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  1. “Beyonce's irrelevant at this point” Her breaking a Grammy record just last month says otherwise...on top of everything else that she’s done. You can be a stan and not **** on other artists, you know that, right? You can be grown.
  2. The one thing people keep forgetting is that celebrities don’t directly control their social media platforms in general. They have teams that need to procure captions and photos, sometimes grid postings or brand-specific angles because of other partnerships and things of that nature. My partner is very close with a few B-list celebrities and even they can’t directly post things without 3 or 4 people clearing it, and even then the captions or hashtags have to be discussed. So her not controlling her Instagram isn’t anything strange - it’s the fact that Britney’s team is trying to force everyone into believing otherwise is what’s wrong.
  3. What are you talking about? It was posted to both her Twitter and IG...it took three seconds in a Google search. 🙄 People on this site are so lazy, “but we been knew”.
  4. The whole thing happened quickly so so don’t think she got this emotional because of that - Britney started saying how she was gonna get emotional just as people in the crowd reacted to her mistake (see below). She’s made this mistake a few times in the past 12 years and has never had that strong of a reaction. Tour life is really hard and fatiguing, and earlier in this same tour she had to ask a dancer where they were prior to her first greeting. This was the last official POM show, as the Grand Prix performance was announced just days before (who knows if she was clued in yet or not). The performance was announced on August 25th and the Blackpool show (which was the last official tour date) was on September 1st.
  5. They wouldn’t fire their manager of the money was still rolling in and they were selling out shows. The music industry has changed drastically - the money isn’t in the music anymore. It’s all in touring and live performances, which is why most artists sell their albums as tour ticket bundles. That will get the sales (and boost the charts).
  6. Typical Exhale. Y’all consistently trashed him for years, even before Britney Jean was released - now everyone’s turning around and praising him (as they should be).
  7. It wasn’t the dancers who were getting affected, it was the crew above the stage. It really was a safety issue because they control so much of the various props and fly rigs.
  8. Stop. Picking. Apart. Her. Appearance. Jesus Christ, this ******* forum will never learn.
  9. Re: Greatest Hits cover...you guys realize that is basic editing for all covers? Magazine, CD, etc. This isn’t some shocking discovery.
  10. There is an unedited version of this photo out there. This was not a photoshop job.
  11. There’s a Britney’s Gram episode that featured highlights of an interview they did with someone who worked in Carpool, but the full interview is on the other podcast “Lady to Lady”. There were other songs that were included, and a bit with her dancers that were cut, but the basic theme of the interview was that Britney didn’t really like just sitting and listening to her own songs. She asked them to play other music while she was getting ready and people behind the scenes kept calling her “crazy” for it. They also thought it was crazy that she ended it early and said that she had had enough. The person they interviewed was like, (paraphrasing), “She’s not crazy for wanting to listen to music other than her own, and she’s not crazy for knowing when she’s done and being clear about her boundaries. But everyone kept saying how crazy she was for very basic things.” Also everyone was shocked when she said she wanted another kid but never wanted to get married again...and the person stated, “That’s not crazy! That’s the most normal thing I’ve ever heard!”
  12. Do you guys hear yourselves? This thread is crazy. We know next to nothing about their relationship and people are alleging that he mixed up her meds. This is the kind of random conspiracy stuff that makes us and the movement look bad. There’s no evidence or reasoning to believe Jason was a bad person. He had been in her life the longest (longer than Kevin, longer than Sam) and let’s not forget - WAS IN HER LIFE BEFORE AND AFTER her breakdown. He was there before the conservatorship. While everyone else is going doom & gloom, absolute worst case scenarios, let’s throw another argument out there - Jason could have truly loved her. He could have convinced Jamie (and the rest of the team) to get him in place as the new Conservator...and give her more of those freedoms. We know Jamie trusted him, which we know because she was seen driving with him all the time. He could have been weaseling his way into the role so he could allow her more freedoms that she (probably) had been complaining and crying out for. Since he would be in “control”, people wouldn’t really be able to question him. Just as nobody had actually questioned Jamie and his motives for the first 5-10 years.
  13. WARNING: theory ahead... We know the “paralegal” voicemail said that Britney stopped taking her medication, or the medication stopped working. However, we don’t know exactly WHAT medication they were referring to - needless to say, Britney getting pregnant prior to a multi-million dollar residency would certainly be a problem (and possibly even grounds for a lawsuit, if they had to break contract and cancel shows due to a pregnancy). What if Britney’s absence for those few months were because of such an issue? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Read this quote from https://www.scscourt.org/self_help/probate/conservatorship/conservatorship_limited.shtml#social : “Can I have the conservatee sterilized if the court gives me medical powers? No. You must have a special hearing and a doctor must show evidence that sterilization is the least restrictive medical procedure available that will protect the DD person from becoming pregnant or causing a pregnancy.” There’s a reason Jamie wanted documents, specifically medical ones, permanently sealed. A simple bipolar diagnosis is nothing worth that much secrecy.
  14. I believe that once they’re 18, it’s gonna be really hard for them to keep up the charade. In fact, I think the reason all of this is happening now is so the conservatorship (specifically Jamie’s involvement) can be dissolved once they’ve turned 18.
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