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Are they posting these super long posts to make her seem manic and unstable?

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Yeah. I think these ones are tamer and as the days go on, they'll get "crazy". 

I don't think this is what she'd bring up in an angry post. JL sang her songs in a tribute with other singers. She has way more to be angry about than that little thing.

Only gap is that her lawyer will call team con out on this so not sure if they'd risk it

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Yea I can tell the fans are going to never let it go. Even once britney is fully free they will still be like "britney doesn't cuss" "britney would never talk to fans like that" let that grown woman be pissed off. Also it doesn't benefit team con for her to be on Instagram calling out the conservatorship so I fully believe its her just venting. And she should be able to do that without fans hounding her post saying it's not her or she wouldn't talk like that. Its not crazy to be pissed her ESPECIALLY in her situation. 

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I swear to god, those of u criticizing better have never used a curse word a day in your life or feel any other emotion other than happy. She’s a ******* human being not a *** **** robot, we normal humans feel a range of emotions, some of y’all are no better than team CON.

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I said this on Twitter in a comment thread on the FreeBritneyLive account, and the account blocked me. I said it also made no sense Britney would get control of her social media so quickly, esp in the midst of her case and having her own lawyer finally. Funny cuz I signed into an old account and viewed the FreeBritneyLive account and it was tweeting the SAME points I made. So I get blocked for making that point, but the account can say the same thing with no issue.

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y'all are acting like you've just discovered anger :jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle:

after an argument with my now ex-gf, I received a novel from her in imessage that was even more incoherent, including 2 insults (a line :jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle:) and 0 chronology. that's just how people act when they're angry, especially when they've tried to silence their feelings: they end up exploding, breaking things around them etc.

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