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  1. Fully agree re: Dangerous. It also could have been a fun performance (even if medley-style a la Ooh Ooh Baby/Hot As Ice)!!
  2. However, it could be really exciting and uplifting for her to return, under her own terms/control. Also - I don’t think it’s that gross for the media to be questioning her next steps. She made a point to say she was taking a work hiatus *as long as her dad was controlling things. Now that he’s out of the picture, and knowing how much she genuinely loves performing, it’s a fair question.
  3. Where do you see that? I just watched TTWE/bows and she just talked about how she wished she was on for another two hours.
  4. Yeah, kinda gross to want private moments like this on video. She deserves her privacy (the real kind). This isn’t some cutesy IG-worthy moment you want to pull your phone out for. I can only imagine how difficult stuff like that is for her. Remember, in her testimony she said that she cries every day - meanwhile we were seeing all smiles on her social media. Judging by Sam’s IG story yesterday, yeah, Britney saw Fe’s message. However, according to Page Six, Fe no longer has Britney’s phone number, so they probably haven’t been in contact…yet.
  5. Paul Oakenfold’s Gimme More remix is very official…it’s the first track on the GM Remix EP, it’s one of the bonus tracks on the Japanese release, and it’s the B-side/remix in the Singles Collection box set.
  6. Another thread was already made a couple weeks ago about this - and there’s absolutely not proof to back it up. It’s a fan made fairy tale of a story and we should all move on. There was no completed funeral video, there was a concept and footage filmed but it was ultimately unfinished.
  7. I wonder if this would be like an EP release, or something along the lines of a GH:MP2 - greatest hits/remixes with a few new tracks. I would much rather it be the latter. I don’t want a leftover scraps/excuse of a contract obligation to be on her major career highlights. Maybe that’s just me being negative.
  8. I mean, Private Show came out in 2016. She started tweeting the apple emojis and rumors started both in 2018.
  9. The comment shared above is a bunch of made up BS, full stop.
  10. I’ve been lucky enough to purchase a lot of Gavin’s work - always incredible designs and the most professional quality. I’ve never received something and been let down - he just released reprints of his hardcover book versions of each album, too! Britney: https://youtu.be/f5Fnbln7VRU ITZ: https://youtu.be/Jlx4S4MKir4 Blackout: https://youtu.be/drnz4QRH9Pc Circus: https://youtu.be/pk5AUzb0uko Femme Fatale: https://youtu.be/rphms2cjPA8 Britney Jean: https://youtu.be/hC5-dD4w3zo Glory: https://youtu.be/CSC0fhSm2rI
  11. It would make no sense for it to be Cade. He’s the whistleblower (“allegedly”) who sent the voicemail that ignited the Free Britney movement - not to mention, he isn’t that powerful. Who else in her circle has come out as FB?
  12. A solid majority of the 1.0 show had prerecorded vocals that were laid over the tracks, and you can clearly hear them. It’s so annoying that people never remember this, it just shows y’all either never saw the show or never watched videos from those first 2 years.
  13. Some of these we’ve seen already (from the People magazine spread as well as the photo sets from every show that would be posted to her website - what a great time for her website tbh) but some of these are brand new!!
  14. Guys, I know we’re all mad and ready to fight for our girl, but we’re getting into tough territory with this stuff. Not only are the trying to distract us, but they know there’s enough crazy as*holes out there to start harassing and sending death threats to anyone with this name - and doing so only discredits the fan base and the movement as a whole. There’s a lot of villains in this story, and we don’t even know the half of it. Hell, the woman could have just been following orders from “Daddy” (could have even been threatened like Alli was). This is all still sketchy and we shouldn’t be taking the bait. It’s exactly what they want.
  15. I hope someday footage from this performance is released. She had the black wig for my stop of the first leg of TCSBS - not the whole show, but people were still shocked LOL. It was on for Breathe On Me, Touch of My Hand, Freakshow, and Get Naked.
  16. Jason was given the green light because he was a manager who could then handle/control both her business affairs and her personal life. Plain and simple. The real question is, what led to the “dissolution of marriage” and him immediately being not only removed from her conservatorship, but excommunicated from her and the public at large?
  17. Remember when Britney was photographed with a mini (like USB-drive sized) camera on her during a few dates of TCSBS? Her security guards also used them, but I always wondered if they were going to do something like this with that footage.
  18. It’s so interesting. Obviously she’s a big Britney fan, but I figured it was like the basic GP that love all of her singles and don’t know much about the album tracks. Some new coworkers and I were talking pop queens the other day and what our favorite songs of theirs is, and three of the guys (one gay, two straight) all said “Why Should I Be Sad” and the rest were into it after we played it - but it’s lowkey a deep cut!
  19. The stage was a little different between the 1st US leg and the rest of the tour. It was a little more compact to go overseas - saved on the amount of trucks/transport, had more room in the actual venues (or had to fit in some). Still a very large production nonetheless.
  20. The garden video/picture post was deleted, but the video post about the iPad is still up and in her Reels. Double check these things before getting people worked up.
  21. I can’t remember if it was in her Instagram or in an interview leading up to the awards… but she mentioned getting “B-12” shots in preparation for the Pretty Girks performance. On top of that, there is a video on her IG from years ago of her friend getting their B-12, and it’s been noted in the years before the conservatorship that she would get them. So, it would be relatively easy for them to give her a **** and just say it’s B-12 when I’m reality it’s a form of birth control.
  22. It’s so, so ******* good. I’ve listened to this so many times that I don’t remember (or care) the original version.
  23. I mean, we know that she gets “B-12” shots. Remember when she was getting them prior to the Billboard Pretty Girls performance?
  24. Just to clear up The Fame/The Fame Monster confusion - it was initially going to be simply a reissue of the debut album with extra tracks (or a side B, or you will). The Fame Monster was released as it’s own independent album/EP both in the states and internationally for a standard edition, and released as a double album with The Fame as a deluxe edition.
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