just negotiate out of the deal. They’ll be idiots to deny her. Imagine the press 

She probably can’t at the moment so she’s agreed to this to end it, honestly simply fulfilling it would be much easier than trying to just get out of it. To me this makes sense she’s still not having to work and she gets to end her relationship with RCA

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I am absolutely here for it. And id rather get this, have her contract fulfilled so she can get on with life and decide after what shes doing career wise.. she has honestly given soo much to the fans AND the industry and girl deserves a ******* break - once shes free. But i don’t think for sec shes quitting. Alot of “ her”posts  refer to her career and proving herself and having a career under HER terms. So I think she’ll go independent and release music that way.. again. Perfectly fine with that. Britney has given WAY more than enough. 

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22 minutes ago, gapeach704 said:

True.  But it could also be a quick cash grab and they're just releasing songs from "Pretty World".  We don't know what to believe with her team, and I hate that we are subjected to guessing about everything. Britney Spears is the ultimate icon, but also one of the most mysterious figures....ever.

Most mysterious figures… what makes a real star ! 

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27 minutes ago, J45x said:

THIS!!!! Thank you!
Please speak louder for the people in the back, they need to hear it!!!:schoolingtime_talking_telling_glasses_preaching:

😘 plus, a major/label CAN’T use unreleased materials without approuval from the artist. Imagine a label acting like this… would be the worst situation for them, judiciarly speaking ! Com’on guys, she is NOT DEAD! I suspect that if she’s ok with that release, it’s only because she knows that it would ease her way out of her actual label. Maybe ! She is smarter than anyone can ever imagine ! 

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Dunno why people hate on glory, I think it shows a different side of Britney and she was really proud of it. She did say in a interview she recorded a lot of songs that didn’t make the album the most she’s ever done for an album . I do believe the songs that weren’t released were due to the conservatorship and them denying songs that were risky or spoke out in some message .I’m exited. For those fans wanting her to record new music in 2021 won’t happen when she already recorded songs years ago that the public has not heard yet. Still new music. And she needs to get out of RCA and start fresh 

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7 hours ago, Prachi said:

I had a word with some people in RCA after hearing the registration of her songs on ASCAP it turns out Britney wants to move out of this label and wants to fulfil her contract. As 12 songs have been registered, it's enough for a new album but Britney doesn't want to make another album under the label. She wants to move to Columbia records according to the people I know in this label. All of these songs was around Glory era and Britney was involved 100% as she was for Glory, though getting a song registered confirms 98% of the song official release, Britney is playing very smart and I am sure she wants people to support this project. 

It looks like it is with her full consent. 




Glory: B Sides


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Why would anyone complain about this? According to the rumor, Britney wants this and it’s a way to relieve her from her contract!

Some re-release wouldn’t kill any momentum she’s has for her next album, don’t worry. This would be a quick release for the fans and a win - win for all (new music for us, coin for RCA, Britney freed from contract). 

I for one hope this is true :shake_excited_pink_bounce_yay_pumped_anxious: Actually, I hope they go all out and do a super deluxe with the new tracks and new remixes featuring Miley, Dua and Tinashe again (think Club FN)! Love Me Down ft. Dua, DYWCO ft. Miley and Tinashe on Better. It can be a glorious 2 disc set with  6-10 new songs and 6-10 remixes. 



I know this is just a rumor though. One can dream :tiffanycries_ny_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_crying_tears_sobbing_sad:

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24 minutes ago, CenterOfTheRing98 said:

I wonder if this would be like an EP release, or something along the lines of a GH:MP2 - greatest hits/remixes with a few new tracks. 

I would much rather it be the latter. I don’t want a leftover scraps/excuse of a contract obligation to be on her major career highlights. Maybe that’s just me being negative. 

if it's true and it's marketed as such, I think it would be ok, like, making sure this is not a new studio album, but actually like Glory part 2, or just scraps or whatever they want to call it, so it would be a new for Britney's career, and it would stand on its own. Like, it wouldn't be B10, just, something else. 

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Didn't she start recording an album (B10) with Justin Tranter as the EP?  Could these songs be from those sessions? I know the album was in the works. If she wants to just use songs previously recorded that's her prerogative but from a marketing standpoint she can really capitalize on lyrical content that reflects her experiences from the last few years. There would be a lot more attention with songs in the vain of "Stronger," "Piece of Me," "Everytime," as opposed to "Make Me." The public wants to hear directly from her and she doesn't owe us anything but if she wants to make a bigger splash, the chance is there. 

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