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  1. Dunno why people hate on glory, I think it shows a different side of Britney and she was really proud of it. She did say in a interview she recorded a lot of songs that didn’t make the album the most she’s ever done for an album . I do believe the songs that weren’t released were due to the conservatorship and them denying songs that were risky or spoke out in some message .I’m exited. For those fans wanting her to record new music in 2021 won’t happen when she already recorded songs years ago that the public has not heard yet. Still new music. And she needs to get out of RCA and start fresh
  2. Can’t really compare those. She didn’t have kids or dealing with a conservatorship. Production wise circus. But hands down DWAD her dancing etc. NOW if you said FFT or circus bisssssshhhh CIRUCS WINS FFT you can tell she was miserable and drugged and not “Britney”
  3. Omg!!! I forgot they made vanilla scented candles for FFT
  4. Now that I think of it… how come they never made a Britney candle line that would be dope only if she’s part of the project and approves it
  5. I feel like the only one that Britney really was involved with in a long time was prerogative fragrance. The rest are most likely using Britney name licensing or have a contract and just releasing a new fragrance. I doubt she even knows what everything is being released besides Jamie since he signs off on everything
  6. Keep in mind Sam would always tell the judge he believes Britney can’t make that choice … can you imagine if I had a LAWYER IM PAYING TELL THE JUDGE THAT??!? smh he was always in team con payroll and Was a spy helping team con keeping Britney in place. I’m glad she found a new lawyer sad it took 13 years for it to happen but I’m glad change will happen and I hope everyone who played a roll in it gets sued and in jail.. I just hope our queen is protected god knows what they would do to her just to keep her quiet for good
  7. Weird out of all the people Jamie was the first…. You would think Lou or Larry would be mentioned. But Britney must feel super hurt that her own sister did nothing for her while she gave her a deal with nick and open doors for being Britney’s sister.
  8. Something big will happen why would Sam, Larry all jump ship now? Because they know they can’t hide everything now. Wouldn’t surprise me if Jamie steps down but wants no investigation done. But chances are a Delay or reschedule gonna happen
  9. First of all music ideas and scrips are made and approved before making the music video it’s not like they made the video blindside. i honestly believe her team and Cship didn’t wanna bring any attention to light in regards to her in a cage and chain to a house. That would raised eyebrows. Secondly Britney has always been really artistic but some how they always trash the original music videos she always meant to die in her music yet they film it and and decide to remake them or edit those parts out. And we get a washed out Disney film. I honestly believe Britney like the music video but came down to her Cship and the record label not approving it in the end and decided re shoot
  10. She’s not capable of hiring her own lawyer, so Her team or judge will prob get one from the court. Unless pennywise says she can hire her own which I’m sure team con will do everything to make her look crazy and that she can’t hire her own
  11. Cause he is payed by team Con, his intentions for Britney was never to end the conservatorship. And when everyone heard her say she didn’t know she could and wants it to end it. Makes you think how much information her own lawyer/court has kept from her these past 13 years. Everyone wants a piece of her money and control of her estate and will keep draining her until she has nothing left. But the court and judges never questioned why Britney this mega star is only worth 60 million. Everyone and I mean everyone is in on it and are taking advantage of there powers and taking money from someone who never needed a Cship but wanted to drain her of the money. Everything is Corrupt!!!! There’s a higher power controlling this and the truth will come out I just hope Britney is safe and don’t end up killing her
  12. I just hope she doesn’t get another corrupt lawyer in her hands, let’s all pray. i feel something bigger is about to happen and everyone involved are jumping ship so none of the blame happens to them
  13. Lol so there gonna do everything in their power to make her seem crazy now smh I hope these people rott. There gonna make her seem she’s a liar and crazy just to win
  14. I somewhat believe it, Britney’s doctor who was young died right when the Cship was being looked at.. also seems like everyone is afraid of Lou and back out and so far she hasn’t been looked out by the general public on how corrupt she is and how she stole all Britney’s money she most have that much power in the media if no one is talking about her. The whole Cship is a scam Britney is not worth 60mil how can her circus tour gross 150-170 million FFT 80million her POM show what was it 200million? Her perfume selling a billion bottles making her the best selling female fragrance line EVER!!!! And her Cship claims she’s only worth 60mil every year makes no sense, they aren’t Claiming all her money in the courts they are hiding it and stealing from her I wouldn’t be surprise if Britney is actually worth 1billion and everyone in her family and team just stole basically everything from her and using her as a cash cow monkey to fill there pockets…. I’m glad Sam is with Britney because who knows what her team would do to Britney, drug over dose, accidental death just so they can keep it alll. Let us pray for our girl and all them corrupt lawyers judges and her team, may they all get what they deserve in hell
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