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  1. Its so sad because i actually met Aubrey in 2015 a few times and she was extremely attractive. She had some filler and botox but there was NOTHING she needed to do more of.. she looked great.. seeing all these pics and how much shes had done is extremely, extremely sad.
  2. That has mentioned from the very beginning. Please also remember most vaccines are tested for 5-10 years before they mass released. There is still no data to even show the effectiveness of them, just very early preliminary results. We won't know how truly "safe" they are for few years or so as they take this amount of time to fully process in the body.
  3. However, even with both jabs you can still pass it on, be asymptomatic, catch the virus and become ill with it....
  4. best thing she could do is file a termination , and hell, even record the court room, while she speaks. If **** doesnt go her way, leak out the recording - expose their arses and all the things they did (or didnt do) while the world is watching/listening. **** would explode out everywhere. Random bit: that viveen **** needs to be deleted.
  5. Did we stop to think that maybe they sabotaged the announcement? It seemed like spite to me. Wasn’t Domination mostly her idea? Wasnt she excited or happy about it ?? All the BHS dancing vids were showing Britney moving/dancing alot more naturally and she looked like she enjoying the lead up. I believe they had promised Britney her freedom since the beginning of Glory/Pretty World - halfway through the era and with all the missteps (the album artworks, Make Me video) she seemed to shut back off again and seemed erratic again. Its almost like they said - “yeah you can do Glory, however you want. Have Domination however you like, but you still will be under the conservatorship. Sorry!” And thats, what i believe happened. Britney was also refusing meds and that would make sense why she was dancing comfortably again. Anti psych / depression meds do not work well with creative people. So its almost like Domination - at that point was already cancelled but seeing as they still had this “announcement” they still had to follow through as it was all happening in real time.. i would not be surprised if they allowed it all to go forward and last minute told her, they are cancelling it... Britney looked uncomfortable from the moment she walked down the stage but seemed to act better/more comfortably when trying to interact with fans.. but they rushed her through it and ALL embarrassment and all eyes on Britney again.
  6. My Glory era - To promote the era i would of started off with a mini docu. Maybe 3-5 episodes - “The Road To Glory” it would comment on her achievements, legacy and her personal life. Later episodes would be Britney recording some songs, cute BHS in the studio, interviews from the producers - discussing Britney’s involvement, dedication and control in shaping the era. It would close with an interview with Britney discussing what ‘GLORY’ means to her and how important this time in her life is, etc.. New Tracklist: Invitation Make Me... Mood Ring Private Show Man On The Moon Swimming In The Stars Just Luv Me Slumber Party Clumsy Love Me Down Just Like Me Better Do You Wanna Come Over? Change Your Mind (Deluxe) Liar (Deluxe) Hard To Forget Ya (Deluxe) If I'm Dancing (Deluxe) What You Need (Deluxe) Coupure Électrique (Deluxe) Singles: 1. Buzz single - Invitation - with a visual style similar to SITS artwork. Just a 2min clip. High concept, gorgeous cinematography. 2. Make Me - SOLO - video would of been the original video/original concept with the house and chains. 3. Mood Ring - Video would of been a dark danky warehouse type of environment, maybe with concrete lobbies, mazes etc. I see blue tinged neon lights, shadows, smoke. Mystery. A dance break with only Britney and maybe two/three other girls. Similar look and feel to Ciara’s Promise video. 4. Just Luv Me - nothing other than a beautiful tropical beach with a shack - similar to Ashanti - Rock With You. Could be a love interest in there. Maybe a flashback storyline flashing in between beach/performance shots some with Britney wrapped in chains. Video would end with a shot of her unravelling the chains and walking off shot. —————— Other promo for the era would be exactly what they did. Without cutting the Make Me segment from the BBMA’S and just more interviews with Britney. All interviews would be focused around “The Road To Glory” concept. After the single releases a ‘Glory’ world tour would of been announced. Similar to the revamped POM show but with more Glory tracks and a re-release by Spring/Summer 2017 , with more tracks like SITS, Mood Ring etc and a new high energy banger/hit. One last/new single to close off the era. ———————— For the last few months I’ve been working on my own Album artwork - using only the David Lachapelle desert concept as promo with the original blue background. Its not totally finished but here’s a page to compliment my concept for the era and how it SHOULD of been handled/ promo’d.
  7. he can keep it. not one single soul even asked him to.
  8. “Parental unit”.. how disgusting. ready for the exposuressss
  9. Not funny. Lol Its true, it is a lose / lose situation for her. And it really does make me sick. Although the pressure would be absolutely great, even just for her dads realisation that the game truly is over for him. And i don’t think Britney would be opposed to that idea. Britney’s only 39. Shes still got a long life ahead of her and once this mess is cleaned up, i’m sure her finances will be ok.
  10. Well it could happen from us... her fanbase respecting her wishes... gosh imagine that!
  11. That was very worrying to see! its a double edged sword. Its great to see the relevancy and interest. However money is why we are here. So frustrating!
  12. It sucks that we are here in general, instead of being able to fully celebrate our fave and support the way other fanbases can. BUT I do believe its more crucial now than ever!
  13. ARMY! In the coming months I see the conservatorship battle becoming extremely heated (always does when money is involved and exposed) and I think it's absolutely crucial, as a fanbase to be READY and CONCENTRATED. NO DISTRACTIONS. NO MUSIC. NO REMIXES. NO SURPRISE VIDEO DROPS. We all know the tactics! We've had our fun with the Glory re-release. OFFICIAL new tracks, demos etc. It's been absolutely refreshing to hear new Britney. That's our girl! However, we really need to be standing in absolute solidarity behind HER - NOT THE MACHINE. So, I please ask (kindly) that all streaming, purchasing, vevo streams - to be CEASED IMMEDIATELY. We need to HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS NOW. It's very important! Britney HERSELF has said she will be working once her Dad is out. NO NEED TO PANIC. However they will bury her in mountains of paperwork, mountains of objections, more hearings etc and why?? BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO DO IT. #STOPFUNDINGTHEMADNESS We all love Britney, her music, videos etc. BUT NOTHING AT THIS POINT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HER PERSON! We have come A LONG WAY! Also. Lets clean this site up abit. Let's stop mentioning her appearance, her teeth, what she's wearing, her style, her skin, WHATEVER THE TOPIC IS. LETS JUST STOP!! This should be a place of ultimate Love and positivity towards Ms. Britney !
  14. I'm here for Britney and Britney only. The conservatorship battle is going to get real nasty in the upcoming months. At the very least we should be here for Britney, unconditionally. Not discussing her teeth, her appearance - or having ****ty remixes concocted from her shared thoughts on IG - which btw she may not even WANT SHARED in this way.. Jeez. Does the woman even have a shred of privacy at this point.
  15. Something fun? This is the problem. We are here for Britney - not you. Not nick. Not for whoever else wants to extend their repertoire/ popularity whilst Britney is locked up. A lot of us are fans, but a lot of us are also here because of FREE BRITNEY - I've browsed this site for numerous years (10+) before finally signing up - to hopefully help spread awareness and positive energy and help keep the fanbase focused on what's IMPORTANT. HER LIFE. Nothing about this was GOOD ENERGY - It's exploitative. and the DAY AFTER A HEARING?? You don't stop giving us the updates on the sites traffic etc and then you decide to do some **** like this? Thats the problem, Timing. It wasn't good. And it looks EXTREMELY bad, Jordan.
  16. Taking crucial discussion away from the conservatorship with absolute **** like this? I don't appreciate it AT ALL tbh. And People wonder why Britney REMAINS TOTALLY SILENT. This fanbase. I swear. lol.
  17. You're an embarrassment. That was shady, obnoxious and highly questionable - THE DAY AFTER A ******* HEARING. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?? Im done with this site - CANCELLED!
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