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  1. Every time I hear Criminal I think why the hell was this ever a single, it’s the worst single she’s ever released!
  2. The album is pretty lackluster in my opinion, Baby I’m Jealous is the only good track!
  3. Lmao why in the world would Dua have beef with a flop like Rita, I’m not even a big Dua fan (Future Nostalgia is overrated af) but I mean come on she’s super successful. I think it’s more like Rita is jealous of Dua! I like a few Bebe tracks but her new album is horrible and it’s clear that she’s destined to pretty much be a one hit wonder! I don’t check for Ava at all she does nothing for me and of you ask me she’s on the same level as Bebe kinda like a C list Pop Star, Rita is D list, Dua is A list......actually that’s probably why the track actually won’t happen....why tf would Dua want a track with so many lessors!
  4. Never been a Kylie fan! She’s too campy and her vocals are often too chipmunky for me!
  5. She said Kylie can’t really sing right? I mean let’s be real Kylie’s voice isn’t great! I’m excited for their return! Keisha has always been my favorite, I was so mad when she was kicked out!
  6. Oops, Britney, Circus, and Glory have some really amazing bonus tracks! If I’m Dancing and Coupure Electrique 100% shouldn’t replaced Clumsy and What You Need on the standard edition of Glory, Before The Goodbye should’ve replaced ILRNR on Britney, and Trouble and Amnesia should’ve replaced Kill The Lights and My Baby On Circus.
  7. Their second album definitely wasn’t as good as the first, but I still dig it! White Hot Lies is a bob and so is a I’m In Love With Myself! I still listen to most of the first album regularly!
  8. This is so hard! I could do a top 5 but can’t pick just one
  9. Her solo stuff is super hit and miss with me, there’s only a handful of songs I like from her. I prefer Dumblonde in all honesty, I wish Aubrey would stop being a troll on Twitter and get her *** back in the studio with Shannon lol!
  10. Ok, he’s super annoying I could only watch a little! I get what he’s saying, but at the same time I don’t necessarily like when eras are super themed like he uses the example of an artist creating a character for an era, that can get boring and seems inauthentic. It’s a double edged sword for me, I love getting everything quicker but at the same time there’s less of a build up of excitement and albums/eras seem to be over so quickly for example Ariana’s Thank U Next era. She released all 3 singles so close to one another and then there was no 4th single to close the era out.
  11. Well she was pregnant when she recorded a good chunk of Blackout and I have heard that pregnancy can affect your voice. She was also getting older as well and age certainly changes your voice.
  12. There are two compilation albums missing. Playlist: The Very Best of Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again: The Best Of Britney Spears They like the Essential Britney Spears weren’t released by RCA but are Sony releases. The next compilation needs to be a rare/unreleased compilation album! I’m honestly shocked that a compilation of b-sides has yet to be done.
  13. I hope she doesn’t work with Danja again too, he was such a one trick pony! Honestly the only old producers I’d be down for her to work with again are Bloodshy, Mark Taylor, and Mattman & Robin! I’d rather she work with new people and try new things!
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