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  1. 127, im guessing that’s good but I don’t got the patience to read that tonight, lol, but yay!!!!
  2. I hope not cuz there are still some mean posts on here, then again, maybe it would piss her off enough to go live on the gram and call some users out, I’d pay to see that, lol
  3. The guy is a born two face flip flopper, right after her 6/23 testimony, he was doing interviews saying how he was being misled by her team and that the woman he heard speaking was lucid and not what he was lead to believe, I KNEW that wasn’t gonna last.
  4. I can’t believe this is still going on, a semi titty pic from the same woman who once bragged about how much s** she’s having and went around a asking people what their favorite s** position is....oh the horror, lol This is straight up discrimination cuz she may have a mental health issue, if it weren’t for her breakdown 13 years ago and this cship, no one would be batting an eye at these posts.
  5. I am fed the **** up with Britney ALWAYS being the exception, it’s always ok for other celebs but when Britney does something, it’s always shame, shame. It’s been this way her entire ******* career and it needs to ******* stop!!
  6. It’s gotta be this current generation cuz they’re the whiniest little *****es who just look for **** to be offended by, lol, I’ve been here since day one and am Britney’s age, her doing this ain’t new to me and there ain’t nothing wrong with her doing it. I would too if I had her body, if u got it, flaunt it.
  7. I can’t with the...this is unlike her comments, like are u new or something, lol, this is def. pre CON Britney!!
  8. Jamie may be the true villain in this but Lynne’s hands ain’t clean either for sitting by all these years and letting this happen. Now if she were to petition to end the cship and then completely own her **** and admit that she was wrong and show some genuine remorse, I’d cut her some slack but until that day comes (which I won’t be holding my breath) she’s just as guilty.
  9. Regardless of who actually posted it, her simply taking this pic shouldn’t be used against her, cuz there’s nothing wrong with a pic like this. But, if her side can prove she didn’t post this, it would make team CON look bad.
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