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  1. I can honestly only imagine it would be a new better version of Original doll, I see her getting super creative, but of course you KNOW all the hot writers are writing hits for her right now with all that’s going on. So I think it would be like a super creative blend of Britney’s own work and amazing hits from the best producers.
  2. I could see her selling HER condo in Destin and getting a place there instead when she's free. Maybe she and Matt R. can get HER private jet back from Monster to fly there reularly. Britney and Sam chilling in Hawaii while team Con is in jail. Sounds like a plan
  3. Clearly unable to provide for his own housing, food, clothing an health. Would be ironic for him to be, well I don't know .... put under a conservatorship maybe ? Make sure that 'dementia' box is ticked off Lou.
  4. She's traumatised by the years and years of doctors analyzing her and forcing her into treatments and medications. She said it herself in the hearing she has abandonnement issues and clearly she feels that these doctors have abandonned her and betrayed every single time. If you go to severe trauma you will literally do anything not to go through another one of those situations.
  5. Can we have countdown to see who the restraining orders are for ? I want to watch that **** be revealed with beers nachos and a jumbo screen.
  6. I can't even imagine what it must be like to go a forum with thousands of people discussing your life and work everyday. Not sure I'd get get into that if I was her. Can't be worse than reading her instagram comments though. At least people here are a little educated about her situation and not a bunch of bots or random followers that just follow every celebrity.
  7. If you weren't a Freebritney trailblazer I'm sorry but you have to actually bring something more to the table, because now it just looks like you are trying to save face. I understand fans being afraid of Jamie Spears threatening them with lawsuits, but if you are a Hollywood big shot working with and representing celebs I don't know how that Hillbilly POS can actually scare you. If my best friend was locked up in a mental facility against her will for months and medicated with Lithium against her will, I'd def throw hands and you could sue me for all I care.
  8. As long as she doesn’t go on live to tell us it’s her I will remain very sceptic. And even then. We will not know 100% for sure untill she is free.
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